Week of Awesomeness!

You maybe wondering why I used Kung Fu Panda. I’ll be honest. I got lazy in making my own featured image so i just borrowed Po’s Awesomeness! Pun intended.

So what’s up dukes and duchess? Pardon me if I went underground for a while. I’ve been sick for like a week so I didn’t have the energy to post and update any of my usual posts here but fret not, for next week we will have one full week.

Presenting: the Week of Awesomeness!

Week of Awesomeness

Fiery Monday
Kick starting our week is Fiery Mondays! In here, I’ll be posting short stories that I made. I’ll also be updating “Flame: The Fiery Champion”.

Terrific Tuesday
Next is Terrific Tuesday. In here we have Hero Profiles and we will be featuring any superhero from the DC or Marvel Comics. Also, I will be updating our poetry section, so don’t worry if you are running out of poems to read.

Omega Wednesday
Our new entry. In Omega Wednesday, we will be having news from DC Entertainment. And when I say news, I mean everything that is happening in DC, from comics, games, TV, and many more.

Thunderous Thursday
Thunderous Thursday as usual, we will be having Villain Profiles and just like what we’re doing in Hero Profiles, we will be featuring vilains from DC and Marvel Comics.

Countdown Friday
TGIF! Not only that it is good that it’s Friday, it is also a good day for a countdown. In Countdown Fridays, we will be counting down some stuff that you may be interested. It may be in sports, comic books, superheroes, games, and many more.

Infinity Saturday
And at last Saturday! Infinity Saturday, we have here news all about Marvel Entertainment. And when I say all, I mean everything from comics, games, TV, and many more.


And there you have it! A week of full Awesomeness!

Stay tune for more and may God bless you!


The Duke

The Duke 2


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