Countdown Friday: Top 10 Fictional Weapons feat. Enhancements

Good day to all of you! It’s Countdown Friday once again and today we are going to continue our series in Fictional Weapons! For the last three weeks we are counting down fictional weapons from comic books, TV shows, movies, video games, and anime.

For today, we are going to look at weapon enhancements. This may be extensions of their powers or the enhancement is their power. For this list, it will strictly look at individuals with suits, cybernetic extensions, or use technology as their weapon.

10. EXO-7 Falcon Flight Suit; Marvel Comics
This is an experimental, military jetpack and was used in highly sensitive missions. The suit features two retractable wings for flight. Also to add to its function, due to its high articulation and durability, the wings can allows to move and block gunshots. In addition to the suit, it is accompanied with a pair of goggles which allows the wearer to detect and track down enemies even to the smallest one, like Ant-Man. Also it has a Heads Up Display just like what Tony has in his Iron Man suits. In weapons, the flight suit doesn’t lack any of it. The first EXO-7 suit, it has a pair of machine pistols that are placed on the holster beside the wearer. The current version of the suit shows several weaponized additions to his gauntlets. The left gauntlet utilizes a wrist-mounted dual emission machine gun controlled via clenching a fist, while the right gauntlet utilizes a wrist-mounted miniature rocket launcher. The suit later had miniature guided missiles stored above the jetpack that can be launched via the control panel in the left gauntlet. The missiles’ targets are determined beforehand via analysis from Redwing.

9. Vibe Glasses; DC Comics
At first, the Vibe Glasses were only used by Cisco to track down meta humans but when he encountered Reverb, his evil twin in Earth-2, Cisco managed to amplify his Vibe powers. Since then he uses the glasses to not only vibe but also open up breaches and create vibrations. The first edition of the Vibe Glasses was to amplify his dreams and it was used when they are investigating the true identity of Dr. Harrison Wells. Then Harry, Earth-2 Wells, upgraded the wave length of the glasses to help stimulate the fear receptors in Cisco’s brain. Then, when they visited Earth-2 and met his doppleganger and was killed by Zoom, Cisco took Reverb’s glasses and used it to solve his problem in viing in other dimensions. Also with the help of Harry Wells, they recalibrated Reverb’s glasses in Earth-1’s frequency which amplified his powers and gave him the ability to open breaches and do trans dimensional travel. Additional improvements is his gauntlets which allows him to focus his vibrations in a more precise manner.

8. Cerebro, Marvel Comics
Although the Cerebro is only used to amplify Xavier’s telepathic powers. It is either to reach or locate humans and mutants alike. This enhancement can also be used as a weapon. In X2, where Professor X was kidnapped by Stryker, Stryker replicated the Cerebro and used it to eliminate all mutants. Then when Magneto entered the Cerebro and saved the mutants, he then used it to kill all human beings. It may seem just an ordinary locator but it can be a weapon to any maniac telepath.

7. CryNet Nanosuit, Crysis series
These nanosuits are powerful and extremely versatile sets of tactical-combat weapon. The suit provides the wearer armor; to protect him/her from any projectile or bullet attacks; speed; grants the wearer a limited time to move quickly; strength; also has a limited time to grapple and throw any huge objects; and cloak; able to hide in plain sight. The suit is used in warfare and has high advenced weaponry and technology embedded in the suit. 

6. Aquaman’s Harpoon Hand, DC Comics
What will you do if your son will plunge to his death and your hand is chained? You cut it off with the insignia on your belt. But things get cooler when his hand gets an upgrade. And not just an upgrade, a deadly upgrade. On his left hand is a metal harpoon. This enhancement may not be that sophisticated but it is functional when you’re battling your mortal nemesis. Other additions in his harpoon is a chain whenever he uses it. Now that is one cool king of Atlantis!

5. Delta-6 Accelerator Suit; G.I. Joe
The Delta-6 Accelerator Suit is an experimental suit that enhances the soldiers’ capabilities such as strength, speed, and agility. The suit is equipped with miniaturized weapons such as a wrist-mounted mini gun and a wrist-mounted rocket launcher. Also, it has an interactive computer integrated in the helmet. In the film adaptation, Duke and Ripcord used the suit when they are in Paris, France. After the battle, the suit are presumed destroyed/badly damaged. But I still hope if they’re going to make another G.I. Joe film that they’ll be releasing a new version of the Accelerator Suit. 

4. Edward Elric’s Automail Leg and Arm; Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Alchemist
Automail is the common term for automotive armored prostheses. This was used by the protagonist of Full Metal Alchemist and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Edward Elric. This was made possible when Edward and his brother Alphonse attempted to resurrect their mother. The exchange was his brother Alphonse and Edward’s left leg. In order for him to take his brother’s soul back, Ed sacrificed his right arm and trapped the soul in a metal armor. The arm and leg’s components changed throughout the serious. At first, it was made out of full steel armor and when it was destroyed, Winry; Ed and Al’s childhood friend; upgraded it into a new model with a higher percentage of chrome, incorporated to make the steel rust-resistant. Then when Ed traveled to the northern parts of the country, he changed it into a lightweight, cold-climate versions of both of his arm and leg which was made out of aluminum and a higher percentage of carbon fiber. In the movie, Ed wears a special gas-powered automail arm which was made by Hohenheim when he was in an alternate dimension. At the end of the series, Ed regained his original arm but his leg was left as automail. It is much like being a cyborg in an old time. Also, when Ed is in battle he usually transmutes his right arm into a blade to fight any homonculus around the corner. 

3. Winter Soldier’s Prosthetic Arm; Marvel Comics
Due to the accident Bucky had, Hydra gave him this prosthetic metal arm and followed it with their brainwashing. The arm is metallic and a cybernetic addition to Bucky Barnes. The bionic arm gives Bucky equal strength to Steve Rogers and can be compared to the strength of the Iron Man suit. It has ripped open a S.H.I.E.L.D. SUV van and ripped apart Sam Wilson’s EXO-7 Falcon, and smashed concrete with it. It also helped the Winter Soldier over power Captain America in a fight. Now that is one badass enhancement!

2. Cyborg’s Cybernetic Body; DC Comics
In the New 52 of the DC Comics, they tackled the origins of Cyborg. There they featured that Victor Stone had an accident which made him fuse with a Motherbox. With this technology in him and the technology in Earth that was also fused in him, it made him into a super computer. Victor Stone, also known as Cyborg, has cybernetic enhancement which makes him a superhuman. It provides him super strength, stamina, durability, and endurance. Meanwhile, built in his body armor are a wide array of weapons and gadgets. These weapons include an infrared eye, computer generator, sound amplifier/white noise cannon and special programming adapters that allows him to interface with other body extensions. Also, with the help of Batman, they created an app for Victor for he will not get distracted when he is in duty. Cyborg is a living computer which makes him absorb any data and can bombard him with such data coming in. The app that Batman made is that it makes Vic to focus on high-priority items and disregard things that are unnecessary. This app is called The Grid. With this kind of enhancement, one will surely be as powerful as a sper powered computer.

1. The Arc Reactor and Iron Man Suits; Marvel Comics
Our number one pick is the Arc Reactor and the Iron Man suit. The Arc Reactor is an energy source that was first designed by Howard Stark then was improved by his son Tony. It first powered Stark Industries until it was destroyed when Tony battled Obadiah. Then Tony made another one which powers Stark Tower. The Arc Reactor is also known to power Tony’s Iron Man suits. The Iron Man suits that Tony built vary in function and features. There are suits that sustain him when he goes in outer space, he also has suits that can go toe-to-toe with the Hulk which is known as The Hulk Buster. The suits are powered by the Arc Reactor. On the palms, it has repulsor rays which can be used for offensive purposes. The suit can also come with wide array of weapons such as lasers, missiles, and flares. In addition, the suit also has jet boosters which gives the user the ability to fly. The Iron Man suit is surely an awesome enhancement to anyone who doesn’t have any super powers.


That’s it for now. Be sure to stick around for next week’s Countdown as we continue in our series.

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