Countdown Friday: Top 10 Weapons feat. Guns

This week we continue our series on Top 10 weapons. On today’s countdown, we will look at the most badass firearms. Our list will contain guns that have been used by fictional characters. This guns should be all fiction and can be found in any area like comic books, games, TV shows, and movies.

Let us begin!

10. Freeze Gun, Batman
Mr Freeze’s trusty gun. The Freeze Gun is an achievement in Cryogenic Technology. The gun emits liquid nitrogen. The Gun has a lot of versions throughout the years. Thi first time that the Freeze Gun appeared was back in 1959, Mr Freeze was known as Mr Zero and the gun was a small, yellow canister. The Gun then was upgraded when it appeared in the Batman television show where it is now a two handed rifle. In Batman: The Animated Series, the Freeze Gun was agian upgraded into a small one-handed pistol. ALso in the series, Mr Freeze steals some parts in GothCorp in order for him to create a larger Freeze Gun for him to battle his former employer. In Batman: Arkham Origins, the Freeze Gun was part of his suit where two freeze rays are connected to his arms. Then in Arkham City, we see another upgrade of the Freeze Gun. It is a two-handed rifle with a built in cryogenic tech. Mr Freeze usually uses the Gun in heists and robbery and his favorite target, museums with beautiful diamonds.

9. Rip Hunter’s Gun, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
It may look like an ordinary revolver pistol but once Captain Rip Hunter draws it out and uses it, you’ll be in awe. Although the show didn’t explain on what the pistol is made of or what it’s name is. But on what it looks lie, the revolver has a color blue light and emits blue laser/energy. He also has a spare which he lends to Jonah Hex when they visited him but this spare has a green/turquoise laser/energy. All I know is that the revolver shoots laser/energy beams. It is handy and not that bulky and can be disguised as toy gun.

8. Heat Gun, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
The one weapon that fits Mick Rory’s personality. The Heat Gun is a handheld flamethrower. The gun was stolen along with the Cold Gun and was given to Mick which he used in stealing a painting. The gun was then destroyed after a confrontation with The Flash. Then Cisco made another Heat Gun along with a new Cold Gun and a Gold Gun when Snart he was kidnapped along with his brother. Although small, but when the gun is fired, the fire it produces increases due to the temperature when made contact to air. Then the Gun seems to be upgraded when Mick used it in 2016 Star City when he blasted a man without getting him burned. It seems handy and useful in a mission where you need to cover your partner or team.

7. The Good Samaritan, Hellboy
In the comics, Hellboy’s gun doesn’t have a name and when Hellboy his debut in the big screen, it was given the name The Good Samaritan. At a young age, the gun was given to Hellboy by the Torch of Liberty and was named after the Biblical story “The Good Samaritan”. The gun was built to fight evil and suernatural beings. It is made out of metal, various church materials and biblical components including: SIlver, the nails from Jesus’ crucifixion, various blessed chalices, and many more forms of silver and copper. The gun is huge and can be wielded by Hellboy’s stone right arm. The bullets he uses can be various such as a tracker bullet and a special bullets that has garlic, silver shavings, bones etc. that can kill other supernatural beings. The gun is as badass as the one who wields it but only Hellboy can carry and use it.

6. Chewbacca’s Bowcaster, Star Wars franchise
Chewie’s trusty weapon. It is also called the laser crossbow for it resembles a crossbow. This weapon is a traditional, handcrafted projectile weapon usually used by Wookies. Through the use of magnetic acceleration, the bowcaster is a powerful and more precise weapon than the regular blaster. The design may vary from any user’s artistic design. The weapon used a metal quarrel enveloped with plasma energy as its ammunation. Two polarizing orbs are placed on both ends of the bow for balancing that creates magnetic fields that boosts the quarrel’s momentum. Once the cocking string has been pulled back, the trigger fired the quarrel, which was enveloped with plasma energy. This weapon can be seen in the posession of Chewbacca and he used it several times in the Star Wars franchise. It was also used by Han Solo in Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens when they were being attacked by Storm Troopers and compliments on the Bowcaster’s fire power.BOWCASTER.png

5. Pulse Cannon, Duke Nukem Manhattan Project
This is one of the weirdly odd shaped weapon but one of the strongest of Duke’s weapons. The cannon shoots electric bolts and when charged, it can fire a destructive lightning bolt. The weapon is powered by G.L.O.P.P. or also known as Gluon Liquid Omega-Phased Plasma that’s been developed by Mech Morphix to create his mutant army. The Pulse Cannon is one badass weapon for when it can simply make your enemy into pieces. Somehow, I don’t recommend any amateurs to carry this weapon for is a weapon only suitable for a Duke.

4. Quad Blasters, Guardians of the Galaxy
The weapon of choice of Peter Jason Quill or better known as Star Lord. The blasters has two separate triggers and barrels, one on the index finger and the other on the middle finger. The gun usually comes in pairs and it can be fired with lethal and non-lethal attack function. On the top barrel, it is used for lethal and emits fiery shots. On the bottom barrel, it is used for non-lethal which shots electric shots. This weapon has been Peter’s partner when he’s doing his Ravager missions. In the Guardians of the Galaxy animated series, the Quad Blasters were also referred as the Element Guns where it shots fire, ice, and anything elemental.

3. Hidden Pistol/Gun, Assassin’s Creed II, Brotherhood, and Revelations
This was first introduced in Assassin’s Creed II as an addition to the hidden blade. This pistol is a small version of the pistol. It is placed on top of the the hidden blade. It was first used by Altair to assassinate the corrupted Abas. He then placed this knowledge in a Codex page where Ezio found and was decoded by Leonardo da Vinci. The components of the pistol is similar to a regular sized pistol but only smaller. It also needs the usual, a gunpowder and a bullet for it to function. It is small and cannot be easily seen by any guards. The pistol can be used in assassinations where the target is far although it can draw attention to itself when fired. The pistol is one of the coolest and functional weapon for any assassin.
2. Cold Gun, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
This is better than the Freeze Gun. The Cold Gun is Leonard Snart’s signature weapon and he wields it with coolness. The Cold Gun was created by Cisco Ramon as a precaution if Barry turns ot to be evil. The gun emits absolute zero blast. As explained in The Flash, the Cold Gun emits a bluish white flame but instead of it being hot, its cold. The gun is so powerful it incapacitated Barry and slowed his speed. Another feature of the gun is a GPS system which Cisco can track on the whereabouts of the gun. But Snart apparently can turn it off. But when Cisco made the second model, Snart made sure that the GPS was not added. Also, Snart made some upgrades on the gun by adding a self-destruct mode when he releases his grip from the gun. It goes into critical and then explodes, freezing anyone around.

Special Mention: Deadshot’s Wrist Guns, Justice League Animated Series, Arkham series, Assault on Arkham, Injustice 2, Arrow, Suicide Squad
These beauties come in twos. They are placed on Floyd Lawton’s forearm just like a gauntlet. The guns are equivalents of sub machine guns in terms of firepower, although they can be attributed also as cannons and turrets. The guns fire magnum and high caliber bullets and ejects the bullets like normal gins. The trigger buttons of these guns are placed on the hand presumably on the palm. The gun has been used in his several assassination assignments. The wrist gun has been seen in different medias such as in the Arkham series where it has double barrels, then we see another in Arrow where the bullets are coated with kurare; a form of poison; and the one we saw in Suicide Squad where we see the cinematic debut of Deadshot. The only requirement for you to wield this pair of wrists guns is that you need to be an expert marksman.

1. Ebony and Ivory, Devil May Cry
The number one pick is Dante’s trusty pistols. It may just look like an ordinary firearm but when being used by the right person, it’s deadly. The pistols may not have the demonic properties one should have but when in the hands of Dante, it becomes deadly due to his inhumanly speed as well as enhanced dexterity which makes it versatile weapons for any range and orientation. The guns are customized Desert Eagles with stylized grips. The duo also doesn’t need to be reloaded due to its hand carved handles. Ebony, the black one, and Ivory, the white one, is Dante’s trademark pistols and it has been used in every Devil May Cry game. This pistols are one badass weapon one Demon Hunter can ask for.


That’s it for now. We’ll continue our series next week on the most badass weapons in fiction.

God Bless!

The Duke!
The Duke 2




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