Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Review (Spoilers)

The Judas Contract is in! We’ve got all new members in the Titans and even a Kevin Smith cameo. But first before I go in the review, I want to warn you that this article is going to contain spoilers from the movie. So, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, be sure to check it out first before you read this review.

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The Review!

The story of the movie primarily centers on the Teen Titans, a group with different heroes in it. There’s the returning member of the Titans, the former Robin, Nightwing; the alien from Tamaran, Starfire; the boy who can transform into any beast, Beast Boy; the demon child, Raven; the kid who has an alien scarab on his back, the Blue Beetle; the grandson of The Demon’s Head, Damian Wayne, The Robin; and the new member of the Teen Titans, the earth shaker, Terra. They come together as a group to defend from the mysterious and notorious Brother Blood and his HIVE.

The story of the movie is about Brother Blood creating a device for him to take on the position of God. In order for him to do that, he needs a technology that can suck up the powers of the Titans and take all of it for himself. He then hires Deathstroke to capture the Teen Titans. Deathstroke then creates a plan to capture the whole team using his recruit, Terra. Deathstroke captures almost all, leaving Nightwing who he presumes is dead in their battle. Brother Blood then uses the device and sucks up the powers of the team, including Terra which was shocking on her part that she was betrayed by Deathstroke. In the end, the Titans was freed by Nightwing when he destroys the machine. Brother Blood was defeated after Raven drained his newly acquired powers and was shot by his right hand. Deathstroke was left and Terra tore the whole place of HIVE down. Although she survived, she was no longer seen outside as one of the Titans. They also acquired a new member in the team, Wonder Girl. But still, Beast Boy thinks that no one could ever replace Terra.

The animated movie is another addition to the DC Animated Universe and it is one of the best so far. It is good and fresh and an awesome comic book adaptation of The Judas Contract. Although there are small changes, it is still an awesome adaptation with still the key points in the original material. It also talked about teenage issues primarily in discrimination, societal acceptance, and bullying. It tackles the effects of discrimination, the psychological pain and the trauma it brings. Bullying was also mentioned although not verbally but was shown in Terra’s flashback when the village she was leaving wants to kill her. In this manner we can see the great height humans do when we see an individual who is slightly different from them. Some may just tease while others go in the extent of killing. We may be talking about physical features, psychological problems, religious background, and status quo.

The message of the movie to individuals, especially to teens is that no matter what your background is and no matter what you’ve done, you can be part of something better. You can do good things still if you have done something bad in your past. Just don’t let it get a hold of you and pull you down.

For this film, I’ll be giving it a 9.5 rating for it’s great story, visuals, and a great superhero team. Although the villain, Brother Blood, is a generic one but still it is one great movie.

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