#DCTV Arrow S05E18 Disbanded Recap (Spoilers!)

I know that I’m late but what the heck, we’ll still have our recap on Arrow. Before we give our recap for last week’s episode, if you haven’t seen the latest episode yet (which would be impossible at this point of time), be sure to check it out first.

With that said, let’s begin!

The Recap! (Spoilers!)

Last time, we saw Oliver being broken by Adrian Chase by making him admit that his facade was only a disguise and excuse for him to kill. When he gets back in The Bunker, he immediately shuts down their operation, knowing that his efforts are now in vain. But Dig knows that there is more going on in Oliver’s head.

We also get to see Oliver and Adrian interact after the kidnap. Adrian is still trying to persuade him in killing him and he did it while they’re inside the city hall. Oliver refused, telling him that it is no use in killing him. But Oliver did something else. He called on Anatoly and the Bratva, asking him to kill Adrian Chase. In exchange, Oliver will allow Anatoly to smuggle medicines out of Star City into Russia.

But the team eventually found out that the Bratva are stealing Star City and went to stop them. Oliver stopped his team and told them to stand down and let Bratva do their job. Meanwhile, Felicity is trying to erase the pixelated image of Prometheus and Alena of Helix is helping Felicity.

In the process of the story, Diggle and the team doesn’t want to give up the cause and still pursued in taking down Bratva. This then escalated in the confrontation between Oliver and Diggle. Oliver tells Dig that he doesn’t want to be the Green Arrow anymore and stop Prometheus for he believes that he is unworthy on the calling. But Diggle tells Oliver the same thing he said when he was being broken out of prison by Oliver. He tells Oliver that if he thinks that’s he’s unworthy as Oliver, he should atone for his sins as the Green Arrow. It may not be easy but in this way he can atone for what he has done for the pas few years.

In the end, Oliver and the team brought down the operation of the Bratva. Anatoly and Oliver parted ways knowing that it will not be the same. Then Felicity, with the help of Curtis and Helix, they have revealed to the police the identity of Prometheus. Adrian is now being pursued by the officials as a wanted man.

In the flashbacks, Oliver is now ready to go back in Lian Yu and prepare himself to return in Starling City as The Hood.

What’s Next?

Arrow will return on 26th of April but before they went into a break, they left us some teaser for the next episode. While Oliver is busy in redeeming himself and looking for Prometheus, Felicity is busy indulging more in the dark path. We don’t know how but we see scenes that he is now taking part in Helix’s plans and operations and things are getting bad. We hope that nothing bad happens to the team and especially to Felicity.

That’s it for now, be sure to stick around for our article about DC TV specifically Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow.

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