Thunderous Thursday feat. Villain Profiles: Sinestro Corps

And we are back! Thunderous Thursday is on again and today we will be featuring the enemy of the Green Lantern Corp. These group of aliens and people instill fear and use it to dominate the universe. I present to you the Sinestro Corps.

Villain Profiles

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Organization Name: Sinestro Corps
Founder(s): Anti Monitor, Sinestro
Base of Operations: Qward (former)
Known Members:
Cyborg Superman
Thaal Sinestro

Former Members:
Hal Jordan
Mongul II

Powers: Hard Light Constructs, Instant Weaponry, Force Fields, Flight, Durability, Alien Technology, Fear Provocation, Intelligence

*Just like the Green Lantern Ring, the Sinestro Corps uses the emotional spectrum to fuel their rings and in this manner they use the emotion of fear. They also utilize a Lantern to charge the rings and a Central Battery to gather power. Unlike the Green Lanterns who uses willpower and the color green to create constructs, the Sinestro Corps uses fear and the color yellow as its representation in the emotional spectrum.

Must Read:
Just like the Green Lanterns, Blackest Night is one of the defining stories especially to Sinestro, the leader of the Yellow Lanterns. In this saga, we learn more on SinImage result for sinestro corp blackest nightestro’s background and how he interacts with the other Lanterns from the different Corps. It is also were, spoiler alert, he became the first White Lantern.

I do recommend you to read this saga of the DC Comics.

The Sinestro Corp Oath/ Yellow Lantern Oath

In blackest day, in brightest night,
Beware your fears be made into light,
Let those who stop those right,
Burn like my power, Sinestro’s might!


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