Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 1 Review (Spoilers!)

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Today we will be looking at the Final Defender before we see them group together this November. The Child who was Touched by Fire, Danny Rand is the Iron Fist!

Before I start, I want to warn you, if you haven’r seen it yet, this post will contain spoilers and if you don’e want it to be spoiled, feel free to exit from this post.

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The Review

The story is about Danny Rand who comes back in New York after being presumed dead for over 15 years already. He then finds himself entangled with his father’s company; Rand Enterprises; his childhood friends; Ward and Joy Meachum; and with the sworn enemy of the Iron Fist; the Hand. Along the way, he meets new allies such as Colleen Wing and Claire Temple. His journey is to cleanse his company from the poisonous drugs, from the hold of the Hand on them and destroy them and to prove that he is the Iron Fist.

The show honestly is slow and boring. The story is sluggish and it resembles an old American soup opera. It has too much drama in it and most of the time they just talk about nothing. Although there are great action scenes but it doesn’t justify the slow pace of the story.

Finn Jones did a good job in portraying Danny Rand/Iron Fist but there are times that he is too dramatic. He shows both sides of Danny which is the naive one when it comes to being a businessman and a strong willed individual when it comes to helping others. He may have some psychological problems like his anger issues but somehow it has not been tackled completely.

On the other hand, Jessica Henwick who played Colleen Wiing, is one of the best parts in the series. We saw her from a sensei in a dojo to the reveal that she’s a member of The Hand. We see her struggle and at the same time battle her inner demons. Yup, there were scenes with Colleen and Danny that was really cheesy but to my perspective it was dull and unnecessary. Their love tandem was not that appealing to me.

Also in the series, we get to see familiar faces such as Claire Temple which we already saw her in the two seasons of Daredevil, a guest in some episodes of Jessica Jones, and one of the main characters in Luke Cage. In here, we see a more wise and at the same time a fiercer Claire Temple. For several months, she had been under Colleen’s self defense training program and we get to see her kick some ass. During the series, we also get to see a sneak peek of Luke Cage who has been keeping in touch with Claire through letter.

Another familiar face is Jeri Hogarth, the attorney where Jessica Jones is working for. She was once Rand Enterprises’ interns especially to Wendell Rand. Danny then tracks her down and helps Danny in regaining his rightful place in the company.

Finally, another familiar character has come back. We again get to see Madame Gao back in the streets of New York and as the head of The Hand. We see her as usual, manipulative and dangerous.

In the series, we also get to see new faces such as Joy and Ward Meachum, Danny’s childhood friend. Then we also get to see their presumed dead father, Harold Meachum who is also a member of The Hand who experienced being resurrected by the group. During the early episodes of the season, we get to see and wonder on what’s the plan of Harold. Then at the end of season one, we get to see him manipulate Danny and everyone around him, even his own son and daughter just to get what he wants. But in the end, Harold Meachum died by falling into the rooftop of Rand Enterprises. In the series, we also get to see Danny’s best friend Davos who went from K’un Lun to New York just to get his friend back to defend K’un Lun. Finally, Danny denied and refused to go back to K’un Lun and Davos went away defeated, both physically and emotionally.

In the end of season one, Danny decides to go back to K’un Lun and asked Colleen to come with him. He returns home and finds out that K’un Lun has fallen to the hands of The Hand and there is nothing he can do.

Iron Fist was entirely entertaining but lacks depth when it comes to story. Unlike in the other Marvel Netflix series, Iron Fist somehow did not tackle any problems that are relevant and timely. In the first season of Daredevil, the show talks about social injustices, thug related problems, and drug addiction. In the second season of the show, it then tackled vigilantism, more crimes and Frank Castle’s psyche. Then we have Jessica Jones, which talks about feminism, rape, and sexist problems. It also talked about the trauma it brings to victims of rape and sexual abuse. When it comes to Luke Cage, it tackled the issues in racism, black-related-crimes, and cop killings. These three shows showed us the reality if we have super powered heroes existing in the world. But when it comes to Iron Fist, the show somehow gave a shallow background in anger management issues and corporation problems. Also, it even gave us the issue in drug related crimes but it was too shallow.

All in all, I’ll give Iron Fist an 11% rating. Yup, it is low. It did entertain me but the story was lost and it didn’t have that much depth. It was like a compulsory show just to unite The Defenders.

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