#DCTV Arrow S05E17 Kapiushon Recap (Spoilers!)

Good day to all of you! Arrow is back and the secret is out! Before I spoil things from the recent episode, I would want to warn you that this post is going to be containing spoilers. So if you don’t want this week’s episode to be spoiled, you are free to exit this post.

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With that said let’s start!

The Recap!

This week we get to see Oliver break, totally. When we last saw him, he was kidnapped by Adrian Chase and Talia. Now we get to see him being tortured by Adrian trying to break him and tell a secret that he didn’t tell the team and that cost him the lives of the people he loves the most.

In the flashbacks, Oliver and Anatoly are in pursuit of Kovar. Anatoly finds out that Kovar is planning to kill the government officials of Russia by unleashing a virus attack. The Bratva together with Oliver went to the port and took the biochemical virus Kovar is going to use but suddenly Kovar and his men arrived and killed Anatoly’s men. They then were forced to retreat while Kovar falls back with the virus in their hands. Anatoly and Oliver then planned to infiltrate the casino where all the government officials would be and be killed. Apparently, Anatoly and Oliver was betrayed with their fellow Bratva but Oliver took care of it. In the end, it was Kovar and Oliver in a beat down and Oliver won. After the showdown between Oliver and Constantine Kovar, Oliver was promoted into captain. Then Anatoly told Oliver something that will one day haunt him.

Meanwhile back in the present time, Adrian is still trying to break Oliver. He tried shooting arrows in Oliver’s chest but failed. He also tried to convince him to kill Evelyn which Oliver didn’t do which Adrian did gladly for Oliver. With Evelyn dead, Oliver has no clue on what Adrian is talking about. Then, with a heart wrenching scene, while Adrian is telling him the consequences of his crusade and that it was only a cover up, Oliver broke. It was the same secret Anatoly told Adrian. Oliver said that the reason of all of this is that he loves to kill! He likes it and that’s why he’s doing it.

He was then released and when he returned in the Bunker, Oliver called it all of. He shut down the operation and was ready to quit his five year crusade.

What to Look Forward?

We have six episodes left till the season final and it will not be happening in Star City. According to executive producer Marc Guggenheim, they are not going to kill anyone nor threaten to destroy Star City. The final battle will be somewhere far away the city and will make sure that our beloved Star City is safe. Aside from the upcoming finale, we will be expecting some old characters returning. Recently, Stephen Amell teased the return of season 2’s villain, Deathstroke. We still don’t know where it will happen, if it’s in the flashbacks or in present time, we still don’t know.

Next week, we can expect that things will go off the rails. The title of next week’s episode is Disbanded. We can expect that the team will be scattered and Oliver will continue to hunt down and try to kill Adrian Chase. We also get to see a familiar face in coming to Star City and Oliver is asking his help to kill Prometheus.

Can’t wait to see next week’s episode!

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God Bless!

The Duke!

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