Countdown Friday: Top 10 Fictional Weapons feat. Accessories

It’s Countdown Friday! This is our third week on fictional weapons and today, we will be featuring weapons that looks like an accessory but functions as a weapon. If you haven’t caught up from my previous countdowns on weapons, be sure to check out my countdowns on Bladed Weapons and Guns.

Countdown Friday: Top 10 Weapons feat. Guns
Countdown Friday: Top 10 Weapons feat. Bladed Weapons

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Let’s begin!

10. Recca’s Brace, Flame of Recca
Recca, a teenager who is obsessed with ninjas and want to be one. Then one day he finds out that he came from a long line of ninjas. The brace allows Recca to create and manipulate fire. Also, the brace provides a wide array of weaponry provided by his eight dragons namely, Nadare, Saiha, Madoka, Homura, Setsuna, Rui, Kokku, and Reshin/Oka. These dragons provide him with cool and fiery weapons like a side blade from Saiha, fireballs from Nadare, fire whip from Homura, Setsuna with fire flash, a fire barrier from Madoka, a fire illusion from Rui, Koku with fire beam and Resshin can transform dead people into living flames. Basically, it is a fiery weapon and at the same time an awesome accessory.

9. Web Shooters, Marvel Comics
Peter Parker invented this cool gadget. The gadget and the webs came all from Peter. He designed this knowing that without web, he can’t be considered as a “Spider-Man”. The spinneret mechanisms in each web-shooter are machined from stainless steel, except for the turbine component, which is machined out of a block of Teflon, and the two turbine bearings which are made of amber and artificial sapphire. The wristlets and web-fluid cartridges, the latter of which Spider-Man wears on his belt beneath his costume’s tunic, are mainly nickel-plated annealed brass. The wristlets have sharp steel nipples, which pierce the bronze caps when the cartridges are tightly wedged into their positions. Throughout the years, the web-shooter had it’s share of upgrades thanks to Dr. Octopus and to Tony Stark. In other circumstances, Peter has developed special webs for special occasions. For example, he has Ice Webbing when he battled the Human Torch, then he also has Acid Webbing when he battled Sandman which needed acid to melt the sand granules. At some circumstances, Peter developed an Taser Webbing to stun his enemies. Although it’s a cool addition in the Spider-Man apparel, it may not be when you are just a regular guy. 

8. Magneto’s Helmet, Marvel Comics

What to do if you want a telepath out of your head? Easy. Create a metal helmet and wear it at all times. Actually that’s what Eric did to keep Xavier out off his head. In the movies, the helmet was made by the Soviet Union and was given to Sebastian Shaw to prevent his brainwaves be caught by telepaths. Then, after Eric killed Shaw, Eric took the helmet as his trophy and prevent Xavier from entering his mind. Ever since, it was used and even personalized by Magneto. He then uses it as his fashion statement and a safeguard from Charles Xavier and prevent him to reveal his plans.
7. Helmet of Nabu/Fate, DC Comics
The Helmet of Nabu is an ancient and extremely dangerous magical item. It was created along with the Amulet of Anubis and the Cloak of Destiny by Lord of Order Nabu. When this three are worn, you would not only have an awesome and fabulous apparel but it will grant him the power of Doctor Fate, the primary agent of the Lord of Nabu. Nabu then passed these three items to Kent Nelson who became the protector of the world from evil threats. The wearer of the Helmet will grant him or her magical repository which means that the helmet possesses immense arcane power in its own right, with or without Nabu’s presence. Also, it can give the wearer the power of telekinesis, flight, levitation, damage resistance, and enhanced strength. Then due to the additional artifacts, the wearer can wield advanced sorcery which includes mystical bolts, spells, illusion casting, invisibility, phasing, astral projection, dimensional and energy manipulation, enhanced intellect, postcognition, intuitive knowledge, psychometry, cosmic awareness, magical detection, time travel, energy blasts, super strength and speed, summon and banishment, invulnerability, interstellar and dimensional teleportation, solid energy constructs, transmutation and immortality (that’s a lot!). The Helmet grants the wearer more power than any one can imagine and too many to mention. Maybe next time when I’d feature him in Terrific Tuesday, Hero Profiles.
6. Ghost Rider’s Hellfire Chains, Marvel Comics
Although this kind of accessory is only available when you’re a Rider that can manipulate and control Hellfire. The Hellfire Chains are Ghost Riders primary weapon and the components of this weapon are metallic chains and Hellfire. This chains can be changed into different weapons. As Ghost Rider, Dan Ketch possessed the ability to manipulate, create, control, and project mystical fire, or “Hellfier” at will. The chain’s abilities are also a handful. It can be manipulated in length and be commanded mentally, flail, as a lasso, shuriken, and staff. Although it maybe an absurd kind of accessory but I tell you it is one hell of a weapon.

5. Conan’s Gadgets, Detective Conan
Now this is a tough one. Conan or as he is originally called as Shinichi Kudo. When Kudo returned to his child like appearance due to an unknown chemical, Kudo was forced to take on a new identity as Conan Edogawa. He then was provided with gadgets for him to continue his detective work but this time his gadgets needs to be concealed as ordinary things such as his bow tie which realy is a voice changer. His shoes that have been upgraded into super kicking shoes. His watch into a stun-gun watch which Kougoro Mouri is always the unfortunate target or shall I was fortunate. But you can’t suspect a little kid who wears so coo would do that.



earing cellphone


4. Utility Belt, DC Comics
This belt has everything. The utility belt is Batman’s best friend in the battlefield. It is equipped with everything Batman needs in his endeavors every night. It has Batarangs, picklocks, smoke pellets, grappling gun and a lot more weapons in just one belt. The utility belt and the pouches are made out of a tough leather so it will not easily break when something heavy will be placed. It also has this security feature and can never be easily accessed by anyone. The belt can and only be used by the Dark Knight. I guess, the Caped Crusader has some great fashion sense.
3. Bracelets of Submission, DC Comics

The Bracelets are used by the all Amazons of Paradise Island. These pair of indestructible steel can deflect anything from gunfire, small missiles and other projectiles. The bracelets were used when Hercules subjugated them under his rule. When they broke free from his rule, they used the bracelets to remind them from their oppression. Throughout the years the bracelets became one of Amazons fashion statement and has been revised in the years passing.

2. The Omnitrix, Ben 10
The Omnitrix or Omnimatrix is an alien device that allows the wearer to be any alien he wishes although it is only limited to 10. The device resembles a wristwatch and the first time the Omnitrix appeared, it has a circular face plate which continued until it was changed in the recent reboot of Ben10 which now has square shaped face plate. The wearer of the Omnitrix can change into different aliens which are programmed in the watch. When the wearer chooses an alien, the Omnitrix would alter the DNA of the one wearing and turn him into one of the alien he desires. The new Omnitrix now has a communication device which allows the wearer to communicate with others. 

1. The Lantern Corp Power Rings, DC Comics
Powered by emotions and goes in any color. Each Lantern Corp has its various ring and is powered on what emotion is dominant in the wielder. For example the Green Lantern uses Will Power, Red Lanterns utilizes Rage, Anger, and Hatred, Sinestro Corps or the Yellow Lanterns uses Fear, Blue Lanterns are powered with Hope, Orange Lanterns are for Greed, Star Sapphires are for Love, while Indigo Lanterns are for Compassion. Also we have the White Lanterns which uses Life and the Black Lanterns are for Death. The rings are powered and recharged with a Lantern which is connected to the Central Battery in their respective planets. The rings can create everything what the wearer wishes to make and that’s why it is our number one pick. The ring is not just one hell of an accessory, it can kick any criminal’s butt.LANTERN RINGS


That’s it for now, stick for next week as we continue our Countdown on Fictional Weapons. Next week we will be featuring Enhancements as Weapons. For more great content, be sure to subscribe on my blog and to follow me in my other social media accounts.

God Bless!

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