#DCTV Arrow S05E16 Checkmate Recap (Spoilers)

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Let’s begin!

The Recap (The Story So Far!)

Oliver is persistent in learning Prometheus’ identity which led him to go and search his old mentor, Talia. He then reaches the temple and learns Prometheus’ identity which is Adrian Chase all along. Oliver also learns that two years ago, Talia accepted Adrian as her student and taught her the skills he will need to avenge their fathers. Talia told Oliver that she was furious and also revealed to him that she’s one of Ra’s daughters.

Back in Star City, things get heated up when it comes to Oliver and Adrian interacting. They exchange threats and angry glances. The whole scene was intense and honestly, it gave me goosebumps. We also have the moment where Rene and Quentin. It was really rough, threats after threats was thrown. Oliver has his hands full also for he’s still looking for the missing Susan Williams. Felicity is also MIA, which is really in Helix’s Headquarters, and Curtis is filling up her spot.

Then problems pile up when the Green Arrow breaks in Adrian’s house to look for Susan but failed when Adrian’s wife came home and was surprised on the presence of Green Arrow. The cover up on what happened, Mayor Queen ordered the surrender of the Green Arrow and if he doesn’t do that, he will be shot on sight. Time in time, after Oliver does his move, it seems that Adrian is ten steps ahead. When Oliver gives to Captain Pike evidence on the real identity of Adrian Chase but then he was stabbed o coma. Oliver feels that he is trapped in Adrian’s game and he doesn’t know his next move is. He feels that his compassion to others and his family is being used against him by Prometheus. But Dig reminded him that his family and friends are not his weakness but where he can draw his strength.

Felicity eventually showed up and helped the team but before that he first helped Helix in hacking the NSA’s drones which Curtis sees as a federal crime. In that way, Helix helped Felicity with their problem, locating Susan Williams.

The team in the end finds Susan in an abandoned building where the whole building was rigged with bombs. Also, Green Arrow again faced Prometheus but this time he takes off his mask. The two fight furiously and no one comes to the top but in the end Oliver was tranquilized by Talia. Oliver was then kidnapped and the team are furiously doing what they can to look for their leader.

In the flashbacks, Oliver and Anatoly go and ambush Gregor and put to an end to his reign in Bratva. But Anatoly is getting worried on the new persona Oliver showing his dark side. Anatoly warns him that if he indulges in the darkness it will slowly eat him out. The ambush was made and Gregor was killed by Oliver.

What To Look Forward?

Next week, Oliver faces torture from the hands of Talia and Adrian. They try t break him physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Team Arrow is still looking for him and still can’t find him. The question is, will Oliver break?

That’s it for now and I hope that you guys like the recap. Share on the comments below on what was your favorite scene in Arrow this week.

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God Bless!

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