Wonder Woman Review (Spoilers!)

Good day to all of you! The time has come for us to see the cinematic debut of the one and only Wonder Woman! But before I go and start, I want to warn you, if you haven’t watched it yet, this article is going to contain tons of spoilers from the movie. So if you don’t want to be spoiled from the events of the movie, you are free to exit.

With that said, let’s start.

The Review!

The movie is all about Princess Diana’s origin, where she was born, where she was raised, how she became the warrior we know today, and what are the events that made her decide to his disappearance. The movie all in all was an amazing treat to any superhero fan, DC hardcore fans, and women who are out there. As a man watching the first ever superhero film starring a woman, it was a change of perspective and at the same time I get to see the side of a woman seeing the world full of different egos.

“What do you think of the story?” The story was basically an origin story of Diana and it was our first cinematic introduction of the Amazonian Princess. It was good in a sense that I feel that I am not watching the usual origin story. Although there are elements that are present that are similar in the origin of Superman and Batman such as the lose of a close relative which would be the driving force of the hero, the realization of the calling and part where the hero would take up arms and fulfill her destiny. In this sense, I felt it necessary to see Diana being trained and educated as an Amazon Warrior. Also, I didn’t feel the redundancy that I felt in the Fant4stic or in The Amazing Spider-Man. The story has some good dynamics such as giving out jokes and knows how to turn the serious tone.

Also, the villain of the film is Ares which was good. In the film, he points out that humanity doesn’t deserve to live and that their destruction is the only way to bring peace. He was a good villain but not that compelling as The Joker in the Dark Knight. Additional, Steve Trevor was one awesome character including his band of misfits. It some how reminds me of Captain America’s Howling Commandos. But sadly, Steve Trevor sacrificed himself to save thousands of lives.

“How about the visuals? What do you think of it?” The visual effects were amazing especially with what they did to the Lasso of Truth and how it glows. It was totally awesome. The film also did a good job capturing the world in the 1918 World War 1. It felt like going back to the time where horror and fear envelopes everyone. The CGI was life like in the film and it was totally awesome!

“And what about your favorite scene?” In the movie, there were a lot of good scenes such as the first time Diana tasted ice cream. It was like seeing the moment in Justice League War. But one scene stands out the most is where Diana and the others were in No Man’s Land. Diana already saw the destruction, the pain, and the sorrow the war brought to many innocent lives. Diana refused to obey Steve’s orders and went to the battlefield. It was the moment that I felt goosebumps on my skin. I was excited and at the same time thrilled to see her in action. As soon as she was out in the battle ground, the Germans began to fire their machine guns towards Diana but she uses her bracelets to deflect the bullets. After that, a bomb was set towards her but she easily deflects it with her shield. In this scene, we can see her courage and the boldness instilled in her. It was not because she needs to fight but compassion drove her in saving lives. As soon as the Germans were apprehended, they entered the enemy base. Wonder Woman breaks in where they were holding their operations and then began the awesome combat. The combat was one of the best there is in the DC Extended Universe.

“So what is the lesson in the film?” Throughout the film, it expresses about the importance of women in society, strong willed women. It tells us that these kinds of women should be appreciated and at the same time be regard with the same respect as with men with great accomplishments. Throughout our history, we saw women fight, help, and shape our society. In history, we have women who helped men in great circumstances. There’s Florence Nightingale who was the founder of modern nursing, Joan of Arc, a woman who fought in the Hundred Years’ War, and in the Philippines we have Tandang Sora or also known as Melchora Aquino de Ramos who was one who helped in the revolution against the Spaniards in the Philippines. There huge heart and their compassionate soul is what we need in this world full of hate.

All in all, Wonder Woman is a timely story for courageous women and an encouragement to young girls out there. It is also a great story for men reminding us that we should respect women in our society. I give the film a 9 point rating for it’s awesome visuals, great characters, and an a timely story for everyone. I do recommend that you watch it.

So that’s it for now. Happy Wonder Woman Day to all of you!


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