#DCTV The Flash S03E13: Attack on Gorilla City part 1 Recap (Spoilers!)

Welcome to the Jungle Baby! The Flash is back and I’m going bananas! But before we proceed to our recap, I want to warn you that this is going to contain spoilers from this week’s episode. Also, please do like and follow me on the social media sites that I’m in. The links are placed below.



Now, let us begin!

The Villain!

Grodd is back! And he has his gorilla buddies with him. With him is also a new gorilla that fans will recognize. He’s Solovar, the leader of the gorillas in Gorilla City. Apparently Grodd wants The Flash’s help for some gorilla business. We’ll get to that later.

The Story! (So Far)

Last time, we were left behind with Jessie coming back to Earth-1 and Harry being abducted by gorillas in was brought in Gorilla City. :Jessie told the story to the team where Wellls was invited as a guest in Gorilla City but it turns out that it was a trap. Barry with Cisco, Caitlyn and Indiana Jones, Julian Albert heads to Earth-2 Gorilla City where they started searching for Harry. In Earth-1 We get to see Jessie and Wally are getting together but Jessie seems a little off towards Wally for reasons.

Now back to Earth-2, Barry and the others are now in a cage where Grodd is holding them. Then Harry appears but Grodd was using him as a puppet. Grodd then tells Barry that he is pissed off because he sent him in a parallel earth by force and that he was also forced to serve the ruler of Gorilla City Solovar. Grodd asks for Flash’s help to kill Solovar so he could over throw him out of the throne so that Grodd can take over and cancel the attack to Central City Earth-1. At first Barry is reluctant but when Grodd says that when Flash defeats Solovar, they are free to go. Barry agrees and battles Solovar.

In the arena, Solovar is armed with a spear and a shield. The battle starts and Flash was the one who first made the move. Barry tried to speed punches but it didn’t work, he then was overpowered by the gorilla. Barry then runs away and Cisco suggests that he try lightning throw, but still it didn’t work. But then, for the final time, Barry pulls off a Reverse Flash move, the vibrating hand, and he nailed it. Barry then gives an inspirational speech, wherein he says that some humans are not violent and he showed their leader mercy. But it was cut short when Barry was again shot by a sleeping dart.

Back in Earth-1, we find Jessie in the Speed Lab where she’s having a moment or shall I say brooding. HR walks in, not knowing that Jessie is in the lab, and then finds himself giving love advice to the young lady.

Now in Earth-2, Harry is now back to normal and Barry finds out the real plan of Grodd. He wants to over throw Solovar so he can take over his army and he himself will be the one to attack Central City with the help of Cisco opening a breach for them. Barry declines which pissed Grodd all the more and leaves them still imprisoned. Apparently they escaped by luring Grodd that Barry is cold dead which he believes and moves his body out of the cage. Barry then defrosts himself and the team escapes and heads to Earth-1 with Harry.

Thinking that they have defeated Grodd, Barry celebrates with Iris but little does he know that Grodd still has back up plans. He mind controls Gypsy and prepares an army of gorillas to attack Central City with Gorilla Grodd as their new leader.


What I love!

This episode is by far one of my favorite episodes yet. It showed great story, fighting scenes and most of all awesome CGI effects. This is by far one of the shows greatest and huge episode where they used a great deal of CGI effects. It was totally awesome especially when it comes to the Grodd’s and Solovar’s visual effects, it is stunning! I really hope we get more episodes with the likes of this one.


What to Look Forward to?

Next week, the two-part Gorilla Event continues and we get to see Flash together with Kid Flash and Jessie Quick defend Central City from Grodd’s Army. This will be exciting because first we get to see if this event will have a great impact in Iris’ future. Second is that we get to see speedsters vs super intelligent gorillas. It is like a Planet of The Apes movie.

Thank you for now and I hope that you like my recap on this week’s Flash. Be sure to like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter.

God Bless!

The Duke!

The Duke 2


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