#DCTV The Flash S03E16: Into The Speed Force Recap (Spoilers)

The Flash is back for new adventures this week! And before I go and spoil things up, I want to warn you, the reader, that his article is going to contain spoilers from this week’s episode. Also, follow me on my social media accounts.

Let’s start!

The Recap! (What Happened so Far?)

Last season we saw Barry trapped in the Speed Force when they tried to recreate the accident that gave him his powers. In there, the Speed Force talked to Barry by impersonating close people in his life and that made him a better hero. But when Barry goes back in time and resets the future, the Speed Force didn’t like on what he did. Since then, they are watching him close on what his next move is.

This week, we see Barry going back into the Speed Force and tries to save Wally West from the demise that happened last week from Savitar. When Barry returns, the Speed Force was not happy. He then meets three ghosts of his past which the Speed Force impersonated and talked to Barry. The first one was Eddie Thawne, the second is Ronnie Raymond, and the third is Leonard Snart a.k.a. Captain Cold. Their message were clear to Barry. They said that they sacrificed themselves for the greater good and was inspired on Barry’s selfless act. Thawne gave up the dream to have a family with Iris in order for Barry to be saved. Ronnie sacrificed his desire in having a family with Caitlin for others might live. Snart was inspired on Barry’s selfless act and that’s why he gave his life for time will be safe.

But on what Barry did, travelling back in time to save his mother and resetting the timeline, the Speed Force was angered. They thought that the first time Barry talked with them, the Speed Force, he understood the sacrifice the people around him are doing. Eventually, during the story, Barry was chased by first a Time Wraith. The on the second time, he was chased by Zoom or as we know him by now, the Black Flash. But Barry broke free from the two. But on the third time, Barry was almost overpowered by Snart with his Cold Gun then came Jay Garrick, saving Barry once again.

The story then continues as Barry faces his ghosts and says that he will save Wally which he did. But a shocking revelation happened. When Barry and Wally was about to leave, Jay stayed on the room where Wally was found. He tells Barry that in order for them to leave the Speed Force, one should stay as a replacement for the other. Barry vows to go back and save Jay after he defeats Savitar.

Meanwhile, back in Earth-1, Jessie wants to track down Savitar and make him pay on what he did to Wally.She actually did but Cisco, Caitlin, Julian, and H.R. warned her that she should wait till Barry gets back. But Jessie still went out to look for Savitar using the blade from his suit. Jessie followed the piece until it was brought to its owner. There, Savitar and Jessie fought but it was proven that Savitar was stronger than Jessie. But, with the help of H.R. who suggested to pierce Savitar on some where that is not being covered by his armor. Jessie then stabs Savitar in the shoulder and made him run screaming from pain.

When Barry and Wally got back, Jessie decides that she needs to go to Earth-3 for her to build her legacy and also protect it in Jay’s absence. When Jessie leaves, H.R. reveals to the team that Savitar can be hurt underneath the armor.

Before the episode ended, Barry tells Iris that they need to stay away from each other. In this way, Barry can focus in training to be faster to save Iris from his upcoming demise.

What To Expect?
Next week, we will be having a musical crossover event with Supergirl and The Flash. In this episode, Team Supergirl will head to Central City to ask for Barry’s help. Then we get to see them stripped off from their powers when Music Miester kidnaps them and brings them in his musical alternate world. In order for them to escape his world, the duo should work together and stick to the script he gave them. In this way, they can escape his world.

That’s it for now, I hope you guys a good day ahead of you!


God Bless!

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