Fiery Monday presents: Flame The Fiery Champion: The Beginning Chapter 2



Damn it. I whispered to myself, not again.

            If winning the lottery two times in a row is impossible, then what in the fudging hell am I experiencing right now? Two villains at the same day. What the hell! Am I getting lucky or am I just that famous, not that I’m complaining. Yes I know I live in a country where superheroes and villains exist but in one’s lifetime, a regular person can encounter at least five villains, excluding the wannabes, they are the worst. What I’m talking about here are the real deal, the big ones, the evil masters that enslave our country.

Now back to my dilemma, the villain was flying on the air, standing still and he was staring at me, well at least I can feel him staring at me. As I stand in front of it, hiding my fear, I can feel that he is looking at me. Those emerald green eyes, staring at me.

What does he want from me? I asked myself, I am nobody for the love of burritos.

“Give it to me,” the Hovering Man said as he extends his muscular arm from him.

Give what? I didn’t steal anything from this guy, I do not even know who he is, even if I know him I will not steal anything from him for I don’t do that.

            “Give it to me before something bad happens to you,” Hovering Man said as he stares at me.

Okay now we are on the give-it-to-me-before-something-bad-happens-to-you part. I think I have heard that line before.

“What do you want?” I asked because I really do not know what this weird and freaky guy wants and I do not want to die, yet.

“The power plate!” he exclaimed furiously, “give me the power plate!”

“The what?” I asked completely confused on what he is asking me.

“Do not test my patience!” the Hovering Man said in a more angry tone, “or else I will disintegrate you.”

Wait, he can disintegrate me? Does he have heat vision?

Before I could make my conclusion on how the guy would destroy me, his hands began to burst green fire. He went down from the air and slowly went in front of me. He lifted his left fist of flame and was about to strike me when all of a sudden a long javelin-like stick struck him on the hand which came from his upper right. I turned my head to the direction where the stick came and to my surprise, another hero was there on my aid. He wore a dark brown spandex with white linings on the side of the suit. His eyes were covered with a mask and his hair was standing up. He was sitting on the edge of a nearby building and on his right hand is a stick the size of a dagger. There, I recognized who that person was. It’s Spike, Crusher’s sidekick.

“Hey freak!” Spike taunted as he continues to flip the stick on the air, “pick someone your own size.”

“And who would that be?” the Hovering Man asked with annoyance on his voice, “You, a little prick?”

“Actually I was going to say Crusher,” Spike answered as he jumps down to meet his opponent, “but let’s give it a try.”

In a flash, Spike threw the dagger like stick to the Hovering Man’s left thigh. He crouched because of the pain given by the stick. Spike turned to his communicator and requested for an extraction.

“This is Spike to Red Storm,” he began, “Dark Ghost has been apprehended and I’m requesting for Evac, be advised I have two civilians that needs assistance.”

After Spike had asked for help, he cuffed Dark Ghost and pulled the huge splinter on his thigh. Blood came oozing out but Spike tended on his wound. Then, while waiting for back-up, he went to us and asked if we are okay.

“We are fine,” I answered as I reach out my hand to shake his, “just a little bit shock on what happened.”

“Don’t worry,” Spike said as he shakes my hand, “the team’s on their way, so just stay put and relax.”

Then, before we could budge, a beam of light appeared on top of our heads including the villain in cuffs. In an instant, we got teleported and next thing we know we were inside some kind of a jet or ship. My eyes widened of amazement. I solely stood up and gazed on the coolness of the place.

“Whe-where are we exactly,” I asked as I help Sara to her feet.

“Welcome to the Red Storm!” Spike said as he extends his arms, as if welcoming his beloved friends whom he haven’t seen for a while.

“Wow!” I said with excitement, “I’ve read about this, this is the aircraft of the Mighty Guild of Heroes which was originally designed by Dr. Edwin Edwards and Christopher Rogers. I’ve read this on the book about heroes and their nifty gadgets and equipment, I just forgot the title of that book.”

“The Arsenal,” said a man who was wearing a pair of rectangular glasses a white lab coat, a polo shirt with a striped neck tie and a pair of khaki pants, “that’s the title of the book.”

“Wait,” I said as my excitement overwhelms me, “are you Dr Edwin Edwards?”

The man with the glasses smiled and nodded.

“The Dr Edwin Edwards.” I said, reassuring myself.

“Yup, that’s me,” Dr Edwin replied, extending his hand for a shake, “and please call me Dr Eddie.”

I shook his hand enthusiastically and was amazed I was meeting new people. Not just new people but cool personalities. They are more interesting than the Kardashians for they contribute the society and not just do stupid and unnecessary things for fame. Compared to the Kardashians, the Mighty Guild of Heroes are the bomb!

“I’m amazed and surprised that this generation still has young people who are interested in reading,” Dr Eddie complimented.

“Crusher to Red Storm,” came the communicator on the cockpit, “I repeat, Crusher to Red Storm, El Fuego is taken care of, I need extraction from the sight right now.”

“Red Storm to Crusher, extraction is on the way,” replied Dr Eddie as he pushes the button on the comm.

Dr Eddie sat on the left side of the cockpit and began to push several buttons.

“Spike,” Dr Eddie said, “I need the location of Crusher ASAP.”

Spike immediately went to a nearby control panel which looks like a map. After a few clicks on the control panel, Spike found their leader’s whereabouts.

“He is at Cobblestone Street, at the right wing of Zeus Industries building.”

“Crusher,” said Dr Eddie on the comm., “we are headed your way, ETA in three minutes.”

“Copy that,” came the reply on the speaker, “over and out.”

“Okay, ladies and gentlemen,” began Spike as he heads towards the right side of the cockpit, “sit tight and we are ready to pick up a badass and a dumbass.”

Dr Eddie turned to Spike with a confused look. It was telling him that he needs to shut up. Spike’s smile then began to fade and faced at the front.

“Okay, guys,” Dr. Eddie said as he pushes the ignition button, “take your seats and fasten your seatbelts, this is going to be real fast.”

Sara and I then sat on the available seats on the jet and fastened our seatbelts. After hearing the click on the belt, in less than a second, I could hear the engine of the Red Storm roaring. The turbines came to life and the jet behind the aircraft started to heat up. In a flash, the jet zoomed and we were on the way to Crusher’s area.

This is totally cool! I said to myself.

Before I knew it, we were already on the sight. I went to the nearest window and peeked below. There I saw the rubble and the destruction that came about on the outskirts of Cyber City. Fire and debris were everywhere. Before my mind could dwindle away from the situation, I heard the teleporter turned on and in just five second, I saw Crusher with us. Beside him is a handcuffed El Fuego. El Fuego then faced on my direction and I knew that he recognized me. His eyes became furious that he charged on my way. Luckily, Crusher noticed on what would happen, he then grabbed him at his back collar and pulled away from me.

“Not so fast,” Crusher said, “where are you going?”

“You broke my goggles!” El Fuego exclaimed while he violently tries to free himself.

“I was trying to save ourselves and the other civilians on the way,” I defended, “and you were causing a massacre in the city.”

“I do not care!” he exclaimed looking at me with pure anger, “that was the mission, that was he told us.”

Suddenly, the cuffed villain realized that he just spilled some secret that he shouldn’t have shared especially to a bunch of heroes, a pair of civilians and a villain at the back in the cockpit. Dark Ghost who was silent at the back looked at El Fuego with surprise. El Fuego also looked at his way and realized that he was in trouble.

“You shouldn’t have said that,” Dark Ghost said with a low tone, “now you just blew the whole operation.”

Now this is getting interesting, I said, the greatest drama of all time, I hope these guys receive a nomination in the Oscar’s. Poor Leo never gonna get a chance to prove himself.

Crusher now is getting pissed and confused. He dragged El Fuego and went to Dark Ghost.

“This is not good,” Spike whispered.

Crusher then threw El Fuego and he landed right beside the other villain in cuffs. He then cracked his fingers and removed his shades and placed it in the pocket on his leather jacket.

“This is really bad,” Spike said as he turns away from the scene.

“You two are going to talk,” Crusher said in a low tone but intimidating voice. He then knelt in front of the two villains and continued, “even if you don’t want to.”

“What if we do not want to talk?” El Fuego answered smiling.

“I’ll make you,” Crusher replied looking at El Fuego with pure rage.


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