DC TV: The Villains

Good day to all of you! Pardon me if I haven’t been posting lately. I’m currently in a brainstorming moment. I’m currently conceptualizing my next step for our second season on our Week of Awesomeness and for Flame the Fiery Champion. But this time, we will be looking at this villains in the DC TV. So you’ll be seeing villains from all, except Lucifer, the DC TV shows. We will be discussing their effects and how effective they are as a villain. We will also be looking at how they can shape our heroes’ fate in the upcoming seasons. Also, with me discussing the villains, I will be touching moments that happened on this season so expect some spoilers.

With that said, let’s start.

This season, we saw different kinds of villains in the CW/DC TV. There are the world dominating villains and there’s the life-destroying villains. I got to say, this season, we’ve got some really pretty badass baddies. Let’s start with Supergirl. At the beginning of Image result for supergirl season 2 rheaSeason 2, we instantly got powerful villains. We got Metallo on the first episode and second episode which was totally awesome. On the next episodes we also get to see the return of Live Wire, another live action debut of Parasite, Cyborg Superman, Roulette, and Mr. Mxzylptk. But on the latter part of the season we get to see the real threat for the rest of the season. It was then revealed that Mon-El’s parents survived from Krypton’s destruction and they are out in space looking for him. When Mon-El refuses, his mother, Rhea plotted against Supergirl’s life just to get back his son. We see her threaten Kara and even makes Lena her ally to create a device to destroy Supergirl’s life. In this season, we see that Rhea is Image result for supergirl season 1 nonnot as threatening as our first season’s villain, Non, who threatened to control the whole world and make a new Krypton out of Earth. We see him mind control everyone in National City and use everyone she loves against her. Non wants world domination, which is cliche for a comic book villain, and somehow poses a threat that stretches and makes Kara exceed his potential. In season 2, we still are bound to see on what Rhea’s next move would be. At this time, she is not as threatening as a villain should be. Also, we should wait and see till the finale for Zod’s reveal and his great plan for Earth and how Kara and Kal would stop him.

Next, we have DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Although we already saw the finale last April and it was totally epic. Compared to season 1, it’s sophomore year gave us a chance to stretch the engines of the Waverider and also gave us a worthy villain for the Legends. Last season, before it aired, a lot of us were expecting that Vandal Savage will be a great Image result for legends of tomorrow season 1 vandal savagevillain but turns out that he is just one lousy, whiny individual. Throughout season 1 we get to see only one goal and to my perspective it was lame and it was not world threatening, it was not even time threatening. But when the people in production announced that the next villain is going to be the Legion of Doom, I got excited and it turns out that they are a worthy counterpart to the Legends. Not only they want to change their past and future, they do not care if they mess things up which is a problem for the Legends. The Legion was an awesome part in the show and honestly, I was even more excited seeing them than the Legends. The Legion of Doom, to those who are not familiar, are a group of villains who got together to rewrite their future by the use of the Spear of Destiny. In the group, we have Eobard Thawne, The Reverse-Flash; MalcolmImage result for legends of tomorrow season 2 legion of doom spear of destiny Merlyn and Damien Dhark, former members of the League of Assassins; and Leonard Snart, Captain Cold. The team was maniacal and is a constant thorn to the side to the Legends. We also got to see in the season the results when the Legion got their hands on the Spear which means to say they succeeded. In television and movie, we rarely see villains to be successful in their schemes but here we get a chance to see them take over the whole world and rewrite reality itself. But at the end, the Legion is defeated by the Legends. Hopefully in the next season, we get to see a new Legion of Doom with different members or possibly the live action debut of the Secret Society.

Now we go to the next one which is Gotham. Gotham is one of the shows I love to watch but when most of the time I question myself “How did I get in this mess?” For the past seasons we get to see our potential villains transforming in the characters that we knew. Image result for gotham season 2 mad hatterBut there’s a problem. There are times that when they introduce a new character and their origin is being changed so drastically. Not only that, they make other characters too cheesy which is unnecessary. On this season, we have met a lot of menacing villains and some of them are really powerful. There’s the Mad Hatter, Jerome, and Captain Barnes. We also get to see the monsters that were released back in season 2 in Indian Hill. And that’s only for the first half of the season. On it’s second half, we get to see the transformation of Nygma into The Riddler and Penguin’s dilemma. But there’s a huge problem on the problem at hand. The main villain for this season is the Court of Owls. They have been teased last season as the group behind the experiments in Indian Hill. We see them communicating with Dr. Hugo Strange about the progress of his experiments. Then when season 2 opened, the Court has been placed as the main villain for Jim Gordon and Gotham. On what I see, they should have saved the Court in the future seasons of the show. Bringing them up on this time is too premature. My suggestion is that the show Image result for gotham season 2 court of owlsshould have brought other Gotham villains that have not been seen or some characters in the first and second season that needs character development. For example, Black Mask or introduce a new one like Julian Day. Bringing up the Court is a huge risk and so far I see them not that threatening. Hopefully for the rest of season 3 and the opening of season 4 we can get to see more character developments.

Now we proceed to the next one, The Flash. In this season, we opened up in Flashpoint, a timeline Barry created when he saved his mom. When he attempted to reset the timeline, Barry brought new threats in the original timeline thanks with the help of Doctor Alchemy’s Philosopher’s Stone. This season, we got to see more of Flash’s villains like Mirror Master, Top, and another speedster which is The Rival. Also Savitar gets his debut in this season as the main big bad. From the first half to the second half of the season, Savitar proved to be evil as Zoom and Reverse-Flash, even way more evil. He threatens to Image result for the flash season 3 savitar barry allenkill Iris and destroy Barry’s life and everyone around him. We see here a not so cliche villain. He doesn’t want world domination, he just wants to destroy Barry, just like what Eobard Thawne wants, and he wants also to be the fastest alone, just like Hunter Zolomon. But when the reveal was made last week, who was a future version of Barry. Although fans are skeptical on the reveal but the show is yet to prove on why future Barry wants to destroy present time Barry. In this season, the show also explored and officially made Caitlin as Killer Frost which is another threat in the show. We hope that the rest of the season will prove that The Flash has still its edge when it comes to bringing up villains.

Lastly, we have Arrow. for the past two seasons of this show, we are somehow short with worthy villains. yup, Ra’s Al Ghul was threatening but he is one of the generic ones, also with Damien Dhark. But this season, we saw a worthy opponent for Oliver, one who will dig deep down in his past and use it. This is what Prometheus did. He took it upon Related imagehimself to destroy Oliver slowly but surely and throughout the season we see the plan work. I even saw in the internet speculate the identity of Prometheus and ultimately we were wrong on who he is. He was under our noses the whole time. The character is so twisted, he didn’t even hesitated in killing his wife. That is so cold! Prometheus is the villain Arrow deserves and the one we have waited for a long time. Hopefully for the rest of the season till the finale, we get to see his twisted schemes and his end game with Oliver Queen and how he will make his life more miserable.

This season, we got to see a lot of villains and how they can fit in the respective shows they are appearing. We have seen them make our heroes’ lives miserable. I hope before the season ends and as a new one opens this Fall, there will be a good story to tell, an awesome villain to stop and a whole new adventure to watch.


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