#DCTV DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S02E12: Camelot/3000 Recap (Spoilers!)

The Legends are back and things are getting medieval! Before I go ahead myself, this post will contain spoilers from this week’s episode. And before I start the recap, I’d like to take this opportunity to promote my Facebook page and Twitter account. Please do like and follow me on my FB and Twitter account for updates and new content.



With that said, let’s start!


The Villain!

This week, we still have The Legion of Doom except that we only get to see Rip Hunter and Damian Dhark. Their plan? Still the same, they want to get their hands on the other remaining pieces of the Spear of Destiny.


The Story! (So Far)

We start this episode in the year 3000 were we get to see Rip visiting Dr. Mid Nite in a futuristic Detroit City. Dr. Mid Nite eventually was killed by Rip and took a mind controlling device. The Legends detected this but it was too late when they arrived in 3000 Detroit. Then, Gideon gave another location of the Spear which is located in Camelot 507 AD. The Legends then suits up and heads to Camelot where they are greeted by Queen Guinevere and the other knights of Camelot. They then were escorted in Camelot where they meet King Arthur and Merlin who turns out to be Stargirl, one of the members of the JSA. Stargirl then states her business why she’s in Camelot. One of the pieces of the Spear of Destiny is hidden in Camelot, which was broken into four parts thanks to the old Captain Hunter, and Stargirl is defending it.

Back in the Waverider, Mick just found out that Prof. Stein just stole a device from Dr. Mid Nite’s lab which Stein says was just “borrowing”. The device was similar to what Rip took from Mid Nite’s lab, a mind controlling device.

Now back to Camelot, while Guinevere and the Knights of the Roundtable, King Arthur was out and fighting the Black Knight who was Damian Dhark underneath the helmet. Rip and Damian kidnapped the king and Rip mind controlled him and infiltrated Camelot looking for the Spear. They didn’t find it instead they found the Legends in the castle. Galahad then attacked Damian but the mind-controlled King Arthur defended him and eventually killed his trusty knight. In the end, Damian gave an ultimatum to the queen, give him the Spear of Destiny and Camelot will be spared.

After the attack in Camelot, Guinevere gathered her troops and began her inspirational war speech and among them is Ray Palmer who is pumped up in going to war. Meanwhile, while everyone is busy listening to Queen Guinevere, Amaya is busy tracking the Spear of Destiny. Little does she know that Sara knows what Amaya is going to do. But when Sara caught her on the act of looking for the Spear but she continues to look for it. Eventually, Amaya found the head of the Spear placed on the edge of the Excalibur which was still in the stone. Amaya pulled the sword and there she took the piece with her. But Amaya was stopped when Courtney, Stargirl, stopped her. In the end, Courtney let Amaya and Sara take the piece of the Spear under the Legends’ protection.

The Legends was now bound to leave Camelot for they already have the piece of the Spear but when Nate came, he told the team that Ray is going to battle with Guinevere against Rip and Dhark. The team then decided that they too should fight against the Legion. The battle was bloody and brutal. It’s everything you could’ve imagined in a medieval war.

Inside the Waverider, Mick, Stein, and Jax was left behind trying to hack into the mind-controlling device. Eventually, with the help or Mick’s brain, they turned the battle around by overloading the servers of Rip’s mind-controlling device. The mind-controlling device was destroyed and every soldier that Rip was controlling gained consciousness. Defeated, Rip and Damian went to a retreat but before Rip could gallop away, Sara attacked his horse which caused it to tumble down and bring Rip to the ground. Damian escaped, not even trying to rescue Rip from the hands of the Legends but before he got away, Sir Ray of the Palms and Damian had a sword battle. Damian won by cheating of course, using a blaster. Good thing Ray was wearing his ATOM Suit!

In the end, the Legends left Camelot safe, retrieved a piece of the Spear and Rip Hunter as their prisoner.


What to Look Forward?

Again, the Legends will be back on March 7, bummer, but still, they gave us some teaser for the next episode. We see Rip take over the Waverider. Apparently, Rip still has control in the Waverider and Gideon. We see him take weapons in his hidden arsenal. Then there’s this tricky part. A Sara Lance vs Sara Lance showdown?

I can’t wait to see the next episode of Legends of Tomorrow and now that they are nearing their season finale. I am still puzzled on how the Legion will use the Spear of Destiny and how the Legends will defend time from them.

That’s it for now for the Legends. Make sure to browse other content on my blog and be sure to subscribe on my social media accounts.


God Bless!

The Duke!

The Duke 2



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