Fiery Monday feat. Flame The Fiery Champion: The Beginning Chapter 5



Clinic, The Dungeon
January 8, 2016; Friday
2300 Hours

Sara and I were sipping hot chocolate while we were sitting on a clinic bed. The cookies were placed at the tray that was with their drinks which was delivered by Eugene, the butler who was doing all the necessary things in the dungeon.

Why do they need a butler here in the Dungeon? I wondered as I sip my chocolate.

It has been an hour since Dr Eddie went to the meeting but still there was still no sign of any of the heroes. But that didn’t bother me for I have Sara accompanying me. We laughed, told stories, and made fun of each other. It has been a while since we had this kind of bonding. Ever since we graduated two years ago, we had minimal conversation and never talked to each other since we are busy with our academics. Sara was taking up Journalism as her degree while I was studying Literature and Lingustics. She’s currently enrolled in the University of Cristalin, one of the most prestigious universities in New Centralland which is located at the southern part of the city while I am enrolled in Cyber City University and is situated opposite of Sara’s school.

Even though the distance is minimal, the probability of us seeing and talking is really low. Sara is staying in a dormitory near the university for convenience sake while I am still with my adoptive family The Williams because I can’t afford my own apartment or dorm.

So here we are, sitting on a quite soft bed, sipping hot chocolate and having the conversation we never had for nearly four years. Then I gazed at my best friend. There I realized the beauty instilled in her. Her eyes were like rare sapphires that you can’t afford. Her lips were pinkish like cherry blossom petals on a Japanese winter. She smiles with grace and her laugh is like a song that I’ve been waiting for the radio to play.

Oh my golly! I said to myself, what is this? Am I attracted to her? This isn’t right.

Before I could drown in her beauty, I grabbed my bag pack and took something. It was wrapped in an old tattered rag which has several stains on it.

“What is that?” Sara asked with curiosity.

“I don’t exactly know what this is,” I said honestly, “but I found it last year at the rubbles at The Cliff.”

“The Cliff?” Sara said, quite surprised, “what were you doing in The Cliff?”

“N-nothing,” I stammered, “just chillin’.”

Sara smiled, knowing that I am not telling the truth.

“Oh come on,” I said as I wipe my forehead, “your giving me that stare, you know I’m not comfortable when you give me that stare.”

“Okay, I’ll drop the matter,” she says as she gives her adorable smile, “so what’s in there?”

I slowly unwrap the item, revealing on what it is. The item was a silver plate with red linings on the edge and on the center is an insignia which resembles a letter “F”.

“What is it?” Sara asked as she slowly takes the mysterious item.

“I don’t know,” I answered, “but when I found that thing, it was accompanied with a split sphere and its pretty messed up.”

Sara analyzed the plate, looking at every part of the item. She turned it upside down, ran her fingers on the carvings on the side.

“Peter and I made some test with it,” I added as I move closer to her.

“Well, you know Peter,” Sara said as she continues to analyze the plate, “when he sees something odd or weird looking, he puts them into his experiments.”

Peter Williams, my other best friend and adoptive brother. He is the nerdiest in the group (because I am a nerd, too) and the scientist. Their family took me in when a major disaster occurred in my life. Since then, he was my partner in crime and my brother so everything he does especially in his experiments, I also do, even though I do not like to take part on it.

“It seems that that thing can absorb heat energy,”

“What do you mean?” Sara asked as she returns the plate to the rag.

“Well, Peter tested it on different matters and energies,” I said, “the plate doesn’t respond to other elements but when we placed it on hot surfaces, it instantly absorbs it.”

“And what happens to the energy it absorbs?”

I then gave a I-don’t-know gestures.

Before I could wrap the plate and put it back to my bag, Dr Eddie came in.

“So how’s th-”

Dr Eddie then stopped. He stared at the plate on my hand and his facial expression suddenly changed. He slowly walked towards the item I was holding as if it was a holy relic from ancient times. Dr Eddie turned his eyes on to me and back to the plate.

“Wh-where did you find this?” he started.

“Outside Cyber City, the cliff on the southern part of the city,” I answered, confuse on what was happening.

“Do you know what this thing is?”

I shook my head in confusion.

“This,” he said with a low tone, “this is the hope for our city. You have found the Flare Plate!”

Mount Diablo, Outside Cyber City, New Centralland
March 8, 2016; Friday
2315 Hours

“How long ‘til activation?” Devourer roared as he enters the control room.

“Two minutes,” came the answer from the man beside him who was carrying a tablet.

The room was a bit dim. The control panel was placed at the center of the room and there were several men who were typing on their keyboards. Beside the doors were X70s, a drone that was designed by Devourer, guarding.

“Lord Devourer,” one man says as he approaches his master, “it is ready.”

“Good,” Devourer replied, “now it is time to release our friends and take what is mine.”

Devourer went to the elevated part of the room and stood with intimidating stance.

“Activate the bombs!” Devourer ordered.

The man with the tablet swiped and then pressed something on the screen. Then the lights on the switch turned red. The bomb was now ticking.

Clinic, The Dungeon
March 8, 2016; Friday
2320 Hours

Dr Eddie could not believe on what he is seeing. The Flare Plate was all along in the possession of an innocent teenager. They had searched everywhere except the southern part of the city. How reckless of them!

After a few seconds, Crusher, Crusader, and Spike went storming the room. Crusher was the first one who entered and there he saw the plate on my hand. The others followed and saw the artefact on my hands as well. Crusader walked towards my way and slowly took the plate out of my hands and began examining it.

“Where did you find it?” the knight asked.

“Just what I had said a while back,” I said with irritation, “I found it outside the city on the cliff, near a huge boulder.”

“Did you see anything else accompanied by the plate?” Crusader continued to ask.

“Yes,” I answered with a little bit of confusion, “I saw a split metallic sphere which looks like its shell.”

“Where is it?” Dr Eddie added.

“Back home,” I replied, “if this thing really means something to you, then you guys should take it.”

Dr Eddie looked at me with a surprised look.

“Yeah, I mean it,” I continued, “it looks like this will save the world so take it, I don’t mind.”

“No,” Crusader said with a stern voice, “you should be the one keeping it. You found the plate, you should be the one protecting it.”

Whoa! Whoa! I should be the one keeping it?! Is this dude crazy? This thing had given me a lot of problems this day. I almost died because of this stupid plate!

            “Are you kidding me?!” I said angrily, “this thing almost killed me!”

“You should keep it, John,” Dr Eddie insisted, “we have a policy here in the Guild that an item that has been found by a non-Superior, he or she should keep it unless it becomes a threat to humanity, that’s where we come in.”

“But doc,” I said pleading, “you saw what those guys can do, they almost tried to kill me just to get me this plate.”

“That’s why we would be keeping an eye on you,” Crusher said, “some of the Guild members volunteered to keep you safe away from the League of Conflict’s hands.”

“But what about the MERKS or the Executioners?”

“What he is trying to say is that we would keep an eye on you from all the baddies, even from those two cute groups,” Spike said.

“So now I’m in your ‘24/7-surveillance’?” I asked, “Is that what you’re saying?”



Dr Eddie was then interrupted when a loud explosion was heard. Crusher then went outside the clinic and went to the control panel which is at the center part of the Dungeon. He pressed a button and then on the screen appeared the surveillance footage which was coming in the Cells of the villains. Smoke and a small fire was the only thing that the cameras were seeing. Crusher switched cameras to pick up other parts of the cell until he saw the prison cell of Dark Ghost. He saw that the concrete wall and the door was already blown up and no one was in there.


That was four explosions! Crusher quickly switched cameras to the other prisoners and saw that four villains was now on the loose.


Crusher again switched cameras and saw that two villains had joined the escaping inmates.

“Crusher to Guild Heroes,” Crusher said as he grabs the mic and begins to use the base communications, “this is a Code Viking, I repeat, Code Viking. Seven villains are escaping from their cells namely, Dark Ghost, El Fuego, Pro Active, Emerald Fighter, Red Fox, Professor Rock, and Metal Fist. I repeat, seven inmates are on the loose and are about to escape. I need every Guild Hero in the area now! Over and out!”

Quickly, Crusher dropped the mic and proceeded to what looks like a weapons stash. He opened on cabinet like and there he took his Iron Gauntlet and went to guard the main door. Spike then prepared himself and went beside Crusher while Crusader drew out his sword and positioned himself. Dr Eddie went to the weapons area and picked a rather huge rifle but not the usual rifle like the AK-47 or the M4-A1 type. It was like a next gen weapon like from the future.

“Stay low,” Dr Eddie instructed us as he passes our way, “and keep the plate, you don’t want to draw the villains’ attention.”

Sara and I nodded and went under a nearby table. I slowly peeked and saw that the four heroes were already positioned on the main door. The door that was opposite from the main started to shake as if The Incredible Hulk was knocking. In a few pounds, the door flew open and there seven villains were heading towards the main exit.

On the other side, I can see that the other heroes were assembling. On the right side, Rubber-Boy came in and was followed by Ryan zooming in the room. On the left side, General Christi was carrying a huge rifle, just like what Dr Eddie was holding, and she was followed by Ace, a member of the Recyca-Boys, and on his hand is a long stun rod. Then the last hero entered. It was Bryan Rogers, Ryan’s twin brother, and on his arms are a set of Iron Gauntlets similar to Crusher.

The heroes on the other side positioned themselves, ready for battle and on the other side of the room was the villains, fully equipped with their chaotic weapons. It was a scene that everyone should see. It was epic! As if I was seeing Captain America: Civil War in a four dimensional movie theater.

Then I said to myself,

Ready! Set! Fight!


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