I Wish

I wish I can make it as a secret, Not to utter my emotions yet, But if I would make a bet, The all the odds are set, And revelations I will get, I wish I can hide it, All my feelings that are not fit, But it manifest when I eat, I can’t concentrate […]

Second Thought

If I would fall in love again, I would first count to ten, And write everything with a pen. If I would again fall for you, It’s like remembering a delicious stew, That is always new. But before I again fall, Let me first assess my thoughts and call The One who created all. I […]

With Her

The way she smiles, The way she laughs, The way she giggles, Makes me want to be with her always. The way she talks, The way she strolls, The way she stares at me, Makes me want to enjoy every minute with her.

My Plee

I scarcely know you, But what I’m feeling is new. I don’t feel blue, And I don’t have any clue Why I’m loving you. Right now, at this moment, My thinking is crooked and bent, To stop doing it, I can’t, Then my heart would start to lament, And I would always be Clark Kent. […]

Adoration & Prayer

Those sparkling eyes, It makes my misery flies, And I no longer think of my demise. The way she smiles, It’s like medicine in vials, And can keep me going in miles. Those simple moments we had, I could see those aren’t bad, And it makes my heart glad. I hope and pray, That you […]

In Between

Am I going to wait? Or am I going to give up? Two choices I’m having a hard time. If I’m going to wait, Will you do the same Or just leave me hanging? If I’m going to give up, Will you halt me Or just leave me without caring?

The Wait

It has been years, Not days nor weeks, Since the moment I met you, And ’til this day, I still can’t get over you. I don’t want to rush things, But sometimes I tend to do so, And right now I’m asking for an apology, If ever I do such things, Please let me know, […]