#DCTV Arrow S05E14: Fighting Fire With Fire Recap (Spoilers!)

Arrow is back and all new this week. We have guns, impeachment and assassinations! Before I start, I want to warn you, if you haven’t watched this week’s episode and don’t want to be spoiled, you are free to close this article.

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Let’s start!

The Villain!
This week’s villain are Prometheus and Vigilante. In this episode, Vigilante wants to kill Mayor Queen because of his corruption in defending the Green Arrow. Then we see Prometheus who still is as eager to kill the Green Arrow and Mayor Queen for himself. Also in this episode, we get to see on who Prometheus is and I will be revealing it later o this post.

The Story! (So Far)
On this week’s episode, Oliver Queen faces his greatest challenge as the city’s mayor, impeachment.  We see him stressed out and his cabinet member’s namely: Quentin Lance, Thea Queen and Adrian Chase, don’t know on what to do. Adrian was even going to give his resignation letter to the mayor but Oliver didn’t accept it. He thinks that they can get through it. Oliver’s idea was for Adrian o be his lawyer and defend him in the hearing. But when the proceedings came, it turns out that Adrian can’t escape the crime. He personally said came to the autopsy room and said to revise the report of Det. Malone’s death.

The hearing of Mayor Queen’s was then halted to look for more evidences on his trial. Along the way, while Oliver, Thea, Quentin, and Dinah are driving away in the limo, Vigilante attacked them. But Vigilante was overpowered when Dinah used her Canary Cry and Thea used her martial arts on her. He then retreats to his secret lair.

Meanwhile, in the bunker, Curtis is busy making his own weapon. Comic book fans will instantly recognize it. In here, Curtis calls it the T Spheres. It is a drone of some sort and can be used as a tracking device and an explosive. It would help him offensively and also defensively.

Back in the streets where Oliver and others are being treated from the accident. Adrian came and advised Oliver to lay low for a while in the impeachment proceedings and rest. But Oliver insisted and still wants to continue it but was sent into a hospital for further examination if he has any concussion. Back in the crime scene, Dinah found a chipped piece of Vigilante’s visor but before she could bring it to the Bunker, Adrian took it and made it as an evidence in the crime scene.

Now, somewhere in the city, Vigilante is again out, still looking for a way to kill the mayor. But suddenly, Prometheus came and warned him that Oliver Queen is his target and he should leave him. Vigilante disagrees and still wants to kill the mayor for his corruption. Then the two brawled it out but in the end Prometheus got the upper hand and threw Vigilante off the roof but unfortunately escaped. Then, Prometheus’ phone rang. He took off his mask revealing his identity. It’s Adrian Chase all along.

Back in the Bunker, Felicity is still trying to look for evidences that can make Oliver out of the impeachment proceedings. Eventually, she got a little pep talk. He says that Felicity is doing these things because of what happened to Det. Malone. Felicity defends herself by saying that for four years, she saw the team namely, Oliver, Dig, Laurel, Thea and Roy, fight their darkness. SHe says she to needs to fight fire with fire. But Dig replies, “Sometimes we fight fire with fire but every time we do  it Felicity, every single time, we risk being burned.”

Meanwhile, in the SCPD, Dinah is back in her desk while Adrian Chase is talking to Captain Pike about Vigilante and Prometheus. While the two are talking, Dinah took her chance by talking the piece of Vigilante’s visor back to the Bunker unknowingly that this is one of Adrian’s plans.

Finally, thanks to Mr. Terrific’s T Spheres, they finally know how to track Vigilante. Meanwhile in the City Hall, Oliver just called a press conference about the Green Arrow. Before it began, Spartan, Mr. Terrific and Wild Dog found Vigilante and he was about to assassinate the mayor. The team warned Dinah who was acting as Oliver’s security which in turn she warned Oliver. But Oliver still proceeded with the press conference and trusted on his friends to take care of the situation.

Things go off when Vigilante learned that the Green Arrow’s team had tracked him. He then go one-on-one with Spartan, Wild Dog, and Mr Terrific but it turns out the three can over power him. In the end, while, Spartan and Wild Dog are down on their backs, Mr. Terrific saved them using his T Spheres.

Back in the press conference, Mayor Queen told the media and the whole city that they can’t rely on a hero who is killing cops in the process. He the says that the Green Arrow is now a public enemy and should be treated like an enemy by the city. In this way, the impeachment was put to stop and saw that they can still rely on their mayor. Also, after the press conference, Susan Williams and Oliver Queen got the chance to reconcile but also Thea gave her resignation letter to Oliver telling him that she should first battle the brokenness she’s experiencing.

In the flashback, Anatoly and Oliver was about to be killed by the Bratva when suddenly Anatoly asked for a vote on which they accepted it. In the meantime, while things are cool, Oliver goes out as the Hood and looks for any evidence to bring Gregor down. Eventually he sees an anomaly on the accounts in Gregor and Kovar’s transactions. Apparently, there’s a huge amount of money on Gregor’s account which the Bratva didn’t see coming. It was like he was stealing from them. When Oliver arrived, Viktor had already started the votation and we see that the whole Bratva is with Gregor. But before making a decision, Oliver came and presented on what he had found against Gregor. They again re-voted and we see that half of the Bratva went on Anatoly’s side which includes Viktor, seeing that Gregor is just deceiving them. Then things go side ways when Gregor and his men started shooting at Aantoly and the others.

Before the episode ended, Felicity contacted her friend who gave her the Pandora’s Box and was ready to indulge in the darkness in order for her to save the world. Meanwhile Susan Williams was then abducted by Adrian Chase.


What to Look Forward?
Arrow is back on March 15. Bummer! But CW gave us a teaser on March 15’s episode and we see things are getting heated up. The episode is entitled “Checkmate” and we get to see more of Prometheus a.k.a. Adrian Chase. We see him kidnap Susan Williams and challenges the Green Arrow. We also get to see Oliver get acquainted with Talia and telling him the identity behind Prometheus and reveals that hes Adrian Chase. Also we get things get tension between Adrian and Oliver. Then the SCPD is again starting to chase down the Green Arrow. Man, things are getting intense in Arrow!


I hope you like our recap on the latest episode of Arrow. stay tune for more DC TV and be sure to check other great content here in my blog.

God Bless!

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