Fiery Monday feat. Flame The Fiery Champion: The Beginning Chapter 6

Good day to you! We have reached 100! Today, we’ve reached our 100 post and I’m really happy that we have come this far. I hope you guys are enjoying my stories and The Week of Awesomeness.

Today, for our 100 post, I’ll be updating our Flame The Fiery Champion and I’ll tell you, things are getting heated up.



The Grounds, The Dungeon
March 8, 2016; Friday
2325 Hours

“Give the plate and we will leave you unharmed,” Dark Ghost began.

Here we go again, the part where the villain states what he wants, trying to sound reasonable and noble, but the hero denies him from his request then yada yada, more talking. Then comes the part “If that’s what you want, then you will all die!” Why does it have to be death or killing or suffering? Villains, how typical.

“How ‘bout this,” Spike answered, “you guys go back to your cells and pretend that this never happened and we are all happy, how’s that?”

“Quiet you fool!” Dark Ghost exclaimed, “You are in no place to negotiate, we have the higher ground and we will dominate you and all of you will kneel befo–.”


Suddenly, a blue laser hit Dark Ghost on the face making him fall from his feet. The room then became quiet and the other heroes turned to the source of the blast. There, Dr Eddie was aiming his rifle at the talking villain. Crusher gave him a questioning look as if asking him, “Why? He was giving his adorable speech.”

“What?” Dr Eddie answered, “He was pretty annoying and I am in no mood for a damn speech.”

Good point, I muttered.

The other villains looked at the heroes, angry and he first one who charged was Professor Rock, He ripped off his shirt and all of a sudden his skin turned into a rock. He then smashed the floor and took a chunk which he threw directly to Bryan. Bryan caught the boulder and returned it to the thrower which eventually smashed into his head.

The other villains charged their way to the heroes and the brawl was on! General Christi and Dr Eddie shot suppressing fires at Emerald Fighter and Metal Fists while Ryan zoomed his way towards Red Fox who was also going his way. Rubber- Boy on the other hand was going around Pro Active. He already smashed the right arm of the android and he was smashing it using his big rubber fists. Crusher was then battling Professor Rock who was rampaging the area. El Fuego and Ace was going toe-to-toe with each other. Ace would stun his enemy and then hit him several times and after that El Fuego would regain his feet and would punch Ace several times.

The villains were trashing the whole place. The control panel was already destroyed due to rocks that was being thrown on the air while the floor was already cave because of Professor Rock constantly smashing it. But one man was missing. The Dark Ghost had vanished from the floor where he fell on.

This is not good. Where is this psychopath?

Before I could make my conclusion, I slowly turned my head and saw that Dark Ghost was holding Sara as hostage.

“Give me the plate,” he said wheezing, “give it to me or else I would stop her beating heart.”

“Don’t give it to him,” Sara said.

“I am running out of patience, give the plate to me or I will ki–”

Sara then smashed Dark Ghost’s face by grabbing a tray that was on the table. He loosed his grip from Sara which he took as an opportunity to free herself.

“Why is it always have to be the face?!” Dark Ghost said as he holds his face from the pain.

He slowly lowered his hand and there I saw that his mask has a huge crack on the middle.

“You’ll pay for what you’ve done, woman!”

The Dark Ghost lifted his hand and charged it towards Sara’s chest, aiming for the heart. But I quickly shielded Sara and eventually his hand phased through my heart. I could feel my heart slowly stopping as he grabs it with his bare hands and my breathing slowed down.

Before the Dark Ghost could finish killing me, a blue blast appeared on the back of the Ghost. His grip on my heart loosened and his hand phased out from my chest. Dark Ghost ran smashed his way out of the clinic and called his comrades for a retreat. The villains then smashed their way out of the Dungeon. The heroes could not contain them that finally they surrendered and let the villains had their escape. The Dungeon then became quiet but after a few seconds Sara was calling for help.

Dr Eddie came rushing to the trashed clinic and there he saw Eugene holding a laser blaster and me on Sara’s lap, dying.


17 Kilometers outside The Dungeon
March 8, 2016; Friday
2350 Hours

Dark Ghost was the severely injured one when they got out from The Dungeon. His nose was burnt and smashed, his back was aching and was flaming, while his left leg was still bleeding from the shard Spike threw at him. At least he is not dead, he said to himself. But he should have wished he was dead. The Lord Devourer would be disappointed that he was outsmarted by an amateur hero, a doctor, and a lady. Man, his ass got kicked by a lady. That’s embarrassing.

He really wished that he stayed as a cook in that diner in that way he would never worry about some crappy metal plate. That too! He forgot to take the plate from that kid. Damn it! I’m screwed. He really should wish he never left the kitchen and stuck in cooking those pancakes.

He really should have stayed in the kitchen.



Clinic, The Dungeon
March 9, 2016; Saturday
0000 Hours

Duke was then set on a bed. The dextrose and IV was connected back to him while the heartbeat monitor was placed beside him. Duke’s heartbeat had just collapsed and now Dr Eddie was trying to revive him. He pumped his chest then checked his heartbeat, nothing. He did it again but still no heartbeat. The doctor did it for the third time but still nothing happened. Dr Eddie is getting frustrated and this time he took the defibrillator and tried to revive Duke.

“Clear!” Dr Eddie shouted

He then placed one paddle on the part of the heart while the other is placed on the left side where the lungs are, then he sets the charge, nothing happens. The doctor does it for the second time but still nothing happens. Everyone in the room was now loosing hope especially Sara who was weeping on Crushers shoulders, not looking at her best friend’s situation. Dr Eddie again placed the paddle up and did another charge. Then a faint heartbeat kicked in the monitor. Dr Eddie checked if he was breathing and saw that he was breathing weakly. He then looked at the monitor and saw that John was still giving out a weak heartbeat but it was still an improvement.

Dr Eddie turned to the people outside the clinic and gave a thumbs up. Crusher and the other heroes with Sara went inside and looked at John’s situation.

“How is he?” Sara asked as she wipes her tears.

“Right now he is stable,” Dr Eddie answered as he approaches the group, “but we need to keep an eye at him.”

“How long ‘til he wakes up,” Sara asked again still having a trace of crying on her voice.

“I can’t tell, I may have to observe him here at our facility.”

Sara then sat on a chair beside John and grabbed his hand.

“You can make it,” Sara whispered to Duke, “I know you can. You are strong.”


Mount Diablo, Cyber City
March 9, 2016; Saturday
0010 Hours

The sky was becoming cloudier. It is already ten minutes past midnight but the night sky was becoming cloudy. Then seven individuals appeared on the dim night sky. It was the villains that had escaped from The Dungeon. They then landed at the doorstep of the castle in Mount Diablo. As the villains landed, Devourer came out from the huge door of the castle. Beside him is Dr Krono and General Waid who was keeping at their master’s pace.

“The plate,” Devourer roared at Dark Ghost, “where is it?”

Dark Ghost then knelt in front of his master and began to speak.

“Apologies my lord,” Dark Ghost began, “we have failed, the plate is–”

Devourer suddenly gave him a powerful right hook that sent him six meters away from the other heroes. The sky began to rumble.

“This is the third time that you fools had failed me,” Devourer said as he goes where his henchman landed, “every time you come in front of me, you are always empty.”

He then gave his henchman a soccer kick right on the abdomen which made him fly another six meters away. Again the sky rumbled, preparing for a major storm.

“You are a disgrace to the League,” he then kicked him on the face which made his helmet crack all the more, “to the government,” then another kick on the abdomen, “and most of all, a disgrace to me!”

He then kicked his henchman on the head, smashing the mask into pieces. The sky then roared and a streak of lightning cracked the sky. Dark Ghost’s face was now bleeding and was severely bruised while his left eye was partially burned. Dark Ghost was now shaking because of fear and pain.

“Let this be a lesson to all of you!” Devourer shouted as he turns to the other villains in front of the castle, “You do exactly what I say! No delays or whatsoever! If there would be any other unnecessary interruptions, you’ll end up worse than Dark Ghost!”

Devourer then headed towards the main door and opened it with his telekinesis. The doors slammed opened and he proceeded inside the dark hallway. As their master vanished in the darkness, the other villains, Dr Krono and General Waid followed their leader leaving Dark Ghost on the pale, cold, stone path. The doors slowly shut and Dark Ghost tried to stand up. As he walks towards the door limping, the sky rumbled again and then it poured its rain on the dry land of Mount Diablo. The door again opened and the injured villain entered. As the villain disappears on the other side, the door closed and the rain began to pour on the desolate and abandoned mountain.


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