#DCTV Arrow S05E19: Dangerous Liaisons Review

Green Arrow is back with all new adventures. Before I start, I want to warn you that this post is going to contain spoilers from the recent episode. So, if you haven’t watch it yet and don’t want it to be spoiled, you may exit this post.

Let’s begin!


The Review!

This week’s episode follows up┬áthe problems Adrian left when the authorities finally found out the identity of Prometheus. Team Arrow and the SCPD still doesn’t have any lead on the whereabouts of Chase. Now, in this week, we get to see Felicity indulge more in her darker self which.

In order for Felicity to track Chase, she needs to do something that is out of her depth. Helix wants her to help them release a prisoner of ARGUS which would make them break in and hire mercenaries to help them.

In this episode, we see Felicity make more decisions leading her in some dark places. And when I say places, literally dark ones. We see her wit Helix trying to break out one of the most notorious cyber criminals that ARGUS is holding and to her side, she thinks she is doing the right thing.

In the process, Oliver confronts Felicity telling her that there is another way. But Felicity sees that there is no other way. She thinks that going in the dark side will eventually let her find what she is looking for.

Also, in this episode, we get to see Diggle question Layla’s decision in incarcerating a criminal without due process. Although Layla gives a valid point which is protecting the US government by not letting another Snowden on the loose, but Dig sides on the law which people who are guilty should still be go through the process of the system.

In this episode, morals and values are being questioned. Even the system is questioned if it is capable in putting criminals to justice. Felicity has seen the effects of turning in the dark side and she knows that there is a toll when you go beyond the line of justice and take matters into your own hands but she doesn’t mind for she knows that she too needs to do something to stop Prometheus.

In this episode, we get to go darker as she goes beyond in order for them to capture Chase. In my part, I think they did a great part in making Felicity turn to his dark side. We get to see if there is a possibility if she turns evil. But there are a few moments where the show is dull and you get drifted away on what the matter is. Hopefully the show gets back on course in the next few episodes till the finale.


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