#DCTV The Flash S03E20: I Know Who You Are Recap and Review (Major Spoilers!)

This episode is the moment we are all waiting for and before I go ahead of myself, I will warn you that this post is going to contain some major spoilers in today’s episode. So if you haven’t seen it and don’t want things to get spoiled, you may leave.

With that said let’s start.


The Recap!

It’s been a while since we had our recap of an episode. O this episode, Barry tells the team the information Future Barry gave him. He says that Dr. Tracy Brand helps the team by building a device that they can use to trap Savitar in the Speed Force. But when they found the whereabouts of Tracy, she was just an undergrad and who others sees as a crackpot. Next we get to see Caitlin who is now in full Killer Frost costume and was tasked by Savitar to kill Brand.

In the show, we get also to see a side story with Cecile and Joe about their relationship. Then there’s an interaction between Julian and Cisco about Killer Frost and stopping her. Then there’s this moments where H.R. is flirting with Tracy. But the main focus of this episode is mainly on finding Killer Frost. Things escalate quickly which leads to Killer Frost kidnapping Cecile. The team in the end gets Cecile back but before that there was this weird conversation between Barry and Caitlin where whenever Barry would convince Caitlin to go back she would follow his exact words and tells Barry the exact position of Cisco which she blows it up. Finally, Caitlin went down with Cisco’s help and takes her blood.  But when all things are going fine, Savitar speeds in and takes Caitlin away.

Before the episode ended, Tracy is now conceptualizing a way to trap Savitar which she shares to H.R. Meanwhile, Joe confesses to Cecile his true feelings and revealed to her the other nature of his work and the identity of Barry and Wally as The Flash and Kid Flash. While the West-Allen family were having a good family bonding, Barry realizes the true identity of Savitar. He remembers events and clues on who the evil speedster is. When it clicked, he suddenly goes out and confronts the “God of Speed”. There Barry tells him that all along they thought that he was one step ahead of them but only to find out that he lived through it so he knows what’s going to happen. Savitar then opens the suit and reveals himself as a future version of a burnt faced Barry Allen and tells him, “Like I told you from the beginning, I am the future Flash.” and gives an evil smirk. *Cut to Black* *Mind Blown*

The Review!

This week’s episode is the best so far this season. Not only that they build the tension so good on the identity of Savitar, they also made a twist like what they did to Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne in season 1 and to Jay Garrick/Hunter Zolomon in season 2. The show stayed true what they are doing ever since they started and they sure did made a lot of fans especially me in shock. What I don’t get is why would future Barry be so angry that to his past self that he wants to kill Iris and make everyone he loves suffer. Probably this would be discussed in the last three episodes of the series

This episode also, we get to see Caitlin Snow in full Killer Frost which is cool (No pun intended). There is this scene were we see her sliding on ice, just like we see in the comics and in the Justice League animated series. I hope that the next time we see Killer Frost we have more battles especially with Vibe.

This episode is one of the defining moments of this season and in the show. I hope that next week they build up to the epic fight that would close season three. Also, to add to the finale, I want to see all speedsters, except the evil ones, to appear namely Kid Flash, Jay Garrick, Jessie Quick, and :fingers crossed: Acceleration Man.


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