#DCTV The Flash S03E14: Attack on Central City Recap (Spoilers!)

The Scarlet Speedster and the team are back with all new adventures this week! Before I continue, please be warned that this post is going to contain spoilers from this week’s episode.

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The Villain

We continue the two part event of Gorilla City and Gorilla Grodd is bound for Earth-1 with his gorilla mates. Grodd is determined to go back to Earth-1 to  do his revenge. Then we get to see Gypsy again but this time being controlled by Grodd, we’ll ge to that in a little while.


The Story! (So Far)

We first see Barry preparing breakfast for Iris. They have this sweet morning before they head to S.T.A.R. Labs where HR is decorating the Speed Lab and Harry enters the lab. It really shows that while the two interacts, Harry hates HR for reasons that he’s an idiot. The team then arrives in the Speed Lab and sees that HR has decorated it with hearts. He says that it’s Friendship Day an equivalent to Valentine’s Day. The team then arrives and receives cards from HR. Also, Jessie and Wally goes to Harry and tells him that Jessie is moving in Earth-1 with Wally. Harry approves knowing that it’s for his daughter’s joy.

Back in the Speed Lab, while everyone was having fun, Gypsy came out of nowhere and began attacking Team Flash. Good thing, Harry is there with his tranquilizer gun. Barry and Cisco places Gypsy in the Pipe to contain her. When she wakes up, she finds herself in the Pipe and explains to Barry that she doesn’t know why she attacked him and Cisco. She tells them that the last thing she remembers is she was just hunting down a breacher in Earth-2 and finds herself in a jungle where Grodd takes over her and controlled her to open a breach to Earth-1. Barry now realizes that Grodd has already arrived and is bound to destroy Central City any hour from now.

The team then assembles and devices a plan on how to stop Grodd. Cisco then vibes to the future. They some how saw where Grodd would attack and that’s the spot where Team Flash and the SCPD went. But all along it was a diversion, while Grodd was controlling Joe, Grodd was busy kidnapping a military personnel who is in charge of military weapons and yes nuclear missiles.

Returning to S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry is now worried and at the same time frustrated on the choices he’s making. He said to Iris that he is considering on killing Grodd and it will not make any difference for it is how it’s done in Gorilla City. Iris tells Barry that killing Grodd would just make things worse for Barry.

In S.T.A.R. Labs. Joe describes the feeling while he was being controlled by Grodd. He said that he saw flashes of images on where he is and what he is doing. Cisco and Harry then made a device to amplify the memories of Grodd through Joe and made him draw on what Grodd is seeing.

Meanwhile, in the Speed Lab, Barry is trying to decide on to kill Grodd or not. Then came Harry inside telling him that he shouldn’t. He said that trying to save while taking another would not justify his actions. There is always another way. The conversation was cut short when Cisco called the team in the Cortex.

The team finally found out on what Joe saw and most importantly on who he saw. It was General Matthew McNally, a general in the air force who is in charge of nuclear missiles. The alarm suddenly sounded alerting the team that an imminent nuclear attack is about to happen. The Flash immediately sped in the scene and tried to disarm the nukes.With fifteen seconds on the clock, Barry tries to stop the attack and eventually does it.

Back in the city, The Flash, Kid Flash and Jessie Quick are waiting for Grodd and his army to arrive in Central City. Meanwhile, Cisco went to Earth-19 and tried to convinced Gypsey to fight and save Earth-1 Central City. Back in Earth-1, Grodd arrives in Central City and the fight starts. Kid Flash and Jessie Quick zoomed in battling the other super apes while The Flash takes on Grodd himself. But still Grodd over powers them and tells Barry that the only way to defeat him is to kill him. Before Grodd could attack Flash, a breach was opened and Vibe and Gypsy came out along with Solovar who challenged Grodd. The two super gorillas fought but Solovar wonn and reclaimed his throne from Grodd. Solovar was about to kill Grodd but Barry stopped him telling the gorilla to spare his life just as he spared his. Barry also proposed that Grodd will not return in Gorilla City ever and he will be held captive in Earth-1. Solovar agrees and leaves with the help of Vibe and Gypsy.

Back in the Lab, Harry was about to leave and before he does that he gives an advice to Wally that he is in-charge in taking care of her. Then he turns to Barry and tells him that there is always another way.

Before the episode ends, we see Iris going home in their apartment and to her surprise, it was all lit with candles. Then as she enters the room, she sees Barry telling her how much she means to him. Then he brings oout a small box which contains a ring from his grandfather who fought in World War 2 and proposed to his grandmother. It was also the same ring his mother wore and Joe held it for Barry knowing that he will propose to Iris. Barry then knelt in front of Iris and asked her to marry him. Iris gladly received the proposal and sealed it with a kiss.

Meanwhile, in the West household, Jessie and Wally are snuggling in the couch. Wally then heads to to fetch something when suddenly he stopped. As soon as he stopped running, he saw Savitar running towards him!


What to Look Forward?

Next week, we get to see Savitar again. This time his wrath is upon the speedster and most importantly to Barry Allen. Savitar is released by one of his followers and we still do not know how he got his hands on the Philosopher’s Stone.


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God Bless!


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