DC, Too Dark in Movies? Part 6: Wonder Woman: The Goddess, The Princess, The Legend

Today, we will be continuing our look back in the recent DC Comics movies and how we can relate them in everyday circumstances and how the events in the film will mold the future events in the Extended Universe.

If you missed the five past few articles, be sure to check it out here in my blog.

Before I start, the events that I will be mentioning here can spill major plot points so be prepared with major spoilers from this point on.

In this article, we will be looking at events in the film Wonder Woman, how it affects Diana as a character and how it affects the whole DC Universe as a whole. We will also be looking at key characters in the plot that helped in building the world of the DC Extended Universe.

Image result for wonder woman 2017 diana training
Princess Diana training!

Wonder Woman is set way in the late 1800’s and in the early 1900’s. In this events we get to see Princess Diana grow up from a young girl to a strong willed woman. We also get to see the brief history of the Amazons, how they were created, their enslavement, and their war for freedom. Queen Hippolyta also mentions the tale of Zeus versus Ares and how Ares’ was banished from Olympus and how Zeus created a weapon to kill a god and one day be killed by it. We also get to see Diana being trained by her Aunt Antiope. Eventually, her mother finds out their secret, she then grants Diana’s wish to be trained but in a condition that she would be trained twice as hard as any Amazon was trained. Although we didn’t see the process of Diana’s training but we get to see the pressure she had in a battle with several Amazons. She was quick, tough and most of all twice as strong as any Amazons.

Image result for wonder woman 2017 diana and queen hippolyta
Queen Hippolyta bids farewell to her daughter.

In the process of the first half of the film, we get to see two greatest traits of Diana, compassion and courage. Although we see her battle it out against the Germans but her true courage and compassion was seen when she took matters in her own hands. When she hears the war that was going on outside Themyscira, she didn’t hesitate in leaving Paradise Island and coming with Steve Trevor. Before she leaves, her mother tells her something that will be expanded fully late in the film. Her mother tells Diana that the people outside Paradise Island do not deserve her. Even though she’s confused on what her mother tolled her, Diana still leaves knowing that the Amazons are called to defend and protect humanity and she knows that they are not doing it. In this manner we can see her compassion to every living being and her courage to do what is right. Even though she goes in a world that she doesn’t fully understand, she perseveres in doing what is right.

In her journey, she meets new people outside Themyscira. She meets the selfish, the unruly, and uncivilized people. But also she meets the other side. She meets the kind, the loving and the courageous people. We get to see Diana understand little by little the culture outside the island and how she influences everyone around her. There’s this scene where every where Diana looked, she sees death, hardship, and pain inside the war zone. She asks Steve many questions and would want to stop and help them but Steve insists that they move on and they can’t do anything for them. We see the other side of humanity in Steve. Although he wants to help in every way possible, he can’t. He doesn’t have the power to at least ease the pain or most importantly, stop the war. In our society, there are two people that can be distinguished in times of hardship. There’s the bystander who wants to help by doesn’t do anything, only empathizes. The second one is the one who sympathizes and helps others, even though they know their strength is limited.

Wonder Woman in No Man's Land.
Wonder Woman in No Man’s Land.

Steve Trevor is the second one. He is trying his best in helping stop the war but he knows his strength, resources, and even capabilities are limited. He wants to help but he is limited. Meanwhile Diana doesn’t want to be a bystander. I the No Man’s Land scene, we get to see Diana finally do something to change the course of the war. Diana tells Steve that they should go out and help, but Steve tells the princess that they can’t, no man has crossed the trench and had gotten to the other side of the war zone. But Diana proves him wrong. She goes out, in full gear, and heads towards the enemies, smashing their weapons and kicking their asses. It is a strong statement for women that there are things that men can’t accomplish by themselves. There are things that men accomplished but along the way, there will be a certain task that a man can’t do. Usually, it is a task for a woman. Across the history of humanity, women have been a great help and have done great feats any man can accomplish. They defied the status quo, telling them that men and women should be treated equally. In our history, we have witnessed women lead great men into their success. The quotation is really correct. Behind every great man’s success is a woman. In here, the key for success was Diana. She helped the war advanced and defeat the Germans.

Now on the second half, we see Diana understand the message her mother gave to her before she left Themyscira. She sees the negative side of man. She sees the greed and selfishness they had. When Diana and Steve infiltrated the German’s fort, Diana was about to kill Ludendorff but was stopped by Steve. It then escalates when Diana witnessed a mass genocide when Ludendorff launched a poisonous gas in the town they just recently freed. This plunged Diana in a realization that man is evil. She also realizes the words of her mother is true that man don’t deserve her, the world doesn’t deserve her. She thinks that man has been corrupted by Ares and there is no hope for them to be redeemed. She then goes by alone and kills Ludendorff. But we know the twist. Diana finds out that the general was not Ares but in fact he was disguised as Sir Patrick Morgan.

We then find out that Wonder Woman was the weapon Zeus left, not the sword. She was the god killer and she was the only one that can kill Ares. The two gods then battle it out and it escalates in the destruction of the German Military base. Also, we get to see Steve Trevor sacrifice himself and tells something to Diana but the problem is that she can’t understand nor hear him. Steve then hijacks the German plane and sacrifices himself by blowing the poisonous gas while he’s flying in the air. Diana sees this and pure rage turns on and goes berserk against the Germans. We also see Ares try to twist and manipulate Diana in killing Dr. Poison, telling her that humans do not deserve to live. But Diana refuses to kill the doctor and goes on saying that it will not bring Steve back. Although Diana didn’t hear what Steve said, she made a version that she believes what Steve said to her saying that he loves her and that this is the only way to save everyone. This pushes her in sparing the doctor’s life and ending Ares’.

In this way, we get to learn the one thing that made Diana unique. She made herself standout among the other DC heroes. While Superman fights for fairness and Batman for justice, Wonder Woman on the other hand fights for compassion. The love for humanity and others drove her in saving the people in need and not even hesitating in going to the war. She also inspired others in doing the right thing and making a difference in a world that is so twisted and so wicked.

In conclusion, Wonder Woman is a film that went away with the usual tone of the DCEU. They defied the dark tone and went into a friendly light tone that doesn’t sacrifice the story. And what made the film even so special is that it empowered not only the women but also the men. It successfully relayed a message that one person can truly make a difference. In here, Diana not only made a difference in the war but everywhere she went. She stood her ground even though others do not agree with her. She defied and defined the expectations of being a hero. She not just saved the world by stopping the war, she also saved the DC Extended Universe by bringing hope back. Wonder Woman is a film that is unique on its own which defined the superhero genre and an outstanding addition in the DC Extended Universe.

Next time, we will now conclude our look on the DC Extended Universe and how it evolved and how it shaped the DC Comics when it comes to film.

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