#DCTV Gotham S03E16 Heroes Rise: These Delicate and Dark Obsessions Review (Spoilers Ahead!)

Good day to you! Today we’ll be looking at the events that transpired in the recent episode of Gotham. Warning, if you haven’t watched this week’s episode, you should exit now.

Let’s begin!


The Review!

This week, we get to see Cobblepot in the hands of Ivy who saved him from the river. This is the first time we see Ivy and Oswald interacting and it is one of the most unique interactions. We see in the episode Oswald building trust on Ivy even if Oswald doesn’t want to. Also, Bruce Wayne is still with Shaman in Nanda Parbat where he is being held. He gets to relive the the night of his parents murder and Shaman tells him that he needs to get over it. Then, Gordon and his uncle comes to a confrontation. Falcone tells Jim Gordon that his father was killed by his own uncle which leads him to his uncle admitting that he ordered the murder of his father. But his uncle said that he did it to protect them and still gave Gordon the offer to join the Court. In the end, he kills himself and Gordon joins the Court. Meanwhile Cobblepot and Ivy join forces and brings together an army of freaks to rule Gotham.

Somehow, I am a bit disappointed on the progress of the show. It is like the characters and the plot is going nowhere. Yup, we get to see Bruce Wayne confronting his parents death and slowly turning into the Dark Knight which is the only interesting part of the series. Bringing out the Court of Owls in the show is prematurely done and that it was just placed so that there’s someone controlling the city for the sake of having villains. They should have brought the Court maybe in season 5 where for example Gordon has a case that leads him to the hidden organization. The show should have focused on the freaks that broke free in Indian Hill and should’ve just made some hints of the Courts involvement. In that way, mystery is being built.

But, it is still to early to say that this season is s flop. We still got a few more episode till the finale. So let’s wait and see.


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