Fiery Monday feat. Flame The Fiery Champion: The Beginning Chapter 4



The Dungeon, Cyber City, New Centralland
January 8, 2016; Friday
2200 Hours

Still feeling a little dizzy, I gradually opened my eyes to see on what had happened. As I opened my eyes, the first person I saw was Sara. She was sitting on a chair beside me, sleeping. I turned to my right and saw that there is already an IV connected to me.

What happened? I whispered to myself, I feel weird.

            I then remembered that there was a huge cut on my left. I immediately turned and checked my left side where my injury was but the sting came alive. Sara then was disturbed from her sleep from my sudden movement.

“Are you all right?” Sara said as she fixes hair from her sleep.

“Yup,” I answered as I relax myself from the pain, “just did the most reckless thing in my entire life.”

Sara gave her adorable giggle and I smiled.

Damn, she IS beautiful.

            Before I could say it out loud, Dr Eddie entered the clinic with his iPad in hand. He then turned to our area and to his surprise, he saw me awake.

“Good to have you back, Mr. Artisan,” Dr Eddie began as he places the iPad on a table near us, “how are you feeling?”

“Numb and sleepy,” I said as I grinned.

“That’s normal,” he answered as he sits on chair on my right, “it’s an indication that the anesthesia is still in effect.”

“But I just have one question,” I said as I slowly sit straight, “where did I get that cut, especially that huge.”

“When I interviewed Sara, she mentioned to me that you two had encountered El Fuego and he eventually made a huge explosion in the city. My theory is that a huge shrapnel had made its way to your side creating a cut.”

“But why didn’t I feel it?” I asked, “I should have felt the cut when it hit me.”

“Your adrenaline had suppressed the pain so that explains that you didn’t feel the pain until the moment we got here.”

I then sat on the edge of the table and the doctor went to me and removed the dextrose connected to my arm. While he was doing that, the speaker that was in the wall near the door came to life.

“This is Crusher,” came the intercom, “all Mighty Guild members in the Dungeon, proceed to the conference room for a debriefing.”

Dr Eddie then finished on what he was doing and stood up as he places the apparatus on the metal tray.

“I should get going,” Dr Eddie said as he heads out.

I then slowly stood up and reached for my shirt and wears it. Before I could finish wearing his shirt, Dr Eddie peeped at the door.

“By the way,” Dr Eddie said, “if you guys need anything, just use the phone right over there on the doctor’s table and dial 121. Eugene would get you anything you want.”

“Thanks,” Sara smiled.

Dr Eddie again vanished and the whole Dungeon was filled with silence.

Conference Room, The Dungeon
January 5, 2016
22:10 Hours

Dr Eddie entered the room and saw that almost everyone was in there. Crusher was standing at the end of the table while on his left side there Spike was sitting, playing with his phone. Dr Eddie sat on the right part. Beside him was the twins Bryan and Ryan Rogers, the twin sons of Crusher also known as Christopher Rogers. Beside Spike was one of the senior members of the Guild, the Crusader, wearing his knight’s armor and on his left side is his trusty sword, Redemption. As Dr Eddie settles himself, the door once again flew open and there three Guild members entered the room. The first one was wearing a dark-violet spandex with a mask like Rey Mysterio’s. His physique was built and he looks like an athlete. On his chest, an “R” insignia was placed, right at the center.

The next member was a well-built lady wearing a white shirt and a camouflage pants with combat boots. She also wears a mask covering her eyes and on her waist are two pistols placed on the holsters. On her shoulders are five stars kind of like the ones on a general.

The last one who entered looks like a teenager. He was wearing padded spandex and a pair of cargo pants. He also wears a crimson helmet with visors and on his left hand he holds a stun rod. On his left side of the chest is his “R” insignia.

The trio sat on the seats that were vacant and Crusher turned to the heroes.

“Good evening, lady and gentlemen,” Crusher began, “tonight we again have encountered Devourer’s men. This is the third attack for this week and all of it, in my theory, are all connected.”

He then reached for a small remote that was placed on the table and pointed it on the screen in front. The screen then flashed two different pictures which looks like a mug-shot. The one on the left looks like your typical boy-next-door guy, blonde hair, broad jaws, blue eyes. Almost perfect except he has a sign of three or two degree burns on his next down. Below the picture is his name and other important information about him. It says:

Name: Fredrick Golban
Height: 6’1” Weight: 156lbs
A.K.A.: Metal Fists

The next image that was shown was a man wearing a helmet with pea green shade. His eyes glow red and he has this holes on the nose and mouth part for breathing purposes. On his sign board it says,

Name: Unknown
Height: 6’5” Weight: 146lbs
A.K.A.: Emerald Fighter

“These men rampaged at 1800 hours last Sunday and attacked the suburban parts of Cyber City specifically this part,” Crusher said as he points on a specific location on the map. It was one of the central districts of Cyber City, “luckily, no civilians got killed on the event but 44 are found severely injured and still in the intensive care unit of the city’s general hospital.”

Casualties then were shown. Burning cars, injured individuals. The scene was horrifying as if you were seeing an actual war in Iraq.

“Next are these three psychos.”

An image instantly appeared after he pressed the remote. This time it was three different villains. The first image was a fox with a cap of a soldier on his head. His plate gave his identity.

Name: Fritz Chase
Height: 5’5” Weight: 146lbs
A.K.A.: Red Fox

The next image was a man wearing glasses. He has a firm expression on his face, broad nose, slightly big lips, and rock-like jaw. On his card it states,

Name: Dr. Raphael Boulder
Height: 9’5” Weight: 346lbs
A.K.A.: Professor Rock

The third and final image that was shown was definitely not a human. The face was long and metallic, his eyes were covered by a black visor and has a long and thin nose. It was an android.  Below it shows his identity.

Name: N/A
Height: 10’9” Weight: 500lbs
A.K.A.: Pro Active

“These trio,” Crusher said, “the mutated Major General Fritz Chase, the mad scientist Dr Raphael Boulder and the demonic android Pro Active. They were caught trashing the outskirts of Roger’s Street near the park.”

Crusher clicked and on the screen appeared pictures of the streets in rubbles. There were cars that were over turned and huge pile of rocks lying on the streets.

“Luckily, our men were on the area namely, General Christi and Rubber- Boy.” He then gave a glance to the man wearing purple and the lady wearing white shirt who were seated next to Crusader, “there were no civilians that got hurt but a lot of establishments are in need of repairs.”

“Now,” Crusher said as he leans on the table and looks at everyone who was on the table, “just recently, around 1805 hours, these two idiots showed up.”

Again, two pictures appeared on the screen but this time it was the two villains they have encountered that night. It was Ricardo Gutierrez and Malcolm Deviant also known as El Fuego and Dark Ghost.

“No fatalities on the sight but a few casualties such as the diner across Zeus Industries and some of the company’s security ‘bots,” Crusher grinned and continued, “but the unusual part is that they attacked and assaulted a civilian.”

“That seems unlikely of them,” Crusader answered with his British accent.

“That is also what I thought,” Crusher said, agreeing on what his friend just said, “but when I interrogated them, the Dark Ghost had spilled some information regarding on what they were looking for.”

Everyone in the room then became silent. They looked at towards Crusher waiting for the next words he would utter as if it would save them from their misery.

“According to the villain, they were looking for the same item the other villains are looking for,” Crusher said as he again click the remote then appeared a circular item. On the center, there was an insignia printed as if it looks like an “F”. The plate was silver on the inner part and has crimson-red painted on the sides and so with the insignia.

Silence filled the room. Everyone was shocked as if a big secret has been revealed. Crusher looked at the Guild’s members, waiting for someone to react. When no one budged, he turned to the doctor and saw that he was also looking at him. Crusher nodded, so is Dr Eddie.

“Our conclusion,” Dr Eddie said, breaking the silence, “Devourer is making his move.”

“We should make ours also,” Crusader said.

“We will,” Crusher said.


“Once we find the answers from this guy and why is he being pursued by these maniacs.”

Crusher then pressed the button on the remote and on the screen, Richard Charles’ picture was flashed.


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