Countdown Friday: Valentine’s Day Special: Top 10 Superhero and Super Villain Couples

It is Countdown Friday again and this week I am going to give you guys some treat. This week we are celebrating Valentine’s Day and I will be posting couples from both DC and Marcel Comics. So expect heroes and villains in one countdown.

Let’s start.


10. Mr Fantastic/Reed Richards and Invisible Woman/Susan Storm

Mr Fantastic and Invisible Woman

The first family of the Marvel Comics. The Fantastic Four especially Reed and Sue are like the Kardashians of the comic book universe , only the Reed and Sue are more interesting. Reed and Susan have the best adventures as a couple but in Fantastic Four Annual #3 (1965), we see the two tying the knot together. Since then we saw them having children and living lives as superheroes, parents, and scientists. I don’t know how they do it but they sure are a great couple. They also had tough times like the one we saw in Civil War where the Fantastic Four were divided but in the end they still are a family. Reed Richards and Sue Storm-Richards are a great example if you want to have a family. Make it Fantastic like they did!


9. Thanos and Death

Thanos and Death

This is a good example of a guy who wants to impress someone but failed to do it. The Mad Titan Thanos wants to impress Death. What does he do? He goes and searches the six Infinity Stones and places it in his Infinity Gauntlet. When he acquires all Infinity Stones, he snaps his finger and kills almost all the beings in the universe. And what’s his purpose? Just to impress Death. But she was not amused. In here we can see a classic example of how one man can be so dedicated in trying to win a lady’s heart but still fails. Although Thanos and Death didn’t have any romantic relationship, I still think the example they have really applies in our time today.


8. Wolverine and Jean Grey

Wolverine and Jean Grey

Logan and Jean Grey have this weird romance. Jean only unleashes her love/lust to Logan when the Dark Phoenix is controlling her. Although that is one of the most unusual things you’ll see but even when Jean is not influenced with the Dark Phoenix, she still has this thing for Logan. Even if they can be together, they still can’t be for Jean is with Scott. This is one of great examples in comics of love that you can’t have. Logan and Jean can be together if they want but they can’t for Jean Grey is with Cyclops and Wolverine can’t just intervene, even if he can just kill Scott, he still have some respect left for the two.


7. Green Arrow/Oliver Queen and Black Canary/Dinah Lance

Green Arrow and Black Canary

They are like cats and dogs. They usually fight and butt heads but at the end they got married. The two may fight or quarrel at times but their chemistry in putting bad guys in jail are so awesome. Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance are a great example in relationships that even when you quarrel, fight or disagree with your significant other, in the end, you should solve it if you want to spend the rest of your life with that special someone.


6. The Flash/Barry Allen and Iris West

The Flash and Iris West

Barry Allen and Iris West, best friends for life turned lovers for life. The Fastest Man Alive is not that fast when it comes to confessing but in the end, Barry and Iris became a couple. They even got to have children like the Storm-Richards family. Even though Barry usually screws up with time, at the end, when Barry fixes the timeline, Iris is there for him.


5. The Joker and Harley Quinn


If you want to have a relationship like Joker and Harley, you have issues man. Joker and Harley has a very dysfunctional relationship and one of the most weird and abusive relationships that comics ever had. Harley experienced being used, neglected, and beaten by the Joker and to her, it’s all fine ’cause she loves his puddin’. Harley Quinn was first introduced in Batman: The Animated Series as The Joker’s psychiatrist. She then falls in love with him which Joker used for him to break out in Arkham Asylum. From that point on, Harley became a fan favorite which DC took and made her a part of Batman’s rogues. Although Joker may seem sweet toward Harley, there are times that Joker neglected and used her just for the benefit of it. Joker and Harley are a great example for people who abuse their partner just to satisfy their own benefit. These are the couples who just take their relationships for granted.


4. Mr Freeze/ Victor Fries and Nora Fries

Mr Freeze and Nora Fries

Mr Freeze may seem bad but he’s got some pretty dark and touching backstory. Before he was Mr Freeze, he was first Dr. Victor Fries, an established cryogenic scientist who deeply loves his wife, Nora Fries. But when his wife was diagnosed with a rare cancer which made Victor to look for a cure. Unable to locate one, he then places his wife in cryogenic stasis and is in search for a cure. But things go off the rail, when Ferris Boyle, his boss, found out that Fries’ experiment, he then canceled the funding. Then the accident happened, Victor was plunged in his own cryogenic coolants and was left for dead. Victor survived but the chemistry of his body changed and his body temperature went dramatically down; he could only survive in sub-zero temperatures. He then creates a suit for him that he can survive in normal temperatures while wearing his special suit. He now dones the name Mr Freeze and has a taste for diamonds and revenge. Mr Freeze is still in search for a cure for his wife’s cure. In here, we can see that Mr Freeze is an example that you will do anything for the one you love, no matter what the cost is. He may do it in the wrong way but still, he does it to save his loving wife.


3. Spider-man/Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy

Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy

Peter Parker’s very first love of his life. Gwen is every nerds dream girl. I mean she has everything. She’s beautiful and smart, and not just smart, she’s like nerdy smart. The thing that Peter and Gwen have is different from Peter and MJ is this. Peter and Gwen somehow connected in both intellectual and romantic manner. Peter is a bookworm and Gwen Stacy is a smart lady, just what I just said. in Spider-man: Blue, Peter showed how the two of them connected and how he chose Gwen to spend the rest of his life with. Now that is dope. We see that Peter has this deeper intimacy with Peter. Then it was short lived when Green Goblin kidnapped her and made the accidental catch which led to Gwen’s death. Still, I see Gwen Stacy as Peter Parker’s first love and the greatest love of his life. Now, that is a great example for a great commitment.


2. Batman/Bruce Wayne and Catwoman/Selina Kyle

Batman and Catwoman

A very unusual couple. One is a vigilante who protects Gotham, the other a skilled cat burglar but still they’re a great couple. The two sometimes work together when Bruce asks Selina to. But there is this particular moment where the their relationship flourished. It was in Batman:Hush when Batman asked for Selina Kyle’s help to look for the mysterious Hush. For the entire time, Batman and Catwoman worked together to find Hush which in turn turned to be Thomas Elliot. In the graphic novel, we see their romantic relationship blossom and come to think of it they are great together.


1. Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane

Superman and Lois Lane

Since day one, Clark and Lois are a couple. We saw the two grow in their each other and we also saw how they handled issues in relationships. We could not do away with Superman having problems with intergalactic beings and Lois Lane getting entangled with it. But still Supes is there to save his Damsel in Distress. Then we saw the two get married! How cool is that? Now, Superman and Lois enjoys family life with their son Jonathan. Superman and Lois is a great example in every love story. It is like the usual story we read. The knight comes and saves his damsel. I’m not saying that ladies are weak, I am just saying that a lady completes and compliments his man.


So that’s it for now, I hope you like my new Countdown for this week. Comment below on what topics you want me to do a countdown.

Thank you and  God bless!


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