DC, Too Dark In Movies? Part 2: BvS: DoJ; Man of Tomorrow and Vigilantism

Today, we will continue our discussion about the DC Extended Universe and how the dark tone and grittiness defines them as unique and beautiful as a superhero cinematic universe. We will also look deeper in the characters that affect DC Comics’ most iconic Titans and how they mold DC’s Extended Universe.

Right now, we will look at one of the main characters of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Superman. We will look at the effects of the destruction that happened in Metropolis in Man of Steel and how the society reacted to Superman.

In Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, we see Superman reaping the consequences of his actions. Everything he does is now being questioned by everyone around him. Some sees him as their guardian while some a dangerous force bound to destroy them all. They also question on the way he acts. Back in the United States, a hearing is being held on the people Superman have encountered. The one we see in the movie is explaining on how he used his might to bring down the terrorists.

Then the movie gave us another issue which is “Should there be a Superman?” In present time society, we all look for someone as a man who can save us from our problems and current predicaments.

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Superman saving people

This is the issue that the movie wants to answer. Everyone around the world are looking for a figure as a savior then comes Superman. But what happens is completely different on others are expecting him to do. Although he saves lives from danger, Superman usually leaves without solving the problem on what caused it and that’s what people are getting pissed off.

In our society, when a new leader arises, expectations too are given. Usually these expectations are hard to live up but still the leader tries his best to do it. This is what happened to Superman. People around him expected too much of him that in turn he can’t accomplish. Then when people get disappointed they backlash or back stab their leader telling others that he’s not competent in the position.

On the other hand, we see Superman’s side. He also has his own agenda. Although yes, we know that he is out there to save others from harm but according to Superman that his number one priority

Image result for batman v superman: superman saves lois
Superman saves Lois

is to save Lois when she’s in danger. It is a gentleman’s gesture but that’s a problem. If you keep your personal goals blind the things that you need to do, it will definitely and deeply affect your actions. In this case, Clark is focused in protecting Lois that he didn’t care in the damages he’s causing. That’s the reason why almost every human is devastated and disappointed in Superman’s actions.

In BvS, it also discussed about vigilantism. We see Clark Kent question the actions of Batman and why is no one taking care of it. Kent thinks that the Bat is above the law, taking matters into his own hands. Here, Clark thinks that the vigilante should be stopped for he saw the damages the Batman is doing. But Perry thinks otherwise. He doesn’t see Clark fit to tackle on the issue and he knows that no one will care about it. While others think that he should be stopped and not just by writing an article about it, someone should stop him using a fist.

In Gotham, everyone fears him. Everyone is afraid to the Batman. They know what he can do and he will do to criminals. He has been acting as the city’s judge, jury, and executioner. Image result for batman v superman: bat sign in lottery cardClark sees him as a menace and wants to stop him for he believes that no matter how broken the system is, one should still abide to it. Clark wants to stop him no matter what the cost.

In the Cambridge Dictionary, vigilante is defined as, “a person who forces obedience to the law without legal authority to do do, or a member of a group that decides to force obedience to the law without official authority.” This is basically what Batman is doing. He is out every night, patrolling like every other policemen in the dark, and forces; that’s the key word; to follow the law. In Merriam-Webster Dictionary, they define vigilante as “a person who is not a police officer but tries to catch and punish criminals.” If we connect this meaning to the one we got first, this is the exact representation of what Batman is doing. He forces criminals to obey the law and if they don’t he punishes them.

In Clark’s perspective, forcing others to obey the law is not right. He knows that one should still act in the law for they are serving the law. Image result for batman interrogatingBut Bruce Wayne knows that the law and the system is broken. On should act outside the law and punish the law breakers and criminals. That is the only way he sees fit to bring justice back.

In our present society, vigilantes walk among us. They may not dress as a bat but they exist. Usually, these vigilantes, like the one we see in comics, movies, and television, they act outside the law. They kill and think that the system is broken. But usually, some of these vigilantes are also hit men. They get hired and kill specific people, either their well known or just one low living thug. In this manner, they are considered as a menace in the society rather than as a help. Like in BvS, Clark Kent saw the damages Batman is causing and the liability he is. This is what Clark wants to stop and write about.

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we saw the ugly side of being a hero. Being a vigilante is not the way to impose justice and that is not how the law works. Batman’s way is not always the right way and Superman knows that there is always the best way to solve crime. It is not through fear but by giving hope.

Next time, we will be looking at the side of Batman and how he sees Superman as a dangerous alien that can destroy humanity.

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