Infinity Saturday: Marvel News

Infinity Saturday! Today we will be having news all about Marvel Entertainment.

Let’s start!


In Avengers Infinity War, the cast and crew are now heading to Scotland to continue shooting the movie. Recently, it was reported that the cast and crew of Infinity War was shooting in Atlanta. Also, Marvel released a video in YouTube wherein we saw the first day of shooting of Avengers Infinity War. In the video, it featured Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland, and Chris Pratt in set. It was also been reported that the three Chris’s; Evans, Hemsworth, and Pratt; has been seen in Atlanta and speculations were that they would also be shooting for Infinity War. Then yesterday, Karen Gillan’s Nebula started filming her scenes for Infinity War. Then we get to see Thanos’ plan revealed for the film. Screenwriter Stephen McFeely revealed Thanos’ plan. He says. “His [Thanos] plan is to re-balance the universe. So when he figures out that the Infinity Stones could do this for him at the snap of a finger, that becomes his main goal.” Avengers Infinity War will be released next year and will feature heroes from The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy with additional heroes such as Spider-man (Tom Holland) and Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and the main villain will be the Mad Titan Thanos who will be played by Josh Brolin.

In Logan, Sir Patrick Stewart is going to retire as Professor X. He said in a podcast in, “Hugh was sitting next to me, with James [Mangold] on the other side of him. and the audience were clearly very caught up in it and that was satisfying. It got into the last five or six minutes of the movie and Hugh’s hand came over and he took mine and he squeezed my hand. He looked at me and he had big tears and, of course, that set me off. Here we are, the two X-Men wiping away the tears at our own movie! And then I thought while we were watching, ‘My God, this is a goodbye ending. What could I possibly do that could top this? As I’ve lived with that idea over the past few days, I thought: ‘Yeah, it’s absolutely right that we should both of us just move on now.’ The franchise won’t die [without us]”. Sir Patrick has played Professor Charles Xavier over seven times in the past 17 years. Previously, he said that he wants to reprise the role in future films but I guess he also needs to retire the role. Logan will be on theaters this March 1 in the Philippines and March 3 in the US. The story is set in a future where mutants are almost extinct and we see a weary Logan (Hugh Jackman) taking care of an old Charles Xavier (Sir Patrick Stewart).


Finally! Wolverine is coming back! It seems that the feral mutant is heading back in the pages of Marvel. Marvel comics seemingly confirmed that Wolverine is returning in May’s X-Men: Blue #4. In the feature cover, you can see the iconic mutant’s clawed fist in the foreground as the Blue Team looks in shock. Back in 2014, Wolverine or Logan was last seen in “The Death of Wolverine” and ever since, we haven’t heard from him. And ever since, X-23 took the mantle as Wolverine. WOLVERINE-015.png

Next in line, remember when Thor became a female and Thor Odinson can’t lift his hammer when Fury whispered something to him? Remember that? Turns out, writer Jason Aaron will reveal why Thor became unworthy of Mjolnir.

Iron Fist
This March, the final defender arrives! Iron Fist will be having his debut in Netflix on March 17, 2017. It tells a story of Danny Rand, a kung fu artist, who returns from a 15 year disappearance and takes over his company Rand Enterprises. But during his stay, he finds out that the city has been overrun by thugs, drug dealers, and mob bosses. He then must deal with it and cleanse the City of New York as the Iron Fist.


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