#DCTV DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S02E16: Doomworld Recap (Spoilers!)

The Legends are back and reality has been rewritten! Before I go and spoil things up, I want to warn you that this post is going to contain spoilers from this week’s Legends of Tomorrow.

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With that said, let’s begin!

The Recap! (Spoilers)

The Legion of Doom has rewritten reality itself and it is not looking good for they have placed themselves in charge. Eobard Thawne has taken over S.T.A.R. Laboratories, Damien Dhark took over Star City as Mayor, Malcolm Merlyn has taken back his family, wealth and even his hand, and Captain Cold and Heat Wave are out robbing everything they can. Now Eobard placed the Legends in a weird predicament; Nate is living with his mother, Ray is a janitor in S.T.A.R. Labs, Sara and Amaya are Dhark’s personal assassins, Jefferson is Stein’s boss while Captain Hunter is MIA. But Merlyn thinks that they should have erased them from existence.

Meanwhile, while his new team is having their time in their new reality, Mick thinks that he made a terrible mistake in joining the Legion. When Nate comes into the picture and began saying that this reality is wrong, Eobard gave the matter to the two thugs, hoping that they will kill him. But Mick had a change of heart and saved Nate from Snart. They then went and looked for the others. The two found Ray and convinced him in joining them. They then found a Ray’s Transreality Multipexer to bring in their subconscious in the pilot seat. The device worked when Mick used it to Nate; which he punched Mick for betraying them; and also was used to Ray; which he also punched Mick for the same reason; and to Sara; you get it by this time already. The team proceeded in searching the others which was successful. They then found out on what Thawne’s plan is. In order for him to cement the reality they made, he created an incinerator to destroy the Spear of Destiny.

The Legion found out that the Legends are getting the band back. With the help of Mick; yup, he did it again; Merlyn, Dhark and Snart went out and are taking matters into their own hands. The Legends and Legion then find themselves in the same situation when they encounter Reverse-Flash ready to destroy the Spear. But then things go crazy when the Legends and Legion battle it out against Reverse-Flash and his men. The battle was intense and everyone are trying to get the Spear of Destiny but ultimately, it all went down to Mick holding the Spear. The Legends and Legion try their best in persuading Mick to give them the Spear and Mick still choose Amaya, telling Snart that he is no one’s dog.

Amaya was about to use the Spear and rewrite reality back to its original state when Snart suddenly froze Amaya and breaks her like glass. Eobard then takes the Spear and destroys it, cementing the altered reality. The Legends are now bound to avenge Amaya’s death and are now searching the whereabouts of the Waverider.

Meanwhile, Rip is frustrated that he lost his team and that he doesn’t know what to do. Gideon then persuades him in finding the Legends and in a boozed-filled moment, Rip realized that he should not give up and look for his team. We then see Rip inside a miniature Waverider, hoping that the Legends will answer the beacon.

What’s Next?

Next week, it’s the season finale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and things are going to be crazy.  In today’s episode, we see Amaya killed by Snart and Dr. Stein still hasn’t received his old memory back. In the teaser for next week’s finale, we see the Legends travel back in the past specifically France 1916 where they were. In here, two sets of Team Legends will be appearing, one from episode 15 and one from the present. It will be a battle in restoring and defending the timeline!

That’s it for now. Be sure to stick around for next week’s season finale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow! Also be sure to subscribe on my blog and follow me on my social media accounts.

God bless!

The Duke!

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