Spider-Man Homecoming Review (Spoilers!)

Good day to you! The reboot we’ve all been waiting for is here and I tell you, it doesn’t disappoint. But before I go and spoil things from the new film of Spidey, I want to warn you that this post is going to contain some major spoilers from the film. So if you haven’t seen it yet, you are free to go and see it for yourself first and return here if you are ready. In addition, the Easter Eggs will be discussed separately for it is a very intricate job but I tell you, the film doesn’t disappoint when it comes to Easter Eggs.

With that said, let’s start!


The Review!

Spider-Man: Homecoming is one hell of a movie. It has great story, an awesome cast, cool visuals, and wicked gadgets. The film offers us a new perspective in Peter Parker’s life as a high school student. It is unlike its predecessors, Homecoming gives us not an origin story but a continuation to Pete’s life as a teenager. It also offers us the feel of Spider-Man being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“What do you think of the story?” The story was good. The film did great in telling the day to day activities of average student Peter Parker and his crime fighting, friendly-neighborhood Spider-Man. You don’t feel the sense of repetition watching it unlike in the other origin Marvel films that is not included in the MCU. It gave us a fresh story and straight out of the comics. The movie also gave us a view if Peter Parker is still a teenager and when he is still in high school. It was nostalgic in a sense that it brings you back to your high school days.

In addition, the villain, which is Vulture, offers us a new perspective in being a villain. Michael Keaton is the big bad in this film and he is not to be messed around. Unlike the other villains in the MCU, like Ultron who wants just to conquer and destroy the world, Adrian Toomes; The Vulture; doesn’t share the same sentiment as the others. He shares to us that he only wants to survive in a world where people like Stark and The Avengers doesn’t care for the little guys. He wants to change his world and protect everyone he loves from the dangers this superheroes bring upon them. Also, we get to see another Spider-Man villain which are the two versions of Shocker. Although they only play as secondary characters but we get to see their cinematic debut.

Then we have the other secondary characters such as Ned, Pete’s best friend, Aunt May, Liz, Michelle, and Flash. First off, Ned was an awesome character. He is officially my second favorite secondary character (first is Luis from Ant Man). He is quirky and funny. He is not your typical slapstick sidekick for he offers Peter some help when it comes to his fight against crime. Ned is a great addition in the MCU.

Then we have Pete’s hot aunt. Aunt May is not only beautiful, she is also a fresh look at the new aunt. Although the previous Aunt May’s were fine but the problem is that they don’t look like an aunt. They look like a grandma, honestly. With Marisa Tomei’s Aunt May, we get to see an awesome vibe with her and a more “aunt-looking”.

Now, we have Peter’s classmates. We first have Michelle. She is a fresh look at the usual MJ we’ve seen in the first Spidey flick. She is sarcastic and kind of rebellious. Then we have Flash Thompson. The previous Flash Thompsons were honestly not intimidating. But in Spider-Man: Homecoming, we get to see Flash bully Peter. He is a rich kid who is spoiled and can really piss you off (I got carried away in the film and I was really pissed off). But then again, that’s high school. Then finally, we get to see Peter’s crush, Liz. She’s a fresh face when it comes to Peter Parker’s love life. It somehow made me reminiscent my high school crushes. Liz is fun, smart and at the same time adorable. And the reveal on who his father is the most jaw dropping moment. In the film, it was then revealed that Liz’s father is no other than Adrian Toomes. It was an awesome twist that made Peter Parker’s life more difficult.

We also have other characters such as Tony Stark and Happy Hogan. Tony and Happy provided Peter Parker support in his superhero getaways. While Happy provides minimal supervision, we get to see his softer side at the end of the film where he thanks Peter saving the cargo plane containing the stuff from the Avengers Tower. On the other line, Tony Stark’s appearance is minimal but still made an impact. In here, we see him as a role model or a father figure for Peter. He was somehow not the typical Tony we see in The Avengers films and Iron Man trilogy. He is a bit serious, less with the sarcasm but more in the mentoring side.

Now we proceed to the after credits scene. There are two after credits, the mid-credits and the after credits. The mid-credits primarily focuses on Toomes incarceration. We see him in prison when he meets one of his buyers The Scorpion and plots their revenge upon the web-head. The after credits is just a troll. Cap shows with his second suit on and tells the audience about how disappointing it is to wait until the end and realizes that there is nothing to see.

“What do you think about the visual effects?” The CGI effects were awesome. Actually there were moments that I question if they made a CGI on Tom Hollands other stunts because he admitted in the interviews that he makes his own stunts. The effects were great and not over shadowing the plot or anything else.

“What’s your favorite scene?” There were a lot of scenes that caught my attention. There’s the part where Ned finds out Peter’s secret. There’s also the scene where Peter accesses the full potential of his suit which also includes a female A.I. and in turn Peter names her Karen. But what stands out is when Peter saves Vulture. Not often you see a hero trying to save the villain. In this scene, Peter has been beaten by Vulture and was about to kill him but then he sees a crate full of arc reactors from the crashed airplane. He then flies towards the arc reactors and began lifting it, not knowing that his wings are about to explode. Spider-Man warns him and even webbed the crate to pull him down, telling Adrian that he is trying to save him. But The Vulture is persistent and he lifted the crate, making the wings more unstable. Peter tried to web him but the web fluids ran out. The wings explodes and Adrian Toomes crashes down. Still hopeful, Peter went to the place Adrian landed and saved him. In the end, The Avenger’s stuff were saved and Vulture was turned to the officials. It was a heroic act and it was Peter Parker’s defining moments as a hero.

“So, what’s the lesson of the film?” The film emphasizes on responsibility. The first previous Spider-Man films, they tackled more on Peter’s responsibility when it comes to being a hero but in Homecoming, they gave weight not only on Peter’s crime fighting life but also when it comes to his personal life. He needs to be responsible not only on his action when he’s fighting bad guys but he also needs to do his homework, attend his class, be a friend, and most importantly as a nephew to Aunt May. At the start, Peter thinks that he can do anything and everything. He thinks that with super powers, he can do everything and he should do more. He wants to fast track his teenage life, like usual teenagers want. But he doesn’t see the weight adults bear. He doesn’t know that when you become an adult, more responsibilities are given to you, and the more you have responsibilities, the more people expect from you. This is usually what other teenagers and millennials want. They want to do what adults do and they think that its easy but they don’t see; or if they are seeing it, they refuse to take; the weight and the stress it usually gives. In the end, Peter realizes that he should’ve not rushed things. He learned the hard way and accepted the consequences of his actions. Also, when Tony asked him to join The Avengers, with matching bribe by giving him a brand new suit; an Iron Spider suit to be exact, Peter politely declines and tells him that he should be on the ground, staying with the little guys. This is not just true on the part of Peter but to other characters such as Happy Hogan who feels responsible in neglecting Peter and not taking him seriously.

Finally, we rate Spider-Man: Homecoming with a score of 8.5. The film was great, fun and a fresh take on the friendly neighborhood. Hopefully we get to see more of him in Avengers: Infinity War next year.


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