#DCTV Arrow S05E13: Spectre of the Gun Recap (Spoilers!)

This week on Arrow, we go a little bit serious. But before I go ahead of myself, I want to warn you that this post is going to contain spoilers.

And now that’s been set aside, let us begin!


The Story! (So Far)

This week on Arrow, we don’t have any super criminals or metas on the loose. This week, our only enemy are guns. In Arrow, we see them tackle one of the most controversial issues we have in our society which is gun problem.

In Arrow, we start of by seeing Oliver and Thea being reunited in the city hall. We also see DA Adrian Chase with Rene Ramirez who is now the assistant to the Deputy Mayor. We also get to see Deputy Mayor Quentin Lance in the scene. Now while they are all busy discussing city stuff, an individual carrying a duffel bag entered the room. He then brings out an assault rifle, which looked military grade, and started shooting random people inside the city hall. Five people were killed and one was injured and that is Adrian Chase.

The team then heads out to look for the culprit and finds out that he was a victim of gun violence, which caused him his two daughter’s lives. Oliver and the team tried to use their vigilante ways but in the end it was all for nothing.

But Oliver devised a plan that Green Arrow can’t do. He went to talk to the man not as the vigilante but as Mayor Queen. He talked to the man out of the problem and in the end, it worked and brought the man to justice. Also, Mayor Oliver Queen, with the help of Rene Ramirez, made an ordinance to register their guns in the government in order to lessen and control gun violence.

In the flashbacks, we see Rene as a family man. The problem is that his wife was a junkie. Rene tries convince his wife to quit drugs or else she needs to leave them. After seeing the game with his beloved daughter, they then went home only to find his wife being held hostage by another junkie who wants to be paid from the drugs his wife bought. In the end, Rene’s wife was shot and died and his daughter was brought in a foster home. But on that day, when the Green Arrow killed Damian Dhark, that was the day he decided to be Wild Dog.


What to look forward?

In the teaser, we saw three people from Oliver’s past is coming back. The first one is the leader of the Triad, the second one is Cupid and the third one, man, I don’t have an idea who she is. But there goal is to kill Green Arrow. Then we see the SCU is hunting down Green Arrow for killing Malone. So Oliver has his hands full this coming Wednesday in Arrow.


That’s it for now. I hope you like my recap for this week’s Arrow and for more great content, stay tune and see you later!.


The Duke!

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