#DCTV Arrow S05E14: The Sin Eater Recap (Spoilers!)

Arrow is all new this week! Before I go and spoil epic things, I’m warning you that this post is going to contain spoilers from this week’s episode.

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With that said, let’s begin!

The Villain!

This week, we have three villains that are making a comeback, China White, Cupid, and Liza Warner. Their agenda? To take the money Tobias Church left and take over Star City for their own.

The Story! (So Far)

Oliver’s problems are piling up. He has his hands full right now. First of his problems is that China White, Cupid, and Warner are on the run. The team almost cornered the trio when the SCPD suddenly appeared and began to arrest Green Arrow. Green Arrow escaped the arrest safely but still puzzled on how the SCPD found out that he killed Det Billy Malone. Then another problem came up, Thea found out that Susan Williams knows that Oliver is the Green Arrow. Thea then went to Felicity to hack Susan’s laptop and do something about it.

On the other hand, Mayor Queen, DA Chase, and Deputy Mayor Lance talked to Captain Pike of the SCPD and said that they need to cease for on the Green Arrow. Pike disagrees and tells the trio that someone told him that GA killed Det Malone and he needs to be brought to justice. After that, Oliver finds Susan in his office telling him that she was fired from her job, telling her boss that she was plagiarizing her news, and that someone hacked her laptop and all contents were lost. Then, Susan tells Oliver that she knows that he’s the Green Arrow. Oliver denies it and lets Susan walk away.

Oliver, who is furious, goes to the Bunker and confronts Felicity about hacking into Susan’s laptop. Felicity admits that she hacked it but tells Oliver that Thea told her to do so. Then there’s another confrontation with Thea about Susan and her job. Somehow it didn’t end well.

In order for Oliver to clear the name of the Green Arrow, he heads to Captain Pike and tells the side of Green Arrow or better yet, Oliver’s side. He tells Pike that the Green Arrow was set up by Prometheus that’s why he unintentionally killed Det. Malone. Mayor Queen said that the Green Arrow would live his life dealing on the consequences that he killed an innocent man. Mayor Queen then leaves Captain Pike, giving him time to think and reconsider their action on the vigilante.

In the end, Felicity tracked down the trio who has escaped prison in a cemetery. Team Arrow then found them and, like all superhero confrontations, it all ended up in a fight. The team almost lost but thankfully the SCPD came and apprehended Cupid, China White and Warner.

In the flashbacks, we see Oliver and Anatoly escaping in the hospital. But things go off the course when Gregor corners them inside the hospital. Oliver then surrenders to Gregor to avoid more bloodshed.

Before the episode ended, another problem rose. Mayor Queen is going to face impeachment when the media found out that he is trying to defend the vigilante.


What to Look Forward?

Next week, we see Vigilante takes matters in his own hands. Mayor Queen is going to be impeached and everyone questions his decisions.


Well, this week’s episode is not that eventful. It is somehow one of this season’s dull episode. I hope that the next episodes will bring back the fire Arrow had.


That’s it for now and please do check more content here on my blog.

God bless!


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