#DCTV DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S02E17: Aruba Recap (Spoilers!)

The season finale is here! But before I go and spoil things for you guys, I want to warn you that I will spoil a bunch here in this post so, if you haven’t seen the latest episode yet, go check it out first and come back later.

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With that said, let’s begin!


The Recap! (Spoilers!)

With the Spear of Destiny gone and destroyed, the Legends are now bound to look for the Waverider. Rip then found out that the Waverider was made into an action figure size but still determined to look for his team. He then finds them and now are going back in S.T.A.R. Labs to retrieve Ray’s ship and bring the Waverider back to its original size. The mission was successful, with a little distraction when Damien saw them.

The Legends head back to France 1916 where they will retrieve the Blood of Christ and the Spear of Destiny and destroy it for good. The plan was first retrieve the Blood then get the Spear and there they will destroy it. But when Ray retrieved the Blood of Christ in the middle of the battle, Eobard Thawne literally speed into scene, destroys the Blood, and took Ray’s heart out.

Now in the next scenes, things get a little tricky. At this moment, I will refer to the Legends whose realities were altered as Doomworld Legends and to the Legends who are in World War 1 as 1916 Legends. Now, the Doomworld Legends are about to retrieve the Spear when things go haywire when they interacted with their old selves and caused a time quake. They also then tried to leave 1916 but when they were about to time jump, a time storm enveloped the ship which prevented them to time travel. With both sets of Legends stuck in 1916, they have no choice but to confront the Legion of Doom.

The battle was fierce and brutal for the Doomworld Legends were one by one being eliminated which leaves the 1916 Legends standing but in the long run defeating the Legion. But before they can reach the Waverider, Eobard Thawne came with his new found recruits. It turns out, Eobard went to the future and convinced his future selves in getting the Spear and destroying the Legends. There were like a dozen of Reverse-Flash zooming in the field attacking both the Doomworld Legends and 1916 Legends. But 1916 Sara used the Spear and rewrite reality in order to save his friends.

In the process, there was a dream sequence where the Spear let Sara see the alternate or the reality she wants to have. Sara saw Laurel again but she knows that this is the Spear working. She realizes that if she uses the Spear, she wouldn’t have rode with Oliver in the Gambit, she wouldn’t have been stranded in Lian Yu and get trained by the League of Assassins. Sara then decides and uses the Spear even if she will not see Laurel again.

Back in reality, Eobard took the Spear but apparently Sara used the Spear to de-power it. Also, as a bonus, Sara called the Black Flash and erased Eobard Thawne in existence. Now, the Legends are trying to restore the original flow of time. They have returned Merlyn in 2016 in Star City, Snart in 2014 before he was recruited by Thawne in Central City, and Dhark in 1987 Miami.

But before all things go back to the way it should, Rip parted ways with the Legends telling Sara that he is no longer needed and will go in his separate way. Sara lets him go and proceeds in Bridge.

With things set to settle back, Sara gives Mick the chance to pick their next route, Aruba 2017. But before they can go and stretch their legs and relax, another time storm occurred and they were thrown out in the temporal zone and crashing in a 2017 Los Angeles but with huge changes. Buildings that can be seen from different parts of the earth are there and not just that, there are dinosaurs. The Legends have messed time up!

Next Season?

With the second season of Legends have come to its conclusion, there are a lot of questions that needs to be answered. But before the questions, let us look at first the things that we saw at the end of season 2 and how it will affect the timeline and also the Legends. The one thing that stands out in the last shot is the deserted Los Angeles and a handful of dinosaurs. This maybe a reference to one of DC’s greatest stories, The Kamandi Challenge. It is created by Jack Kirby who wants to write and create a Planet of the Apes-style of story for DC Comics. This maybe one of ways for DC to bring homage to Jack Kirby’s 100th birthday. So hopefully, we will see Kamandi joining the Legends as they journey and restore time to its original state.

That’s it for now. Stay tune for my recap and review for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 2.


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