#DCTV Arrow S05E20 Underneath Review (Spoilers!)

Good day to all of you! The Emerald Archer is back and I’ve got the goods for this episode. Before I start, I would want to warn you that this post is going to contain spoilers from the recent episode and if you haven’t watched it yet and don’t want the goods to be spoiled, you can exit this post right away.

With that said, let’s start!

The Review!

This episode is for all Olicity fans. Yup, you’ve read that right. The episode follows up from the explosion that happened last week and turns out that this explosion was an EMP. Immediately, the whole bunker shuts down even Felicity’s chip implant on her spine was deactivated. This causes the two being trapped underground. The team eventually creates a plan to save the two and at the end they got them out. In the flashback, it took place eleven months ago and tells us the story why Felicity and Oliver never got back together. It is still the reason that Oliver lied to her that he has a son. Also, as a side story, Layla and Dig still are dealing with their dark choices in their jobs.

In this episode, we get to see Oliver and Felicity have the time for themselves which is for some sweet. But it seems that this Olicity thing should stop. Somehow, it helped close things up on the question on what happened to them but in story wise, it didn’t helped them move forward. They didn’t even gained knowledge on the whereabouts of Adrian Chase who is stalking his family. The writers should have already closed that door by now and should have focused in the problem at hand. Some fans of Olicity may see it as a chance for them to get back together but some of us wants just to see Oliver and the team in action. This episode maybe is one of the most dull moments in this season. It didn’t help at all.

Hopefully next week we get to see Oliver and the team kick ass once again as they go and hunt Prometheus down.


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