Countdown Friday: Top 10 Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Moments in the X-Men franchise

As we continue on giving appreciation to out beloved Wolverine and on our Countdown Friday we will be counting down on 10 of the greatest Wolverine moments in the X-Men franchise. This moments are ranked from the least to the greatest. Beware, if you haven’t seen any movies of any X-Men films, this countdown will be containing spoilers.

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10. The Birth of The Wolverine, X-Men Origins: Wolverine; 2009
Although, X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a cinematic flop, there were still great scenes in the movie. One of them is when Logan was about to undergo the Adamantium bonding process. In this scene, we get to see Logan lying on a table and under him is a tank of water. He was then briefed by one of the scientists telling him to concentrate on the things he love. Then came Col. Stryker and told him that they found the thing they were looking for when they were in Africa. The metal is called Adamantium, the strongest metal there is. Also, before Stryker left, he gave him his old dog tag but Logan said he wants new ones and there he placed his name as The Wolverine. After a few seconds, different military personnel came in the scene and was about to witness the creation of Weapon X. First they submerged him in the water tank. Then came the Adamantium, they injected it to every bone in his body. While the operation was on going, Logan’s heart beat was spiking. He was suffering from cardiac arrest but still Stryker wants to continue to operation. After a few seconds, the bonding was done but Logan was not moving. His heart beat can’t be detected but after a few seconds, a faint beat came. Stryker then was releaved. Agent Zero, who was beside Stryker asked him if he will be placed in the island. Stryker said no and added that they should take his DNA for the Pool and erase his memory. Logan heard this and was enraged. His Adamntium claws came out and rose from the water tank shouting in rage. He then began to murder everyone and escaped the facility.
Here’s the scene check it out:

9. What Kind of Monster are You? The Wolverine
On this film, we see Logan vulnerable, not just emotionally but most of all physically. In here, we his healing factor had been suppressed by Madame Viper.Logan learned that a device has been placed inside his heart and he needs to remove it. He eventually removed it and in got his healing factor back. But while he was doing a self-surgery, Shingen Yashida and Yukio are having a katana fight. Before Shingen could kill Yukio, Logan recovered and saved Yukio from Shingen’s sword. IN here we see Shingen and Logan battle it out. Katana vs Adamatium claws. The fight was gruesome, every time would deflect the katana attack, Shingen would double it, slashing him every where. Wolverine then spared Shingen’s life telling him that he tried to kill his daughter Mariko then live with it’s consequences. Logan walked away leaving him in  the dojo but still Shingen attacked Logan and pierced his chest. Shingen, shocked on what he is seeing asked Logan “What kind of monster are you?” Logan, while his fist is directed at Shingen’s chest, answered him, “The Wolverine.” His claws suddenly came out and pierced Shingen. Logan dropped the body in the dark dojo leaving the katana stuck in his chest which he removed slowly, with ease.
Check out the cool fight scene here:

8. Forest Scene, X-Men: The Last Stand
Another cinematic flop in the X-Men frachise but still has some great fight scenes. In this scene, we see Jean Grey with Magneto and this is the aftermath of Xavier’s death. Logan, who sees that the old Jean Grey is still living, tracks down Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. We see Wolverine in the jungle and was about to enter the camp when suddenly a spike hit him that brought him down the ground. He then went to cover while spikes from another mutant was throwing to him. This alerted other mutants who are guarding outside the camp. Finding a good spot to hide, he then took cover on a tree and removed the spike on his shoulder and threw it to the man throwing spikes. Wolverine then climbed a tree to gain leverage and as soon as the other mutants were under him, he jumped off the tree and began his murderous assault on them. Then as he was running towards the camp, Spyke threw spikes to Wolverine which he deflected. This happened a few more times and then Spyke drew out two spikes while Wolverine readied his claws. The two charged at each other and pierced each other with their weapons. Unfortunately, Spyke was killed by Wolverine’s claws. When Wolverine stood up, two spikes were piercing on his abdomen which he easily took out and then continued in tracking Jean Grey.
Check out Wolverine’s forest scene here:

7. Time Travellin’ Logan, X-Men: Days of Future Past
In this film, mutants are about to get extinct and the only way they need to change the future is by travelling back to the past were Mystique will make her move and kill Trask and get their hands on her DNA which would make Sentinels that can adapt to mutant powers. Logan volunteered in this project and as sent back to his old body. But before he went and looked for the young Xavier, he woke up in an apartment where he, his old self, had slept with someone else’s girlfriend.

6. Train Wreck, The Wolverine
The Wolverine, where Logan went to Japan to visit one of his long time friend. In the process, Yashida died of old age and Logan attended his funeral. But things go haywire when the Yakuza attacked the funeral and tried to kill Mariko. But Logan took her out of the funeral and protected her. Throughout Tokyo, the two were being pursue by the Yakuza. Eventually they rode a bullet train headed to Nagasaki. In the train, Logan went to a comfort room for him to suppress his bullet wounds. But when he got out, several men cornered him. Logan drew out his claws then attacked the Yakuzas. He defended himself and also attacked one but unfortunately he hit the walls of the train which made a huge hole. Logan threw one Yakuza out of the train and then another. But when he was about to push one outside, another Yakuza pushed him which eventually made them flying out of the train. Two Yakuzas and Logan are now on top of the train. The fight scen is exhilerating but in the end Wolverine won. There was also this epic moment where Logan used the trains speed as leverage so he can lunge on one of the Yakuza that was going to kill Mariko.
Check out this epic scene below:

5. Sayonara, The Wolverine
Another entry from The Wolverine. In this last fight scene, Logan’s Adamantium claws has been cut by the Silver Samurai and he found out on who it was. The man inside was the old man Yashida whom they thought was dead. He said that the Adamantium suit was the only thing that’s keeping him alive. Now he was extracting Logan’s healing factor and using it for his own benefit and in the process killing Logan. Before Yashida could kill Logan, Mariko took one of Wolverine’s cut claws and threw it in his grandfather’s head. This made him to drop Logan on the ground, cutting the operation short. Mariko then walked towards Yashida then pierced him in the neck. Logan on the other hand was recovering from what Yashida did to him, he slowly stood up and went towards the old man struggling for his life. He grabbed the front part of the armor and destroyed his breastplate. Silver Samurai knelt down and Logan lifted both of his fists and drew out his newly regenerated bone claws as he screams. Then he stabs him in the chest and drags him towards the large hole in the wall and says, “You asked me to come and say goodbye. Sayonra!” He then pushes Silver Samurai out which leads to his death.
Check out this scene on the link below:

4. Weapon X, X-Men: Apocalypse, 2016
On X-Men Apocalypse, Wolverine had a pretty cool cameo. We see the senior members of the X-Men being abducted by William Stryker namely; Beast, Mystique, Quicksilver and Agent McTaggert. Inside the facility are Cyclops, Jean Grey and Nightcrawler trying to look for their friends but unfortunately they alerted the guards. The three then went to hiding eventually hid where Weapon X is being held. Jean Grey then unleashed him and as soon as he got out, The Wolverine went into rampage, killing everyone in sight and escaping the Weapon X facility. Major Stryker then left the facility, leaving his men being slaughtered. Wolverine then found the exit and before he escaped, Jean Grey helped him remember his past well some of his memories. Wolverine then went out as a free man.
Check out the scene on the link below:

3. Mansion Attack, X2: X-Men United
In the second installment of the X-Men franchise, Logan went back to the Xavier Mansion still missing his memories. In this scene, the professor and Scott are out to visit an old friend while Jean and Storm are looking for the mutant who tried to kill the president so Logan has to babysit the students. Unable to sleep, Logan went out to ease his mind. He then goes to the kitchen and finds Bobby Drake still awake, eating ice cream. Logan began to look for a beer but ended up disappointed and just settled for a soda. In the process, the two talked about Rogue but it was cut short when Logan heard intruders in the Mansion. Logan went out the kitchen to investigate and when he returned one military personnel was sneaking behind Bobby. But before he could do that, Logan came back and tackled the mysterious man. Thw two battled it out but in the end Wolverine was the one who rose on top. Wolverine then made the children escape while he protected them. In this scene we get to see him rage up and kill people one by one. Well, that’s the best thing that he ever does and there’s none other only him.

2. Go F**k Yourself, X-Men: First Class
In X-Men: First Class, we get to see Wolverine in a brief cameo. Charles Xavier and Eric Lensher are looking for mutants and this is the first time Charles is using the Cerebro. We get to see him recruit other mutants hiding in the society. They have recruited Angel, Banshee, and Darwin. During the process, they met Logan in a very unusual way. Charles and Eric walked into a bar and found him drinking and smoking a cigar. The two cordially introduced themselves but they got a really harsh answer and it was a crisp “Go f**k yourself.” The two then walked away, knowing that their spirit has been brought down. But little do they know that he’d be one of X-Men’s powerful weapon and trusty friend.

1. Bar Scene, X-Men, 2000
Our number one pick is from the first X-Men film where we see Hugh for the first time as Wolverine. He was a cage fighter and was undefeated. After a sweaty fight, he then proceeds in a bar and order his usual, beer. While sitting and savoring his beer, one man, the recent one he defeated, walked towards him and wants his money back. Logan, who was not paying attention to the man behind him continued to drink his beer. But still he keeps on bugging him. Then the man whispers something on Logan, saying that he knows exactly what he is. This time, Logan was getting pissed and warns him to leave him be. The man turns away but draws out a knife and was about to stab Logan, but Rogue, who was in the bar, yelled warning Logan of the attacker. But Logan stood up and brought him pinned on a wall. There he drew out his claws for the very first time. two claws on both sides and a third on the middle just where the man’s throat is located. While he was standing in front of him, the bar owner pointed a shotgun on his head, telling him to get out. Logan slightly peeked behind him. Immediately, he drew out his other claws from his left hand and slashed the shotgun. Now his claws were all out. Everyone in the room was startled on what they’re seeing, a mutant in their midst and was about to threatening to kill one of them. Logan then pulled in his claws and went on his way.


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