Fiery Monday feat. Flame The Fiery Champion: The Beginning Chapter 3



Cyber City, New Centralland
March 8, 2016; Friday
2010 Hours
“Eddie,” said Crusher as he turns to the doctor, “how long is the ride from here to The Lake of Almazad”

“About five to ten minutes,” Dr Eddie replied.

“Make it five,” Crusher said, “I can’t wait to talk to these guys.”

“You don’t scare us,” El Fuego said, “not even your methods in interrogation.”

“Is that so?” Crusher said as he takes a bunch of ropes on a container, “then you would be the first one.”

“You know you can’t use force in interrogation?” Dark Ghost reminded Crusher with pride in his tone, “it’s against The League’s laws.”

“Oh, is it?” Crusher said as he makes a hangman’s knot, “because if I remember it right, I ain’t part of any League.”

El Fuego swallowed his saliva while Dark Ghost clinched his fists.

“Don’t worry, this will not take too long,” Crusher said giving his grin.

“Crusher,” Spike called, “we’re here.”

“Whoa,” Sara said in amazement, “is this The Lake of Almazad?”

“It is,” replied Dr Eddie.

The Lake of Almazad. As far as I remember in our history class, it is also called as Crocodile Lake. Yup, I know it sounds lame but in the year 1512, while in the expedition to look for new places to settle, Sir Constantine Almazad, the leader of the trip. It was discovered by Sir Almazad and it was used by his colony for their needs. The lake is 70 feet deep and is wide as a football stadium. The lake is known for its abundance of enormous crocodiles that can eat one human being.

“Ramp!” Crusher exclaimed as he heads towards the two villains at the end of the aircraft. He took Dark Ghost and tied his cuffs on the rope and also with El Fuego. After that he dragged the two towards the ramp. Spike then slammed his hand on the button to open it. The red light lit up and the alarm went on then the ramp slowly opened. When the ramp was fully opened, Crusher turned to the two.

“Who do you work for?!” he asked with a loud voice in order for them to hear him on top of the noise of the gushing wind and the annoying alarm from the aircraft.

“Go to hell!” El Fuego exclaimed.

Then, Crusher kicked them that made them fall off the ramp. The two screamed as they fall towards the lake full of enormous crocodiles realizing that they just gave a wrong answer.

“He shouldn’t have said that,” Spike as he does a face palm.

Crusher looked at the falling villains and before they fall to their deaths, he grabbed the rope that was tied to the two. The villains stopped falling; El Fuego was shaking of fear while Dark Ghost still has his composure. Crusher then pulled them until they reached the ramp but still hanging on the ropes.

“I don’t want to repeat myself,” Crusher said, containing his rage, “who do you work for?”

“All right, all right,” El Fuego said as he yells on top of his lungs, “I’ll tell, just let me in!”

“Tell me now!” Crusher shouted.

“The De-Devourer!” El Fuego cried with a scared tone, “now please can you let us in, I don’t wanna to die here!”

“Right after you tell me what are you looking for?”

“Oh come on we already told you who we work for,” El Fuego said, “isn’t that enough?”

“No,” Crusher grinned then he loose the rope from his hand making the two drop.

El Fuego cried his lungs out as he continues to drop in the air while Dark Ghost was just chillin’. Crusher peeked from the ramp, as if waiting for the two to reach the waters. Before the two could touch the lake, Crusher immediately pulled the rope. This time, El Fuego fainted but Dark Ghost still has control with his emotions.

“Too bad,” Crusher said in dismay, “I was having fun with this guy. Anyway, I still have you,” Crusher then turned to the Dark Ghost with anger, “now, are you going to tell me or am I going to tie you up near the turbines because I am really itching for blood right now. ”

Dark Ghost’s eyes widened on what Crusher just said. As if his mother caught her from stealing in her purse.

“Okay,” Dark Ghost answered finally, “we were looking for the Flare Plate.”

“The what now?” Spike said with confusion.

Crusher pulled him in the aircraft and pressed the ramp close. The alert noise faded and then there was silence. Crusher’s reaction was different. He holds this stern yet shocked look. He looked down and rubbed his head and again lifted it.

“This is bad,” Crusher said as he turns to the conscious villain, “what does Devourer want from the Flare Plate?”

“He wants to fuse it with his power plate,” Dark Ghost replied.

Crusher rubbed his chin as he sits on the left side of the cockpit.

“Eddie,” Crusher began, “head back to base, I want to make sure that these two are brought in their respective cages.”

“Roger that,” Dr. Eddie replied as he faces the control panel. He pushed several keys and in an instant, the aircraft was on the way to their secret lair.

Mount Diablo
Outside Cyber City, New Centralland
March 8, 2016; Friday
2050 Hours
The central hall of the castle was cold and dark. The gargoyles that were sitting on the four corners were solemnly guarding the empty room. Some of the stained glasses were still intact while there are pieces that are missing. Dusts on the tables were evidences that the room hadn’t been given attention especially when it comes to cleaning. Rubbles were also evident that the castle experienced a great tragedy. But there is one part of the hall that has no trace of dust nor rubbles. It was set on the center part of the hall and was placed on a small platform with three stairwells to step on. It is known as the Demon’s Chair, the throne of the tyrant king and knight, Sir Amadeus Drave. The frame of the throne was made out of bronze which gives its brownish shade. The handles has engraves of ancient letterings, more like Germanic or Norse encryptions.

The doors flung open and a man wearing black entered the hall. He wears an ebony mask that covers his face and there were scratches and marks on the mask, indicating that the wearer had some pretty nasty fights before. On his torso, he wears a black breastplate with a plate on its center which bears a letter “D” as the insignia. His arms were covered with scars that were evidences that he had some epic battles before and on his hands of the mysterious man was covered with a black leather gloves. He also wears a pair of dark gray combat pants and a pair of leather combat boots. His shoulders also holds a dusky, tattered cape and on his left side of the waist is a sword, peacefully placed on its scabbard.

He then walks towards the throne and lets the door behind him close by itself. The door shuts and the man sits on his cold throne. He stared at the dark emptiness of the room with anger. He then clinched both of his fists. Suddenly, the floor began to shake and the stained glasses started to crack. In all of a sudden the whole place began to quake.

Suddenly, the hallway doors flung open. A man wearing in a lab coat holding a tablet stood there. The shaking abruptly stopped when the man wearing all black saw the scientist entering the hall.

“What is it that you want, doctor?” asked the man wearing black in an angry low tone.

“Sorry, lord Devourer,” answered the doctor, “but we need to–”

“I know what I need to do, doctor,” Devourer interrupted, “no one dares come barging the hall and tells me what to do.”

“Sorry, my lord,” the doctor said with traces of nervousness, “i-it will ne-never happen a-again.”

The Devourer stood from the throne and went towards the doctor. He then reached for his sword from his left side of the waist. He drew out his sword and raised it to the air.

“Yes, it will never happen,” Devourer said as he readies to strike the poor doctor.

Devourer was about to give a powerful slash to the doctor when all of a sudden, the door flung open again. This time, by the looks of the man, another scientist came in. The man was wearing the same lab coat as the doctor but this time he has eye-glasses.

“Lord Devourer,” interrupted the man, “I have clear location on the whereabouts of Dark Ghost and El Fuego.”

Devourer looked at the scientist and his furious eyes turned to delight. He then placed the sword back to the scabbard and headed towards the other scientist.

“Maybe today is not your lucky day, Dr Crisalis,” Devourer said as he exits the hall, “but I’ll never forget what you have done.”

The door then slammed close and the doctor was left alone in the dark, cold hall.

The Dungeon, Cyber City, New Centralland

March 8, 2016; Friday
2110 Hours
The aircraft zoomed to the mountains, northeast of Cyber City. On the trip. I feel really a little off. Even from the moment we stepped on Red Storm, I can feel that something is really bothering me and like I needed medical attention that bad. I shook my head hoping my nausea-feeling would go away. Sara noticed that I was a little off. She then sat beside me and touched my shoulder.

“You okay, Duke?” she asked as she rubs my back.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I answered as I rub my forehead, “just the flying, I’ll just pop a few pain killers when I arrive home.”

Sara then smiled and continued to rub my back. Sara McKnight, my best friend since kindergarten. She has black short curly hair which is adorable. She’s quite petite and an inch smaller than me. She has a white complexity but not too pale, just a perfect white. So, you may ask how did we meet? We met on a playground where I was doing my usual stuff as a kid, playing the slide and making friends. Oh, yes I was friendly, in fact, I was given the award in kinder as the “Most Friendly” student. Okay, back to the story, as I was playing, I saw that there were a couple of second graders who were picking on the other kindergarten students, Sara was one of the kindergarten students. I immediately went to them and stood up from the bullies. Unfortunately, I didn’t won but luckily the bullies were called to the principal’s office and were suspended for like forever. That time on, we decided to stick as buddies and be best friends. Yup, I know, she’s a lady and it is really cool having a lady best friend. But when we entered high school and like turned into young adults, things got a little strange for me. She rarely hang out, we got our new set of friends and I feel like a little distant from her. But while I was away from her, I feel that we still have that connection, that I know when she’s in trouble or if she needs someone to talk to. And while we were away from each other, I know that I need to tell her something important and right now I do not know what that important thing is.

Now back to the trip. Throughout the trip, I was looking out the window and I really don’t recognize on what part of the city we were, Dr Eddie just said that we are heading northeast. Although the sight was overwhelming. From Lake Almazad, the Red Storm went straight north and there I saw Thread River. Below us were different kinds of trees that you will see in a cold weathered place. There are pine trees, more pine trees, and more pine trees. As we reached the mountains, Dr Eddie went straight to his left and there a cliff was waiting for us. On the cliff, there was a cave which Dr Eddie rocketed the aircraft in. but to my surprise, the inside of the cave was cooler. This was the Mighty Guild’s lair, The Dungeon. It was equipped with the latest technologies, from security defenses to weaponry and gadgets.

The Red Storm landed on the cave’s built-in runway. As soon as the Red Storm had settled, Spike pressed the ramp button, which Crusher pressed a while back, but this time eliminating the noise. Crusher then dragged the two cuffed villains and headed to their cells which were located on the left wing of The Dungeon. Dr Eddie on the other hand, led us to the right part of the cave. It was a white room with several beds and three cabinets. The doctor let us sit on a nearby chair while he went to the first cabinet near us. He opened it and there I realized that that room was a clinic. He took his stethoscope and laced it around his neck. He also took several medicines from the cabinet and proceeded to or place. He first took Sara’s vitals, if she was okay. Heartbeat, blood pressure, the usual stuff a doctor does. Gladly, she was fine with just minor bruises from her arms and a cut on her left cheek. Dr Eddie then continued by tending to her bruises and cut. After a few minutes, Dr Eddie went to me and checked my vitals which were okay, just feeling a little dizzy since we stepped inside the Red Storm. But when Dr Eddie checked my left side, which I was having a little sting, there was a medium cut and my wound was severely bleeding.

Dr Eddie took off my shirt and immediately treated my wound. Before, I could say a word, he then injected me anesthesia, a huge doze that can keep me asleep for a couple of hours. My vision slowly faded as I lay on the nearby bed. As I close my eyes, I saw Sara looking at me as if I was going to die.

“I’ll be fi–” I said then faded to unconsciousness.


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