Break Time!

Good day dukes and duchess! I hope you guys are doing fine. Right now, I’m taking a breather, just having a small break from the writing and stuff. But do not worry, I will come back next week.

Next week, Terrific Tuesday and Thunderous Thursday will be returning. We will be featuring two Corps that represent two emotions in the color spectrum. Also, by next week, we will be continuing our series in Countdown Friday which we will be featuring this time Projectile Weapons.

On April 24, we will be updating our series story inĀ Flame The Fiery Champion. Last time we left Duke, we saw him being revived by Chris Rogers, Dr. Eddie and Francis. The next part will be exciting for this will be the transformation and the manifestation of Duke’s powers.

Also, we will not forget about Omega Wednesday and Infinity Saturday. News about DC Comics and Marvel Comics will be posted. In addition, I will continue to post in our article series about the DCEU, so stay tune for that.

So by April 24, our Week of Awesomeness will be in full force! Also, I’ll be publishing articles about DC TV. I’ll not tell on what the topic but it will be awesome.

Right now, I want you to take a breather. Take a rest, reflect and meditate. Make use of this coming Lent to meditate on what it sacrifice is. Reflect on the sacrifice Christ did on the cross and meditate. Don’t rush it. Be sure to appreciate and give thanks to the Father on what he has done for us.

That’s it for now. Be sure to check out my other posts and be sure to subscribe on my blog and follow me on my social media accounts.

The Duke 2


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