#DCTV DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S02E14: Moonshot Recap (Spoilers!)

Good day dukes and duchesses! The Legends are back and before we begin, from this point on spoilers are in effect. Also be sure to subscribe on my blog and follow me on my social media accounts.

The Recap (The Story so far)

With Rip Hunter back in the Waverider, the team are now headed to look for Commander Steele which they found him inside NASA as an engineer helping in the Apollo 13 mission. The team then asked the whereabouts of the Spear which Commander Haywood revealed that he hid it inside the American flag that Neil Armstrong planted on the moon. The mission was then diverted to the moon. The plan was to go to the moon while Jax, Stein and Mick will be left in the control room and make things are cool while the other will head to the moon ad retrieve the piece of the Spear.

But things doesn’t go as expected. Apparently, Eobard Thawne had infiltrated the shuttle and had taken over it. Thankfully. Atom was inside the shuttle and it was a brawl between the two. Atom won the fight but accidentally disconnected the shuttle from the control panel which the other astronauts are unconsciously staying, drifting away. Ray then landed the other half of the shuttle in the moon and retrieved the last piece of the Spear. But Sara broke the bad news to Ray that he can’t be fetched from the moon because of the damages that was caused when meteors that hit them.

Unable to reach the Waverider, Ray was forced to team up with Eobard in order for them to survive. They then survived and was able to reach the Waverider and reconnected the shuttle from the control where the astronauts are. But there was another problem for them, the ship’s power needs to be conserved for them to time jump but also needs to use the same amount of energy to use the ship’s force field. The only way they can re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere is to place the ship in 38 degrees and let gravity do its work. The problem is that the one who suggested it was Eobard Thawne which the team don’t trust. But a decision needs to be made and as the captain of teh ship, Sara decided with Eobard’s suggestion. Then there’s another problem. As they are entering the atmosphere, the heat would fry them inside the Rider. In order for them to survive, the cargo bay should be opened. But in doing so, it will blow the one opening the door out off the Waverider. Nate and Ray was about to volunteer but they found out that Commander Steele was already there. Nate talked to his grandfather, telling him that he should do it. But he has made his decision. Commander Steele opened the hatch and plunged to his death.

The episode ended where we see the Spear has been formed to its former glory. Now its time to protect it from the Legion of Doom and not alter reality itself. Also, we see Amaya researching her future and her return in her hometown.

What’s Up Next Week?
Next week, its an all out brawl. Legends vs Legion. The Legends has the Spear of Destiny and its up to them to guard it. Then in the cross fire, a new recruit is about to join the Legion of Doom. He is no other than Leonard Snart a.k.a. Captain Cold.

That’s it for next week and I hope you stay tune for next week’s recap.

Good Day!

The Duke!
The Duke 2


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