#DCTV DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S02E13 Land of the Lost Recap (Spoilers!)

We are back for another great week! And to add on that, The Legends are back! But before I go ahead of myself, I will warn you that this post is going to contain spoilers from this week’s episode. Also, please do subscribe on my blog and follow me on my social media accounts:

The Villain!
This week, Rip is still out villain. He then turns Gideon against the team and accessed the self destruct mode. He also escapes and takes the medallion to his possession. Nate, Amaya, and Mick cornered him but Rip destroy the medallion. But fortunately Mick was there and punches him to sleep.

The Story! (So Far)
We start of the story with Rip Hunter in the Waverider’s prison. Just what I said on top, he took over the Waverider, accessed the self-destruct mode, stole the medallion, and destroys it. But thanks to Mick who gave Rip a powerful right hook to his slumber. Also, the Waverider was forced to reboot and Sara crash lands it to where Ray was brought in between season 1 and 2.

Now Ray, Nate and Amaya sets out in the wild to locate and retrieve the missing item in the Waverider so they can go back and in searching for the last piece of the Spear. Inside the Waverider, Mick told Ja, Sara and Stein that they can go inside Rip’s mind by using the technique the Time Masters used when they were controlling him. They then used this technology and Jax and Sara were able infiltrate Rip’s mind. In there, Sara found Rip who was imprisoned in his mind and was being heavily guarded by a distorted image of the Legends. Jax and Sara fought their evil selves and rescued Rip. In the process, they met an incarnation of Gideon who helped them battle Rip’s demons.

Outside the Waverider, the three eventually got the missing piece of the ship and returned it safe and sound. But along the way, Ray warned Nate that he cannot interfere on Amaya’s destiny. Ray explained to him that Amaya is still going to return to her hometown, have a family and pass on the amulet to her granddaughter Mari. Ray tells him that if Nate would interfer on Amaya’s destiny, the people Mari would help in the future will all be changed.

Back in Rip’s head. Sara, Jax, Gideon and Rip are now in the bridge where Rip is trying to get his mind back together. Through the help of the three, Rip then was convinced that he should take over his mind and decided to take it back for good. Jax then returns back to his body and tries to bring back Sara which was a success. After a few moments, Rip woke up, back to his old, good side.

The team then were reunited with their old captain and now it’s time to get the final piece of the Spear of Destiny.


What to Look Forward?
On the next episode of Legends of Tomorrow, we go and travel to the moon! We see the Legion is back and it looks it doesn’t look good. We see also the team infiltrate NASA and search for the last piece of the Spear.

That’s it for now.

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God Bless!

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