DC, Too Dark In Movies? Part 3: BvS: DoJ: The Dark Knight and The God Complex

Last time, we have been talking about Superman and how he sees the world and how it affects him as a hero. We also looked at vigilantism and how it can be a problem in the society. Now, we will go on the other side of the coin. We will now look at the side of Batman and how he sees Superman as a menace and how Superman has a God Complex.

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we first see Bruce Wayne experiencing the destruction Superman made when he was trying to save Metropolis. He saw first hand the damage and the catastrophe he brought among men. During the attack, he saw his employees being killed from the rubble, children becoming orphans, and most especially Image result for batman v superman: bruce wayne on supermanleaving everything in ruins. This gave Bruce a glimpse of the power of one alien can do. From this point on, he is beginning to plot on how to stop Superman, once and for all.

With the help of Lex Luthor making him remember his past and his mistakes, it slowly built up in the plan to defend the human race. He made a contingency plan to kill the Man of Steel. In his hatred against Superman, he vigorously researched the weaknesses and the strength of his enemy. Although Alfred is trying to talk some sense in him, telling his Master Wayne that going head to head with Superman is suicide. He should view him as a friend and would be a great help in fighting injustices. But Bruce sees him as their number one enemy. He tells his butler that even if there’s a one percent rate that he is our enemy, we should take it as an absolute.

In this way, we can see the obsession Bruce took from Superman. In his perspective, he knows the capabilities of Superman and he knows that one day he will turn against humanity. Bruce Wayne sees that one should prepare a plan to stop an him and if no one Image result for batman v superman: bruce wayne on supermanelse will do it, he will. Ultimately, when Superman was framed in the bombing in the Capitol Hall, Bruce Wayne broke. He steals the Kryptonite and creates a weapon to end the Man of Steel.

He knows that he can’t take him on. He’s like a god and that’s the problem, people sees him as a god. He knows that this is wrong. He thinks that Superman views himself not as a god but arrogantly uses his power as one. In the nightmare vision that Bruce had, he sees that Superman was being served as both dictator and god by men.

This may seem a little far-fetched but I see, although that he did not say it, that Clark or Superman is suffering from being a narcissist and most specifically the god complex problem. When Superman flies home to his mother, Martha Kent, she tells him that he should embody people’s concept as a savior. He may not say it but in his actions, it tells that he is acting like a god and that others are too weak.

In nobullying.com, they define “god complex” as one that has an un-moving mindset that he is infallible and not capable of being wrong or failing at any task no matter how difficult or daunting it might be. They further explain that the person would most likely disregard the rules of society, and consider himself worthy of doing as he pleases. In this way, we can say that Superman suffers from this kind of disorder and that is what Bruce Wayne wants to cure.

Although if we look at the symptoms of having a god complex, we cannot diagnose Superman in having one. In nobullying.com, they gave us symptoms of one who has a god complex or a messiah complex. These are what follows:

  • Not ever believing or trusting what other people say
  • Hearing, seeing, and feeling things that others do not
  • Having disorganized speech and behavior
  • A loss of interest in everyday activities like bathing and grooming
  • Always feeling out of touch with family and friends
  • Having a lack of feelings and emotions
  • Being incapable of experiencing pleasure

So, we can’t say that Superman has a god complex. Bruce Wayne is just skeptical and like what he said to Clark in the party,Image result for batman v superman: bruce wayne on superman he just had a bad history with freaks dressed like clowns. In this way, he developed his plan to make sure that humanity is safe from him. Even though that the plan is too vague for anyone to see and that somehow others may see it as too shallow, Batman’s plan in facing and killing Superman is the ultimate plan for him to save humanity from freaks and from people like him.

Ultimately, Batman has also a positive point of view when it comes to dealing the Man of Steel. It is also safe to say that Superman may look like that he has a god complex but when one would look close, he is just one guy trying to make a difference in a world that is so twisted and so dark.

Next time, we will dive on the side of Lex Luthor, how his meticulous plan worked and failed at the same time, his father issues, and how he sees himself as the Superman. Also, we will look at the battle of the two titans and how this changes the plot of the story. Then, we get to see the death of a hero and how it will shape and affect the people who saw and became a part of the life of Superman and it’s effect in the DC Extended Universe.

Image result for batman v superman


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