#DCTV: Finale Part 2: Gotham and Lucifer

Today, we are going to look at the season finale in the other side of the DC TV which is situated in FOX, Gotham and Lucifer. In the first part of the series, we talked about the DC TV in CW or as we know it as the ArrowVerse. We reviewed their season finales and our hopes in what’s going down in the next season. In this second part, we are going to tackle on FOX’s Gotham and Lucifer’s finales and what we should expect on the upcoming season this coming September.

Also, be warned. If you haven’t seen the finales yet and don’t want things to be spoiled, you are free to exit and come back after watching it.

You ready? If yes, let’s start.

This season in Gotham, we got to see Batman’s Rogues expand even more as we see familiar faces from the comics being brought to life in the small screen. There are also a lot of twists and turns in the story. A lot were pretty unnecessary while there are a few that is important especially when it comes to character development. In the finale that we saw this week, the season finally culminates their story that revolves around the Tetch Virus, the virus that was drawn from Alice Tetch blood and when infected, one can feel immense rage and turns anyone. Finally, Lucius Fox found a cure and everyone that was infected by the virus was given cure. (Thank God! It is over!)

It is also interesting in the development of Bruce when it comes to molding himself into the crime fighting vigilante of Gotham City. But before that, he get to see his wrong decisions when being influenced by the Shaman and when confronted by Ra’s Al Ghul. Image result for gotham destiny calling Ra's al ghulAlthough, I’m a little bit disappointed when it comes to the introduction Ra’s Al Ghul in Gotham. I was not that excited compared when they introduced The Demon’s Head in Arrow. It was being teased from the beginning of season 2 and was said to be the main villain of the next season. Hopefully, the series will introduce Ra’s as the next big bad for the next season and more from the League of Assassins.

It was also interesting in this finale is the relationship of Ed and Oswald has flourished. From friends to foes, the two really has some issues to be dealt with. We see the two plot against each other on how they can murder one another. In the finale, we see the tables being turned in the favor of The Penguin. Also, an interesting part is when Oswald was planning to make his own club and names it Iceberg Lounge which is if you know your Batman mythos, it is the name of Penguin’s lounge in Gotham where he does his criminal activities. We now get to see more development when it comes the villains on the persona we know and love in the comics.

In the finale, one key character has been revealed. Throughout season 1 to season 3, Butch’s real name was never used until the finale. In the final moments of the last episode, Butch and Barbara had a confrontation where Butch says that he and Tabitha were plotting to kill Barbara because of her being manipulative and abusive in so many Image result for solomon grundy comicsways. Before Butch can do his move, Barb shot him in the head and I thought Butch is done. Then before the episode ends, we get to see Butch in the hospital and the doctor said his real name which was Cyrus Gold. In the comics, Cyrus Gold is a criminal who was brutally murdered and was dumped in a smap and after a fateful night, he rose from the dead and took the name Solomon Grundy, another iconic Batman villain. My prediction is that Butch would someday be killed in the show and he will be resurrected as the zombie Solomon Grundy. Hopefully, the writers would do the story line some justice and stick to the source material.

Also, in the finale, we get to see the two iconic characters in Gotham take their separate ways when it comes to their destinies. In this season, we see Selina and Bruce’s relationship blossom until the inevitable happened. The two broke up and now an interesting turn happens. Selina goes to Barbara hoping to take on a fresh start but eventually was brought under the wing of Tabitha. Bruce on the other hand is now on the streets, protecting the innocent from any criminal. These two characters has already grown and are in the verge of taking the mantle of their alter egos. Hopefully, the series will be pay homage more on Bruce’s transformation as the Dark Knight so also with Selina Kyle’s Catwoman.

Honestly, this season of Gotham is boring and dull wherein they incorporated stories that should already be resolved in the previous season. For instance, Gordon and Lee’s relationship. I appreciate that the series is trying to get the two back together but honestly, I am not happy on their story. Lee was adorable in seasons one and two but when they broke up and took separate ways, I am beginning to hate her character. They should have resolved this problem in the first episodes of season three.

Hopefully, in the next season, we get to see more of characters developments in the series that would lead them in their destinies. Also, I really hope that the show would focus more on Bruce’s transformation as the Dark Knight. Probably, for the next season we will be having Ra’s as the next big bad.

Next stop, we have Lucifer. Now, the show is unlike the other DC TV shows we have. In the ArrowVerse, we see our heroes tackle problems in the larger scale such as saving time and reality itself, crimes that needs to be dealt with and aliens. In Gotham, the show discusses the dark sides of its citizens and the origin of a legend. However, in Lucifer, the show primarily discusses on the egotistical Lucifer and resolving problems that involves the spiritual realm which somehow they find to connect with family matters. Although the show also talks about crimes and murders but it is usually seen on how Lucifer perceives humanity and how he is slowly becoming human. Unlike in the Bible which depicts Lucifer as an evil angel, in the show, somehow they try to humanize him which is fine. On my terms, I watch Lucifer only for entertainment and not to influence my faith (I’m a Protestant Christian which is I’m really proud of).

If you are looking for an interesting show, this can be it, just don’t let tit influence you or dictate you on what you should believe. I tell you, this is just a work of fiction and should not be taken literally.

Now, back to our discussion. On season 2, Lucifer and Amenidiel met their mother which was a goddess. Throughout the season, we see Lucifer try to hide her and find a way to bring her back to where she came from and in the finale we finally get to see her be free. Image result for lucifer season 2 wingsIt was a dramatic moment but it gets to close a chapter in one of Lucifer’s life. But then things escalate quickly when Lucifer finally decides to tell Chloe his true identity when all of a sudden he goes into a black out and when he wakes up we see Lucifer in a desert and with his wings back.

I think that in this season, Lucifer will finally show not tell Chloe who he really is and there will be dire consequences. Also, hopefully, we get to see Amenidiel get back to his senses and his powers will slowly be restored. Well, all these are still theories that I’m cooking in my mind which would be a good discussion for the next article.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you like my review and look back on out previous season on Gotham and Lucifer. Stay tune for more DC TV and stick around for my review on the recent season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and my closing (for now) for the previous season.


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