#DCTV Gotham S03E15: Mad City: How The Riddler Got His Name Review (Spoilers!)

Good day everyone! Gotham is back for an all new episode and to finish up this second half of the season. Before we begin, I’m warning anyone who hasn’t seen this week’s episode, this post is going to contain spoilers. So, if you don’t want to be spoiled, exit now!

With that said, let’s start!


The Review!

This week in Gotham, we return by seeing Edward Nygma looking for his intellect rival. In this episode we get to see Nygma trying to fill the void that Penguin once had. Also, we get to see Bruce Wayne being abducted by the Court of Owls and was brought in Nanda Parbat to train under Ra’s Al Ghul. Meanwhile, Gordon’s uncle surfaced and has invited Jim to join him in destroying the Court of Owls from the inside.

But this episode lets us see the inner psyche of Nygma, the longing to have a rival. He kidnaps intellectual individuals and gives them riddles for them to solve. If they fall short, they die. But all are no match for his brains. In the end, he finds some one, some one whom he knows who can be his rival. He sees Lucius Fox and makes him his arch nemesis.

The series is truly taking risks in telling the stories of the rogues of Batman. Some times they do away with the comics and make things fresh for the audience. But on my part, they should still incorporate the elements present in the origins of the character in the comics. In this way we can say that they stayed faithful and true to the origin of the character. As of the origin of The Riddler, it was entertaining but not that interesting. It was not that scaring and as interesting as the Joker or as dark as the origin of Mad Hatter.


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