A Slow and Cold Valentine’s

Today is Valentine’s Day and I’m sick. I feel feverish and my throat hurts. But fret no! I assure you that nothing will stop me from doing my work here in my blog.

For this week, I plan to introduce another category here in our blog. The first one is Omega Wednesday. On this new category, I will feature news regarding DC Comics, whether if its in comics, games, TV, and movies. The next one is Infinity Saturday. Just like Omega Wednesday, Infinite Saturday will be featuring news all about Marvel Comics, so it includes comics, games, TV and movies.

This week also, I’ll be posting recaps on this week’s Supergirl and Arrow.Then we have Thunderous Thursday and Countdown Friday.

Also, I’ll be posting some of my poems again and some of my short stories.

So no sickness can stop me, unless it is totally fatal.


That’s it for now.


The Duke


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