Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review (Spoilers Ahead!)

The Guardians are back to save the galaxy for the second time. Before I start, this review is going to contain spoilers from the film, so if you haven’t seen the film yet and don’t want to spoil the fun, you may exit this post. With that said, let’s start.


The Review!

So, this would be my first movie review that is included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and this is exciting.┬áThe film gives us the same chemistry they gave us from the first movie. Honestly, it was fun and at the same time redundant which makes it slightly boring. But don’t get me wrong, the film is good and is awesome but somehow they should have incorporated some slight changes in the film. But still Guardians is an awesome movie and is a great addition in the MCU franchise.

“What about the visuals?” Well, the graphics were cool and awesome. We get to explore more in the cosmic universe of the Guardians, see more planets and new locations. I also love on what they did to Ego. Not only they let us see that he came in a planet, they also let us see Ego’s face placed on the planet. It was like something you see off the comics.

“What about the music? What do you think about it?” The new songs in the movie was cool. I got the chance to listen to it firsthand before the film and when I get to here it in the movie I was awestruck and was singing along while watching the film. I hope that in the next Guardians they’ll give us some great soundtracks accompanied with the movie.

“And what about the story?” The story was fine. I was caught off guard an I didn’t even expect that the main villain of the film would be Ego (spoilers). Yup, Ego is the villain and why you ask, the reason why he was searching for Peter was only because of the expansion of Ego’s territory which he planted in the several planets he went. He was also the main reason why Peter’s mom got the tumor in her brain and this lead to Peter shooting his dad, not just once, not twice, I mean I didn’t even bothered counting. It was a lot. We also get to see Sylvester Stallone as a former Ravager. He appeared three times in the film, one in the beginning where Yondu and Stakar (yup, that’s his name) had a brief discussion about Yondu betraying the Ravager’s and breaking their code. Then we see him in the last part where all the Ravagers went to Yondu’s funeral (yeah, Yondu dies when he saves Peter from the blowing planet and was not wearing any space suits.) and Stakar was there with the first Guardians. Lastly, we get to see him in the mid-credit scenes where Stakar brings the old Guardians back together in honor of Yondu.

We also get to see Baby Groot which was a funny addition in the film. He was cute and at the same time he gave Rocket some headache. Then Gamora and Peter take another step in their romantic relationship. Meanwhile Mantis and Drax had a great chemistry. The two of them are the same for they are hard in socializing and in here we get to see Drax teach Mantis the rules in social norms which was really funny. Nebula was awesome in the movie which we saw her confessing to Gamora that she only wanted was a sister.

The Easter Eggs of the movie are a lot and can’t be discussed here. But I’ll give you some things. We get to see Howard the Duck again and he was in the same planet where the Ravagers were, picking up some ladies.We also got some name drop about the Celestials and the events in the first movie was also mentioned. We also get to see a Stan Lee cameo (of course, what are you expecting? It’s a Marvel movie.). We see him hanging around with The Watchers which is another Easter Egg. He was telling them about the adventures he was having. We also see the vast Multiverse of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sadly, we don’t see Cosmo in the movie which was one of the things I’m looking forward to. There were also five end credit scenes. Although I may not say it in order but allow me. There were three that was funny and two that was serious in tones. The first one that I can recall is Kraglin, Yondu’s right hand, practicing his whistle with the newly fixed arrow of Yondu. In the process of his training, he accidentally pierced Drax on the chest and it was hilarious. The second one is Baby Groot who is now Teen Groot. Peter enters the room and tells him to clean it but Groot mocks him. The third funny end credit is another Stan Lee cameo where he’s still talking with The Watchers and then walks out. We go next to the serious end credit. I already said this earlier where Stakar is bringing back the old Guardians of the Galaxy. In my later posts I’ll be talking about on who is this Guardians are. The last end credit scene is back in The Sovereign where Ayesha the Priestess is hanging around. She seems stressed out and defeated after on what the Guardians did to her. Now determined in killing them, she creates a weapon to kill them. We see it in a sarcophagus and Ayesha names it Adam. Is this where Adam Warlock’s origins? We’ll never know.

“What is your favorite scene?” Well, there are a lot to choose from. There’s the scene where Star-Lord calls Yondu Mary Poppins. There’s also the scene where Rocket is instructing Baby Groot on how to activate the bomb and was asking the team for tape. But my favorite one is where Rocket, Baby Groot and Nebula were left and the Ravagers were coming after them. Unaware on the trap Rocket placed inside the forest near the destroyed Milano, the Ravagers enters the forest and was one by one eliminated by Rocket and his nifty gadgets while listening to Glen Campbell’s “Southern Nights.” It was hilarious seeing the Ravagers go down while Rocket makes fun of them. Well, he is also right, songs can make things better in a fight. Also, another favorite scene is when Yondu and Rocket breaks out in the Ravagers prison and Yondu takes them out with his whistle arrow while listening to Jay Americans’ “Come A Little Bit Closer”.

“So what’s the lesson of the movie?” Probably that family can be anyone whom you’re with. Even if you are not blood related, family can be your best friend or the one who makes you feel alright in all circumstances. It teaches us also that second chances can be given to anyone. Everyone who wants to change the course of their lives can and deserves change in their life for the better. We see this when Yondu turns 180 degrees and helps the Guardians saving the Galaxy.

My rating on the film would be on the scale of 1 through 10, it would be 8.5. It is good and better than the last one but something is lacking in the story.

So, that’s it for now. Be sure to follow me on my blog posts and my social media accounts.

God Bless!

The Duke!



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