Countdown Friday: Top 10 Fictional Weapons feat. Projectiles

It’s Countdown Friday once again and today we are returning to continue our countdown in fictional weapons. For the past weeks, we have been looking at different fictional weapons from various universes and right now we are going to look at fictional projectile weapons that superheroes and super villains use in their battles. Also, we will include weapons from different franchises and include it in the countdown. In this list, we will featuring strictly weapons that are used or are using projectiles. Guns are disqualified and are placed in a separate category. Also, swords and hammers that are used as projectiles will not be appearing here for they will be included in other categories. If you haven’t been following our countdown series, feel free to check it out on the links below:

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Now, let’s begin!

10. Captain Boomerang’s Boomerangs, DC Comics
We have seen two incarnations of the Captain. One in Arrow and one in his cinematic debut in Suicide Squad. We also saw cool boomerangs which he uses as his weapon. This Australian unicorn loving rogue has unique sets of boomerangs for different situations. There’s his bladed boomerang where he can use as a melee weapon when enemies attacks him or he can throw it and kill his enemies in an instant. He also has explosive boomerangs to create more casualties if he wishes. Then we get to see a boomerang with camera connected to it and it is used for scouting purposes. 
Image result for captain boomerang's boomerangs

9. Huntress’ Crossbow, DC Comics
The Huntress, a seductress but deadly as the arrows that she shoots. Although her arrows are not that special just like what Oliver has, she still uses it as efficient as a huntress will ever be. In her first appearance in Arrow, Helena was first taught to use a bow and arrow but it seems that it doesn’t fit her personality and the way she fights. Oliver then gives her the crossbow and ultimately it became Helena’s primary weapon. It maybe small, but it gets the job done.
Image result for huntress' crossbow arrow

8. Baymax’s Rocket Fists, Big Hero 6
The Rocket Fists are one of Baymax’s weapons in his arsenal or the one that we saw in the film. Because of Hiro’s persistence in finding the culprit responsible for his brother’s death, he upgraded Baymax into a superhero. He made him a suit that can protect his soft body which can be easily pierced by a pin. Although we didn’t see any weapons system installed in him but we get to see a badass rocket arm. The film didn’t tell how fast it can get but it showed us that is can destroy one nasty brick wall. Good thing that Baymax is a good robot. No need to worry. Phew!
Image result for baymax rocket fist

7. Kabuto, One Piece
This is Usopp’s trusty weapon. In the first seasons of One Piece, we get to see the early versions of his Kabuto which resembles a regular sized slingshot. But then in the latter parts of the series, he gets an upgrade. It became a hybrid of a staff and a slingshot. He also named the slingshot after a beetle with the same name due to its similarities with the horn of the beetle. Unlike his first slingshot, the Kabuto is better in many ways. It can fire faster, farther and more accurately. So be warned when you see him shooting this in a distance, take cover, you may just get hit.
Image result for kabuto one piece

6. Web Shooters, Marvel Comics
Although we placed the web shooter as an accessory, we can still place it here as a projectile. Peter Parker managed to create a device for him to shoot his self made synthetic web. Although, the film and the comics never mentioned on the ingredients of the web but it tells us that his web is as strong as steel. The web when shot on the shooter can be woven as strings or as projectile weapons. It can serve Spider-Man as his offensive maneuvers against his enemies.

5. Pym Particle Discs, Marvel Comics
The Ant-Man suit was designed without a weapon system so when Hank gave Scott the suit, he then designed discs that can serve as an offensive measure. The discs vary in function. The red disc when thrown can make the target shrink into a miniature size. The blue discs on the other hand will make the target grow in its size. The discs were used in offensive measures and was proven useful in many ways.

4. Throwing Knives, Assassin’s Creed franchise
The Phantom Blade is one of the hidden blade’s upgrades in Assassin’s Creed: Unity. The blade can function as both a bladed weapon and as a projectile. Also the Blade can load two different types of projectiles; a regular one and a poison dart. The Phantom Blade has almost the exact components of a crossbow but this time it is in miniature size. The Phantom Blade is an excellent weapon in assassination mission where the target is far. Also, like what I said earlier, the Blade can be loaded with a poison dart that can serve as slowly killing an enemy or a distraction to the other guards.
Image result for phantom blade

3. Pumpkin Bombs, Marvel Comics
Green Goblin’s main projectile weapon. This bombs come from the Goblin Glider and can be used as explosive grenades, disintegration devices, and as bladed boomerangs. The bombs also has this homing devices that can detect and follow its target just like what we saw in Spider-Man and Spider-Man 3. The bombs look like a small Jack-O Lantern. But still, like what Peter said when he sees one, we hate seeing one of these things.
Image result for pumpkin bombs

2. Captain America’s Vibranium Shield, Marvel Comics
Cap’s shield is made out of vibranium, a rare metal that can only be found in Wakanda. This rare metal is the strongest there is. It got its name due to its properties that when it is hit by anything, it absorbs the vibration and distributes it on the surface of the metal. The shield is most likely Cap’s main offensive weapon than a defensive one. He uses it as a discus which he throws it on the air as a projectile. The metal can withstand anything such as penetration, temperature extremes, and the entire electromagnetic spectrum of radiation. The only way one can destroy the shield is by tampering on the molecular bonding of the metal. The shield can withstand any impact due to its vibranium components so when the Hulk or Thor hits the shield, Captain America won’t send him off the ground or the air. The shield can serve as cushion when he will land from very great heights.
Image result for captain america's shield

Special Mention: Batarang
We have featured the batarang as bladed weapon in our opening of the series. Also we can place the batarang as a projectile. Originally, the batarang is used as a shuriken or a projectile against criminals and crazies. The batarang is Batman’s primary weapon when it comes to fighting crime. The Batarang also deserves a place in our countdown!
Image result for batarang

1. Green Arrow’s Gag Arrows and Hawkeye’s Trick Arrows, DC Comics and Marvel Comics
Our number one choice is none other than these weapons! You maybe wondering why I placed two in one number. It is not that I can’t choose on the two but because these projectile weapons are great in any situation given. Although the two differ in universes but they share some similar addition to their arrows. On Green Arrow’s quiver, we have the explosive arrow gag; good for dispersing enemies; a flash bang arrow gag; great for disappearing; the magnetic arrow gag; used to attract metal objects such as guns and other firearms; the grappling arrow gag; used as a grappling hook; and his boxing glove arrow gag; where in the comics he uses it to knock enemies out, meanwhile in the TV series, he slipped an arrow in a boxing glove which knocked out Wild Cat.

On a different universe, Hawkeye uses similar kinds of arrows which he calls it as trick arrows. In the comics, it featured different arrows that he uses in his mission. In The Avengers and The Avengers Age of Ultron, Hawkeye used different kinds of his trick arrows. There’s the arrow he used to hack the Helicarrier, the one with explosions, and the trick arrow that has a grappling hook on the tip. He also has set of arrows that he can fire in one shooting which we saw in Age of Ultron.

These two kinds of arrows can be used in tricky situations and can function as lethal projectiles in the battle arena. That is why I placed these two awesome weapons on the number one spot.
Image result for green arrow's bow and arrow

Image result for hawkeye's bow and arrow


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