Omega Wednesday: DC Comics News

It’s Omega Wednesday again and we’ve got news from DC Comics.

Let’s start!



He is officially in! Matt Reeves (Planet of the Apes) just confirmed last week that he’ll be directing Ben Affleck’s Batman. In twitter, Ben Affleck tagged the director and welcomed him in the team. Batman will be released in 2018 which is written by Ben Affleck Batman himself. It will also star J.K. Simmons as Commissioner James Gordon and Joe Manganiello as the terminator, Deathstroke.




This week, Jeremiah Danvers is back! The Danvers are reunited! But Mon-El senses something off about Jeremiah which things go in a very unusual path. Supergirl is back this week with an all new episode.


The Flash

Gorilla Grodd continues his plan in invading Earth-1 and he has some help with Gypsy who opens up a breach for the gorillas and make their way in Earth 1. But The Flash alongside with Kid Flash and Jessie Quick stops Grodd’s army. Meanwhile Barry asks the Speed Force for help in defeating Savitar. Also in the show, we get a first look and the debut of Earth-19’s own speedster named Accelerated Man. The Flash is back this week concluding the two-part event Gorilla City episodes.



Mayor Queen faces impeachment when he tries to save the Green Arrow from being arrested by the SCPD. The city questions his authority and one man rises up to bring justice to the mayor and he is Vigilante. Arrow is all new this week and make sure to catch it.



This coming April, Batman and Flash are going to investigate on the mysteries happening in the DC Universe. This will integrate the Watchmen in DC’s mainline story. The story will center on the smiley button Batman found in his Batcave. It will be a four part series and it will also be featuring Earth-2’s speedster Jay Garrick. The series will be called “The Button” and the four part series will all be in special lenticular covers. Be sure to grab your copies as soon as it arrives in bookshelves in April.


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