Logan Review (Spoiler!)

Yeah! Hugh Jackman is back for one last time as the Adamantium-razor sharped clawed mutant! Before we start, I’m warning you, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, this post is going to contain spoilers, so if you don’t want Logan to be spoiled you should probably exit this article right away. Also, if you are planning to see the movie with your kid, cancel it, the movie is not for kids. It contains violence, brief nudity, and strong languages. Just let him watch X-Men: Evolution at home.

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So this is my second movie review third if you’d be counting my review on Justice League Dark.

Logan died! Yes and it was one of the most awesome scenes and heart warming parts of the movie. Also, Professor Xavier was killed! Logan is one heck of a movie. It has great writing, directing and most of all acting. In the movie, we have an all-star cast namely; Hugh Jackman who play Logan/Wolverine for the 9th time for 17 years, and Sir Patrick Stewart who plays Professor Charles Xavier. In this near future, we get to see a weary, old Logan and a sick Charles Xavier who is suffering from memory loss and telepathic seizures. We also get to see Logan in a depressing state. If we usually see him sober and drinking but in here we get to see him more sober, and a drunkard. We see Logan as a broken man and beyond redemption  This is a different take on Logan. In the previous films, we saw the feral mutant slicing and dicing his way. In here we get to see his vulnerable version. He is tired, lonely, old, and definitely just want to rest.


Also, Dafne Keen did a great job in portraying X-23/Laura. She’s innocent when it needs to be and feral when things doesn’t go the way she wants. We also see that she longs for a parent, a father and does this in the movie. We get to see the two, Logan and Laura, interact in the film. It is somehow one of the absurd father-daughter interactions but in the end they connected.

During the film, we also got a chance to see more interactions from Logan and Xavier. In the previous X-Men films, we only see them have few screen times but in here the two gets more personal. Logan gets a little bit sentimental and at the same time caring. We see his compassionate side when it comes to Xavier. It is one of those father-and-son relationships that somehow that’s not usually been touched in superhero films. Although we have Howard Stark and Tony but still, Xavier and Logan’s moments are more personal and we see the two connect.


In the film, before Xavier was killed by X-24, a mutant clone that was created body part per body part, he reveals that he killed the mutants in Winchester, New York specifically in the X Mansion. He says that  he remembers having his first telepathic seizures and killing mutants in the process.

Logan offers movie enthusiasts and comic book fans to experience a Wolverine movie that Hugh deserves. It is bloody, gory, violent, just as it should be. In this final installment, we see Wolverine in his finest fights before he dies. The rage, the full berserk mode that Logan showed is the greatest ever. In his final battle, X-24 dominated the fight. He slashes and stabs Logan. He then carried Logan and impales him in a nearby log that has huge splinters. On the other end, Laura loads a gun with an Adamantium bullet and fires it to X-24 on the head, killing him. Laura tries to save Logan by trying to get the huge splinter off his body but it was all useless.  In the end, before he died, we also get to see Laura and Logan connecting. In this scene, we see a dying Logan holding on Laura’s hand telling her, “Don’t be what they made you to be.” Logan then accepts his fate, and breathes his last while holding the hand of Laura while she cries for him and calls him daddy.

The mutant kids whom Logan helped buried him and then sets off to Eden. Before Laura joins them, he takes the cross on top of Logan’s grave and made it as an “X” as an honor to the legendary X-Man.

Logan, on my part, is not a superhero film. It may feature Wolverine but it tells of a story of a man who is weary and old in fighting the battles of everyday living. In Logan’s perspective, he already fought the fight and saw that everyone he cares about pass and die. In here, we see he is hurting and for the final time fights for the cause he knows that’s right. For this movie, I’ll give my 10/10 rating. An awesome movie which I said earlier has great writing, directing and acting.

To Hugh, I thank you for two decades of bringing to life one of the greatest Marvel Heroes. You deserve all the love and we hope you have great more movies ahead your career!


That’s it for now. I hope you like my review on Logan. I really am awestruck on the film and no words can describe how I’m feeling.

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God Bless!

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