#DCTV The Flash S03E18: Abra Kadabra Recap (Spoilers!)

It is getting more intense! The Scarlet Speedster is back with an all new The Flash! Before I go and spoil things from you guys, I will be bring up a spoiler alert warning from this point. Also, be sure to check my other posts here in my blog and follow me in my social media accounts.

Let’s start!

The Recap! (Spoilers)

Abra Kadabra is in Central City and he is wreaking havoc. He comes from the future, specifically the 64th Century, and uses future technologies for his magic trick. He is also a breacher from Earth-19 which makes Gypsy come back in Earth-1. In this episode, Abra Kadabra steals pieces of technologies in Stagg Industries, Kord Industries, Mercury Labs, and S.T.A.R. Labs. But when Barry and Gypsy captures him, he tells Barry that he knows who Savitar is. He then proposes that if Barry lets him go, Abra Kadabra will reveal the identity of Savitar but if he goes back to Earth-19, he will not. But Gypsy is determined in bringing back Abra Kadabra back in Earth-19 and would face execution.

But Joe takes matters into his own hands. He then breaks a deal with Abra Kadabra that he tells him the identity of Savitar and he lets him walk away. The deal was given and Abra Kadabra was about to reveal Savitar’s secret when Gypsy came into seen. Abra Kadabra disappears and starts to look for a specific tech that he needs. As he exits, he sets off a bomb which causes Joe, Caitlin and Julian flying in the air. Abra Kadabra then escapes while Caitlin has been badly injured.

In order for the team to save Caitlin, Julian needs to operate her. And this is no ordinary operation, he’ll do it while Caitlin is wide awake. It was slow and painful to Caitlin and the team wants to use her meta powers so she can heal fast but she doesn’t want to. Finally, the operation was done and she was saved.

The team then found out on what Abra Kadabra’s true plan which is to go back in the future by using the pieces of technology he stole to operate a time machine. The team then found him and stopped him from returning in his original time. He then was brought back in Earth-19 to face justice.

With Abra Kadabra dealt with, Barry has one thing in mind for him to defeat Savitar, to go the future. He then tells this plan to Joe and Iris that he will be traveling in the future and find out on how to defeat Savitar.

Before the credits roll, we then go back in S.T.A.R. Labs where Caitlin is being accompanied by Cisco and Julian. HR then arrives from a trip which he didn’t bother in telling the others. While they are all having a good time, Caitlin goes into seizure. Cisco and Julian tried everything to save her but she goes flat line. Julian, who is frustrated and desperate in saving Caitlin’s life, he removes her necklace. Slowly, Caitlin’s vitals went to normal and it even healed her wound. But something happens. Caitlin suddenly disappears in a mist then emerges as Killer Frost.

What’s Next?

Barry Allen and Team Flash would return in April 25. But before they went into a break, they left us a teaser for the next episode. In the teaser we see Barry travel to 2024 and meets the future Team Flash. We see a haggard and broken Barry, with matching long hair, Wally West in a wheel chair and Caitlin as Killer Frost. Barry then tries to persuade the team to tell him the secret of Savitar so they can prevent it from ever happening. Also in the teaser, we get to see Barry dawn a new Flash suit.  We can see that the lightning bolt has been embossed, his belt has now gold, and on his suit he has more gold linings. Check it out below.



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God bless!

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