Fiery Monday feat Flame The Fiery Champion: The Beginning Chapter 7



Clinic, The Dungeon
March 9, 2016; Saturday
0210 Hours

            Sara was sleeping on the bedside of Duke, exhausted from everything that happened. She was tired from the running, ducking, and most of all crying. It’s been two hours since Duke saved him from Dark Ghost. Since then Sara, started panicking, she doesn’t know what to do and was shocked on what just happened. When Dr Eddie was trying to revive Duke, she can see that his best friend’s life was in danger. She was hoping and praying that he would come back to her. She really needs him right now.

            She remembers Duke rescuing her most of the time. From her estimate, John may have rescued her at least twenty times from now, including the recent incident from the Dark Ghost. But the most memorable was when they were back at high school. John and Sara were heading to their lockers early in the morning to get their books for Ms. Cruz’s Biology class which happens to be their first period. They arrived at their lockers and took their stuff then it happened. Duke’s locker got slammed on his face and someone went beside Sara. Three gentlemen came around Duke and began beating him. Sara immediately came to Duke aid by going in the middle to avoid Duke from getting beaten up. The man beside her who happens to be Duke bully, Ronald Slever, who was the team captain of the school’s basketball team and school heartthrob, took Sara by the arm and pulled her by her side. Well, eventually, Sara was hurt from the force Ronny did. Duke then heard her and in an instant, he stood up and grabbed Ronny’s collar and slammed him on the concrete wall. Duke didn’t mind the pain from the beating he got but went to save Sara from Ronny. Yes, it was not heroic for they all ended up in the principal’s office with their parents being called. The principal almost suspended them from school but then Duke stood up and defended himself and Sara. He told the principal that the two of them were caught in the middle of the fight. Duke was always good at that stuff, defending someone when he knows that they are in need and they are at the right path. In the end, Sara and Duke were released while Ronny’s crew got suspended and did community service inside the school for a month

            Spike then entered the room with a lollipop inside his mouth and a shovel on his right hand. He then saw Sara, sleeping like a little child beside Duke. Spike turned awkwardly towards the door and slowly headed outside, as if he didn’t see anything. But before he could exit the room, Sara woke up and she saw him doing his weird exit move. Spike glanced her way, hoping that she’s not looking at him but she was.

“Lollipop?” Spike offered.

“What are you doing?” Sara asked as she rubs her eyes.

“Helping clean what the villains did,” he replied as he slowly exits.

“Wait,” Sara said, stopping Spike, “it’s Spike right?”

“Yup,” Spike said as he enters the room, “that’s me.”

“Can you accompany me for a while,” Sara said as she rubs her arms, “it’s kind of lonely being alone here.”

Spike then places the shovel down, grabs a chair and sat near Sara.

“Okay, just some ground rules,” Spike started, “no asking of secret identities.”

“As if I’m interested on who you are,” Sara said jokingly.

Spike grinned.

“So, how long have you been a superhero?” Sara asked.

“Well,” Spike said as he gathers his answer in his mind, “it has been three and a half years since I started as one.”

“How was it?”

“It’s been rough knowing that the guys you’re working with are veterans,” Spike said as he scratches his head, “sometimes you get yelled for doing the wrong stuff while sometimes they ignore you because you are one of the youngest member of the team.”

“That’s tough.”

“You could say that again,” Spike smiled, “but it has been an honor fighting side by side with the heroes you only see on TV.”

Sara then smiled and looked at Duke.

“So,” Spike said with a teasing tone, “is he your?”

“Duke?” Sara said trying to find the words to complete Spike’s question, “my boyfriend? No, no, no, best friend.”

“But you too are like couples,” Spike said.

“No we’re not,” Sara answered, “we are just best friends.”

“Since when?”

“Since kindergarten,” Sara answered, “he saved me from second graders who were bullying me and my other classmates.”

“Wow,” Spike said, impressed on what she just said, “a hero.”

“I agree, but he doesn’t like being called a hero. Whenever he sees someone getting picked on or getting hurt, he always lends a helping hand. He saves the ones that are being bullied and most of the time it ends up, he is the one that needs saving. At the end of the day, he would either go home with bruised face or having a new name that the bullies could call him.”

“That’s hard,” Spike said, “I wonder what it feels like, it must be really tough for him.”

“Yeah, it is,” Sara agreed, “and actually it got even worse.”

“What do you mean?” Spike leaned forward.

Sara realized that she shouldn’t have said it. She covered her lips and wished she didn’t say that.

“Why? What’s the matter?”

“Well, it’s not my story to tell,” Sara said.

Spike then sensed that there was something deeper on Duke’s story. He then eased himself, and didn’t even bother to ask Sara. He glanced at the wall clock and realized that he needs to get back to work. He grabbed his shovel from the floor and headed outside the clinic.

“Well, nice talk,” Spike said as he exits, “better go back to work, Crusher would kill me if he’ll see me loitering around.”


Mount Diablo, Cyber City
March 9, 2016; Saturday
0210 Hours

The laboratory was busy. Everyone was immersed in their work. Ever since the scientists heard on what happened to the Dark Ghost, they grew more scared on the Dictator. Even though they don’t know the full extent of Devourer’s powers but they all know that when you do not do the bidding of the Dictator, something bad will happen.

In the center of the laboratory, there was a huge capsule filled with water and inside was a man strapped in tubes. His eyes were closed and on his mouth is a mouth breathing piece that were connected to an oxygen tank. The man was naked and there are three tubes connected to his chest. Dr. Crisalis was in front of the capsule, holding a clipboard holder containing the information of the patient inside the capsule.

Suddenly, the laboratory door opened. Devourer entered the laboratory and every scientist inside stopped working. They faced the Mighty Dictator and hailed to him. Devourer just went pass through them as if they were not there. He went straight to Dr. Crisalis who was busy monitoring the man in the capsule.

“How is he doctor?” Devourer said as he stood beside the doctor.

“He’s showing great progress, my lord,” Dr. Crisalis replied, glancing at the clipboard he’s holding, “ever since we bonded the Constraintium in his system, his vitals have become impressive and I am betting that he’ll out and be your most powerful henchman.”

Devourer didn’t say anything. He looked at the capsule and stared at it, contemplating. Then he turned to the doctor and spoke.

“How long until we can reach phase two?”

“About two to four weeks, my lord,” Dr. Crisalis said.

“Very well,” Devourer said as he turns his back and proceeds to exit. But then he stops and turns his attention to the doctor, “from here on, everything changes.”

He then opens the door and leaves.


Clinic, The Dungeon
March 9, 2016; Saturday
0315 Hours

It has been an hour since the accident and Sara is still beside Duke, sleeping. The day that went by was not what Sara was expecting. She just called Duke the day before asked him to hangout and to tell him something important. Recently, Galumph University in Galumph City was offering an exchange student and Sara was one of the students who was chosen to be a part of that program. Sara’s parents were very happy when they heard that she was chosen. And several days earlier, Galumph University confirmed that in March 12, she’ll be sent there and would be studying for two semesters in their university. Sara was filled with joy when she heard about the news and wants Duke to be the first one to know about it. She wants to share the joy to Duke. But then something happened. The two of them were tangled with the problem of the heroes’ here in their city, Duke is now in a coma and she didn’t have the chance to tell her plans.

Before Sara can finish what she’s thinking, Dr. Eddie came in with a clipboard in hand. He approached Sara who was slowly standing up. Dr. Eddie then approached her with a long face.

“How is he doc?” Sara asked.

Dr. Eddie gave a deep sigh and looked at the clipboard in hand.

“I only have one news for you and you’re not going to like it,” Dr. Eddie started, “he is alive but he’s in a coma and we don’t know until when.”

Sara knew this was coming but still tears came down. She doesn’t know how to process all these. Dr. Eddie came to Sara close to comfort her. Sara felt powerless as he looks down on her best friend lying on the bed. She knows he’s alive but she doesn’t know if Duke’s conscious.

“So, we’re just going to wait for him to wake up, is that it?” Sara asked with desperation.

“I guess that’s what we’re going to do,” Dr. Eddie answered with.

The room was filled with silence. Sara was overwhelmed while Dr. Eddie doesn’t know what to say. He then exited the room, leaving Sara behind.


After three weeks, everything changed. Duke is still in coma and Chris Rogers already told his foster family on his current situation and already moved him from The Dungeon to the Rogers’ Company Laboratory, Superiors Division, where he will be monitored. Sara left for the student exchange program in Galumph University. Everything is changing so quickly and Duke is going to be one of them but not now, he needs to wait for his turn. In time, the greatest change will happen to him. He just needs to wait.


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